Trakanon downed by Dread Army today

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Adevil, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Many congratulations to Dread Army for killing Trakanon today :D The achievements have even been sorted out and census spit out the data for the Leaderboard. Hope everyone has received their coins now.

    That led to the predictable questions on Discord about the fate of the server. Kander provided the timeframe that is currently being considered:
    Ocarinah - Today at 6:54 PM

    @Kandar so is December 8th the last day of RTT servers since today people killed Trakanon and one of the announcements said we would get 30 days notice?
    Kander - Today at 7:10 PM

    @Ocarinah#0306 We are still deciding that, but it looks like we will start transfers off December first and close it some time in early Janauary.
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  2. Alarra Well-Known Member

    GRATS Dread Army!!
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  3. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    Congrats Dread Army.

    Wasn't there some other guild that started off well? Disruptance or something? I am guessing they fell off the horse?
  4. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Good work!
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  5. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Disturbance killed it months ago on Stormhold. After that guild left the game quite publicly though, all mention of them has been scrubbed from the forums, including threads about them killing Trak.
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  6. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    You said the "D" word... RadarX is going to get you!
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  7. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    Hmm, interesting. They were on RTT at some point, and evidently chose to abandon the race. No prizes for killing it on other servers, or most of us won the race about a decade ago. Grats to our Ruskie comrades for the win.
  8. Adevil Well-Known Member

    The leader had some idea in his head that Stormhold was racing R2T for the Trak kill, and moved the guild back to SH as soon as RoK was unlocked there.
  9. Kari Well-Known Member

    Grats Dread Army!
  10. Nubek Active Member

    His attitude always boggled me a little, the race was on RTT, not on Stormhold.

    Also correct me if I'm wrong but compared to Stormhold didnt RTT have:
    - Increased mob HP
    - Reduced healing
    - Crit Bonus disabled

    Seems tough to compare the two.
  11. Adevil Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the mechanics are the same on the 2 servers. Stormhold doesn't have Crit Bonus turned on, and has the reduced healing nerf, as well as mob HP in general boosted over what it is on live, and xp reduced to about 40% of live.

    Edit: The biggest difference on SH (and I'm not sure how much, or if any, advantage it gave) would have been the ability to spend coins earned on R2T.
  12. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Grats, Dread Army!
  13. Kari Well-Known Member

    I would say the biggest advantage for stormhold would be a population that played there full time as their main server. R2T has always been an afterthought where people would go to get a quick reward for their real toon on the live server.
  14. Ishuna Well-Known Member

    Congrats Dread army!

    Does anyone have any more info on wether or not rtt characters will be allowed to transfer to stormhold? Last I saw someone posted kander saying yes on discord but wanted to ask in case anything else was said. On a whim I started a character on rtt but found I loved the game play. I've now started two characters on stormhold and haven't been on my live ones at all. I'd love my chars on rtt to be able to go to stormhold. They're no threat to stormholds economy etc. Four level 30ish adv/30ish tradeskill with not much plat. I've gotten attached to them though and don't want to transfer them to live.

    *puppy eyes* I would be a good and kind stormhold citizen. :)
  15. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    RTT uses the Stormhold ruleset. That was the reason guilds like Disturbance had a bit of an advantage on RTT over guilds coming in from live servers. They'd spent a year getting use to leveling up under those conditions.
  16. Oleg New Member

    TLE VP Parse comparison with RTT VP Parse
    1) Nexona fight:
    a glimmer of scale HP - 780k
    a tortured specimen HP - 3kk
    a glimmer of scale HP - 2.77kk
    a tortured specimen HP - 7.97kk
    2) Druusk fight:
    a droag ritualist HP - 770K
    Druushk HP - 12,6KK
    a droag ritualist HP - 1,6kK
    Druushk HP - 16,2KK
    3) Random trash mob:
    TLE a draconian sentinel HP - 6kk
    RTT a draconian sentinel HP - 8,6kk
    4) Milyex Vioren fight:
    TLE Power Generator HP - 350k
    RTT Power Generator HP - 1,2kk

    before fix 04/10/16.
  17. Surgeon Active Member

    May you choke on it
  18. rainy1 New Member

    Grats Dread Army!
    So how are the transfers going to work? Do we have a choice of servers? Free or not?
  19. Cheesenabber Active Member

  20. Ap0k Member

    The servers were identical.
    Disturbance dropped this mob on SH in early Sept, before the nerf!

    Fuel was added to the "race" fire with some RTT leader/players insinuating they could beat us on SH, they were proven wrong.

    Coin gear was only a tiny advantage (not enough to warrant a 2 month spread in kill dates however) as pretty much all BiS was from dungeons and not raids. Only 5-6 Disturbance players played on RTT.

    Disturbance had no plans to stay on RTT after sweeping the initial coin rewards prior to RoK unlocking on SH,
    the plan was to always come back to SH ASAP and raid.

    **MOST** of us left EQ2 quite publicly and stated the reasons for it, which have since been removed by XXXX in a clinton-esque move to stop the bleeding / awareness of what was going on.

    It was always said that we backed Dread Army as the only guild possible of killing Trak on RTT and it came true.

    Grats Dread Army! I knew you would win.
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