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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I would like to see tradeskill rares start dropping in treasure chests again. They've been absent from chests for years.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I would like to see a summoner-specific set of crafted armor, especially with the focus on summoner armor having summoner-specific effects.
  3. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    +1 for the last 2 ones ;)
  4. ARCHIVED-Aelfan Guest

    I can't say that I saw any developers posting on this list, does that mean we are wasting our time?
    I have a wish for crafting. Stop making it so freaking boring! Fighting and questing is FUN, why isn't this? I swear the developers are a bunch of computer nerds that failed shop and want to make it unpleasant for the rest of us. Crafting in real life is FUN and SATISFYING, not something you have to get through to feel you have achieved something by getting it over with. So my wishes would be:
    1) Change it COMPLETELY so it engages your brain and hand-eye coordination, so that we are engaged and enetertained (we are PAYING for this!!)
    2) Have more Tradeskill writs, every two or at the most 4 levels, which have you make everything in the recipes for that level.
    3) Right now we seem to be getting 2XP for some apparently unpredictable amount of time, although why I don't know. This should be the MINIMUM rate of advancement!
    4) Crafting is TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE!!! Very few of my crafters, and I have one of everything, seem to make serious money, and so the absurdly expensive costs are a crippling drain on resources.
    5) Corollary to the last, have what we make WORTH something! The market for armour, weapons, jewelry, etc., is filled with drops and quested items that we can't compete with. What is the point in crafting substandard rubbish? Allow us to make things that are GOOD!!!
    6) and this is a general complaint, provide a forum where we KNOW developers read what we want and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!
  5. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    More precisely, they've been absent from chests in the last few expansions. They still drop from chests in the expansions where they were put in the chests.
    And, I'd love to see them in at least Legendary chests, too, but in addition to the items you get in the chests now.
    I'd like them to be in fabeled chests, but they don't make fabeled items so that would be kinda cheap. I would, though, like to see more fabeled crafting with the components dropping in fabeled chests but the recipes gained by crafting quest.
  6. ARCHIVED-Buzz44 Guest

    <Makes mental note to read stickies before posting>

    Made a Blackened Iron Tower Shield expecting a similar sort of darkish look, and the appearance is exactly the same as the common made iron version [IMG] I would of thought that after all these years, every version of the rare crafted gear would of had it's own looks.
    Domino, reckon you could slot that shield in for a blackish wash in a future LU?
  7. ARCHIVED-illiriati Guest

    Topiaries. Maybe a charm or illusion slot on the druid ring mannequins to change their appearance?
  8. ARCHIVED-Alienor Guest

    9 NPC's which show all available crafted items, so I can check what is possible at all and how the stats are and in which recipe book the corresponding item is. Of course, the NPC should only tease, not sell :) They could be located in the public TS areas in the cities
  9. ARCHIVED-souldnce9 Guest

    I would like to see the MC gear as useful for pve as the pvp battleground gear is for pve. I play battlegrounds and the gear is great for doing them, but when I play pve (which I do more of). I think it is ridiculous that the pvp gear is preferable to the mastercraft at T4 and T5. If you do not improve the mastercraft gear, then how about some new gear that is better - even if it is harder to get.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dalmus Guest

    I'm an uber crafter and in the recent past finished every tradeskill achievement available. That said, I'm disappointed by the fact that there isn't a tradeskill triumph. For god sakes, it takes SOOO much longer to accomplish the goal of meeting all tradeskill achievments (which are solo achievements) than any other achievement (which can be met via groups and raids).
    Please implement a triumph perk for tradeskilling (with some type of usable items as a bonus).
  11. ARCHIVED-Remma Guest

    This may very well have been requested before but please consider putting some ts write givers in South Freeport, maybe one of the crafting book sellers too.

    South Fpt is absolutely perfect for crafting right now, you have the broker, bank, all workstations practically right on top of each other and the writ givers would make it absolutely ideal.

    Yes we can always zone to West fpt but the broker and banker are such a hike when you just need to pick up a couple of raws
  12. ARCHIVED-Gennyfer Guest

    1. would love to see adornments specific to crafting to put on my Far Seas armour
    2. Would like to see that my Far Seas armour, crafting potions, etc. actually work. Right now, I have my doubts :(
    3. Make carpenter much better - let them colour some of the furniture, too.
    4. Make the crafting all around much more important to the game.
    5. Would love to see the housing/carpentry go farther. I mean, where you "buy" a plot of land (it would be an instanced zone, like housing currently is), and maybe start constructing your own house, a garden, that kind of thing. It would be WAAAAAAY cool.
    6. Would love to see outfitters with the ability to color the armour.
    7. Re-involve Far Seas in Mara, meaning, maybe update what can be bought with the Far Seas tokens. My 9 crafters have everything now...they really don't have a reason to go back anymore.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Gennyfer wrote:
    It would take Art development time, but... 'imbued' furniture. Using the imbue material of the same teir, secondary recipes to 'change' the colour of specific items. I'm not sure, though, how many of the house items are tintable in any way, but.. I'd love to see that. It would even add some recipes in earlier levels, too.
  14. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    GrunEQ wrote:
    The current crafting is 1-2-3 on a 4 second cycle. You are penalized for reacting too soon, penalized for server lag, and your crafting speed at level 90 is the same as your crafting speed was at level 1. It's time for a change. I am not saying Guitar Hero. But please for the love of Pete, if you are going to make us pay attention to the crafting window, then make it something more interesting than 1-2-3-1-2-3.
    I realize that a broad spectrum of players craft, all with different physical abilities. Any new method should be doable with one hand. But please put something a little more engaging and interesting. Something that makes us feel we're part of the crafting process.
  15. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Starack wrote:
    I think this is an interesting idea. If I am going to sit down and really focus on doing writs, and doing them in a certain amount of time without mistakes, then a larger reward is justified. When I started crafting, completing a rush order in the time allotted was not guaranteed. With the changes, I typically have 4 minutes left on the clock. I'd like to see something that challenges me again and has a commeasurate reward.
  16. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    i would like to see rush orders back on original timer, 10 mins clocking, i dont like 7 mins clocking, that way too close when you had to search or type a word when you need to make for rush order quests, otherwise, please just ante up 2 tokens added.
  17. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Some rush orders require making 4 or more different items. Others require only making 1-2 different items multiple times. There's a disparity here. The ones that require making 2 x 3 items I typically finish with 4 minutes left.
  18. ARCHIVED-Elf_Queen Guest

    I would like to see mastercrafted items like jewelry have ability modifiers on in the lower levels, I often pass them up for dropped treasured gear with ability mod since that makes a HUGE difference early on when spells only do a bit of damage to begin with. I have a jeweler and I dont think I have made MC jewelry for my chars in years, (except off hand items) I would like to see MC jewelry with better stats.. even at t9 there are faction items you can buy for cheap which are better.
    I would also like 82 MC to have toughness on it like previous tiers. the 80 stuff just isn't good for the lack of DPS. Why are their 2 sets of gear why not just one? it's too expensive,
  19. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    4 mins left? i barely got like 20 secs left for 2 set of 3 items to make.
    i know about progress and durability. something not right.
  20. ARCHIVED-Asif Guest

    Tyrus@Butcherblock wrote:
    Wow really i usually have 3-4 mins left also with any of my 8 crafters.
    Not sure what you are doing to only have 20 secs left, heck even if i mess up and make the wrong item i still have time left.

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