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  1. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Asif wrote:
    I've been able to finish most even when I run out of supplies and need to get some from the broker or fuel seller.
  2. ARCHIVED-Aiirbornne Guest

    I have a weaponsmith and an alchemist at 90.. an while i dont make mass quantities of the arrows that i use on my ranger, the wifes WW does that...
    can we get shipping boxes added..
    like when the journeyman cloak is claimed its in a box that you unpack..
    can we get to make them.. make it a faction recipe
    that would let ammo makers send multiple stacks mail order..
    armorers and tailors return full suits of armor in the mail when they recieve 8 or 9 rares from someone for that purpose.
    increase the shipping costs to double or triple .. but its horrible to pay to ship back say 7 pieces of tailored leather , tailored throwing belt range weapon, and 2 charm dolls ( all tailored items ) to someone who spend 1silver sending u rares.. an u end up spending nearly a gold on the return postage ( im exagerating of course )

    here is my opinion on them being useable.. make them NO TRADE..
    crafters make there own at there own table..
    jewelers make shipping velvet lined boxes / WW make wooden ammo crates / armorers make steel armor boxes ...etc
    all on there own respective tables, no change in fuel, no rares, no imbues.. make it a mara faction recipe like the unicorn
    IDK but i know several carpenters who would love to send people a furniture truck instead of 60 messages of room dividers because a client wanted to have banded walls in halas instead of the wood an stone ones

    please consider this an give us suppliers a break..
  3. ARCHIVED-LaurnaRose Fauldorn Guest

    Alchoholic beverage recipes for provi's
    Food/Drink house items transfered to provi's from crafters
    "EPIC" crafting quests allowing looted items (treasured, legendary, fabled) to be enhanced (dmg, stats, abilities ect). Give us 20 bars of dur/prog to fill ... give us 50 sub components to craft to complete the quest ... but give us the ability to make gear that is better than the looted stuff and make crafted wares be the primary source of players gear. This was one of the BEST parts about SWG when it was released. Combat professions HAD to interact with non-Combat and bind themselves into a functioning economy/community.
    If final production completes with full durability, let it produce double the item (100 arrows would become 200, 2 food drink would become 4, 1 armor piece would become 2).
    Introduce "storage crates" similar to the ones our markeplace/claimed items come in where we can pack sets of items into them and place them for sale on the broker. Buyers can view all items in the crate prior to purchase and then simply unpack it when needed, or hold on to it and it only take up 1 inventory slot until it is needed.
    Of course, more styles of clothing and armor.
    The ability for crafters to color clothing and armor (again, something SWG allowed that made it the best crafting experience I've come across).
    All-in-one frostfell crafting stations to place in your home or guild hall /FTW
    I would also like to see a mail order system put in place that could coincide with the commission function. Player A (crafter) opens mail and "links" recipe in the subject line. The mail system recognizes it as a recipe and pops up a "fee" function where the crafter can choose which of the required ingredients and how much coin will be required for Player B (client) to incert into the return mail before the item can be completed. Player B opens said mail, places requested resources/fuels (drag/drop or alt A) and the postage becomes the coin + shipping that the crafter has asked for.
  4. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    Provi's originally were able to make alchoholic drinks at all levels (was in the middle of making some Whiskey when they removed the sub-combines and added meat to the recipes)
  5. ARCHIVED-Argia Guest

    Asif wrote:
    At lvl 20-30ish, i have had the rush orders approach the dead line, but with my lvl 90, there is always 3-4 minutes left.
    with my lvl 50's it more like 2or so... unless i do something stupid like forget fuel or something.
    I actually do like the pressure of the time limit and would be disapointed if the time were extended.
    UNLESS the rewards for a rushorder were increased based on the time left at at completion. This might be a way to integrate some of the other comments/desires others have re: rush orders...
  6. ARCHIVED-Meunayil Guest

    With the increase to stack size of arrows and thrown weapons any chance of getting the craft completion # to go up accordingly? Sucks having to do 2 combines to fill 1 slot.
  7. ARCHIVED-LaurnaRose Fauldorn Guest

    Some kind of balance between spell crafters and non spell crafters would be much appritiated. My first crafter I leveled was a carpenter, who is 90 now, and boy it took FOREVER to get her there. I now have one of every crafter and have stopped crafting all of them other than my sage, alchemist, and jeweler because I figure, since they are leveling much faster than the other crafters (exponential rate of xp gain for new recipes as opposed to the writ grind the rest are reduced to), that I will get those three to 90, and with my carp already being 90, that will give me a 80% xp bonus while trying to level my other 5 crafters. I know this is going to help TREMENDOUSLY, but it would be nice to not have to "ignore" my other crafters because the xp gain is so unbalanced. I love my WW and love the totems and ammos ect. I would honestly rather have her and provi up to 90 first because I will continually use their products. HOWEVER, the grind is so tedious that I find myself getting frustrated because I could be on my sage/jeweler/alch and gain twice as fast, so I simply log and switch. It is very frustrating.
    I understand that there is no such thing as "true balance", and no, I'm not one of those that only play SK/Necro/Assasin because they're easiest to solo. Look at my sig ... I have rolled, rerollled and rolled again almost every class there is to find the best fit for me. I am not about "power leveling" my characters, as I feel I am paying for the experience of the game, not just to be the most uberestest of them all. I enjoy my characters and enjoy taking them out and letting them have their own lives. HOWEVER, I honestly feel that either more recipes should be added to the nonspell crafters or that the nonspell crafter's recipes should yeild much higher xp gains when compared to the spell crafters. Also, lets look into putting in a completely noncombat zone set that starts you off as a new toon and takes you all the way up to lvl 90 where there are purely non aggro mobs and noncombat quests available and harvesting nodes to boot. Bring in quests quests and more quests that yeild crafting experience and add an AA line specifically for crafters and noncombat characters.
  8. ARCHIVED-Alienor Guest

    I'd like to see a separate tab strip for equipping ts stuff, like the earring or the shawl. We already have tabs for normal (adventuring) armor and appearance, why not a third for TS like Vanguard has it?

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