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  1. ARCHIVED-Kroonerr Guest

    Ok I apologize in advance if this is posted somewhere else. I thought I saw something once but I can't seem to find it now.
    I got up to Artisan lvl 9 doing tradeskills and am wondering where to go next. My understanding is I now need to select a subclass to specialize in. Where do I do that and is there a TS path that works best for a Dirge. I think I saw somewhere there is a particular skill to work on so we can make our own spells/CA's?
    Any advice appreciated!
  2. ARCHIVED-RedneckHippy Guest

    In Qeynos head to building across from bank in North Qeynos. Tradeskill trainer will have you choose a category of tradeskills. I believe Jeweler is who makes Scout spells. Check out EQ2 Traders web site for info(google it)
  3. ARCHIVED-OmgpwnedWinter Guest

    Jeweler to make your spells/jewelry.
    Woodworker to make your arrows/see invis/stealth totems.
    Tough choice, but I'd say one of those would be the best. Prolly woodworker in the longrun because you'll ALWAYS need arrows and totems.
  4. ARCHIVED-eqaddictedfool Guest

    i wouldnt do wood worker. You dont really need to many arrows. for pulling youll get some good long distance spells like ludas or wail of the banshee or even your debuffs, dirges get invis so totems not very helpful .Best id say is jewler. You save alot of making making your own ad3 spells (expert?) and jewlery is good until end game.

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