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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Morukta, Jul 13, 2021.

  1. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Research Apprentice Recipes cycle is BROKEN!!

    Many months ago I had an experience that after not playing for one day, all of my characters research apprentices gave me the same recipe request several days in a row instead of cycling through the five possible for the daily task. I didn't really notice it at first, until around the third or fourth day. This happened a few times, but only sporadically, and seemingly after I had not even logged into the game just one day.

    Now, it's happening again.

    Over one week ago, but definitely less than two weeks, I didn't log into the game on one day. The following day when I did log in again to do my normal morning routine (pony & goblin mats, research apprentices) I was given the sturdy mallet quest. Then, the for another three days (four in a row total) I received the same mallet quest every day.

    After that, the various recipe quests began to appear once again, until two days ago. As of today while writing this bug, I am now on day THREE of receiving the "A Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt" quest from all of my research apprentices. This is the first time I have had this happen without missing a day of logging in, making it far more surprising to me, and making me curious enough about why to finally submit a /bug.

    I'm not worried about the concentrated over-use of mats by the repetitions, I have plenty. But, they five recipe quests (mallet, knife, toolbelt, apron, basket) are supposed to cycle from what I understand, though I do not know in what order. I do know that when I've paid attention in the past, they did cycle in a specific order on repeat.

    Character: All : Server: HoF : Zone: character house
    Frequency: happens semi-frequently, daily issue when it occurs
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    Bumping this isn't going to achieve anything except increase your frustration levels since this isn't how the priority system for bugs works. Follow the instructions I gave you that are posted at the top of this board.
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    It's not increasing any frustration on my side.
    The only reason I do it, tbh, is to increase visibility of the issue so maybe, just maybe other people will see it and add likes. If the first post of the issue is buried several pages down, it's likely to be missed by others that are looking to see if their bug is already reported. And don't go telling me to use the search function- it's worthless unless you know EXACTLY what key words to use. That's precisely why I miss the old one & posted this.
    I presume you didn't look, or you'd see I added a link into my OP pointing to the one you referenced. And yes, I did give it another like (ok, so I forgot to do that one little thing per your instruction until this morning, so very sorry :rolleyes: ).
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    Here we go again....
    Yesterday (July 25, 2021) I got the quest for a Sturdy Mallet on my Tradeskill Research Apprentices.
    Now today, I've gotten it again and I suspect I will get it again tomorrow and possibly on Wednesday as well, as it seems to run 3-4 days in a row before changing again.
  9. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Just got this from dev Ratalthro via the thread you reference:
    So it's not just another instance of that, this is a separate bug per the devs.
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    If you have this same issue happening, Plz like the OP on this thread!

    Since the repeat on July 31-August 1st I received the knife quest (Aug 2) and today the apron quest (Aug 3).
    I am keeping track repeats daily & updating a list in a post a little further down on this thread.
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    Repeating recipe today - Sturdy Leonid Basket quest/mission from my tradeskill apprentices....
  12. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Three days in a row now - Sturdy Leonid Basket. . .o_O
  13. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Four in a row. This is getting annoying. I mean, I need baskets for harvesting produce in RL, but not in Norrath!
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    Repeating Again! Didn't even get thru all five.There doesn't even seem to be a logical reason or pattern for this.
    As you can see (prev post track list copied), after FOUR DAYS of the basket quest Aug 6-9, I got the toolbelt on Aug 10 and then Aug 11 I got the basket quest again. The mallet recipe, which is what used to be the only repeater from what I recall, hasn't even shown up for me now since August 4 (tho, it finally came back on Aug 19). That was after a repeat of the mallet followed by just two days of non-repeating recipes.

    July 31, Sturdy Larix Mallet;
    Aug 1, REPEAT (Mallet)
    Aug 2, Sturdy Cadmium Knife;
    Aug 3, Ragged Leather Hide Apron;
    Aug 4, Sturdy Larix Mallet;
    Aug 5, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt;
    Aug 6, Sturdy Leonid Basket;
    Aug 7, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 8, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 9, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 10, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Aug 11, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Aug 12, Sturdy Cadmium Knife
    Aug 13, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Aug 14, REPEAT (Apron)
    Aug 15, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Aug 16, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Aug 17, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 18, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Aug 19, Sturdy Larix Mallet
    Aug 20, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Aug 21, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Aug 22, Sturdy Cadmium Knife
    Aug 23, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Aug 24, Sturdy Larix Mallet
    Aug 25, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Aug 26, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Aug 27, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 28, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Aug 29, Sturdy Larix Mallet
    Aug 30, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Aug 31, REPEAT (Toolbelt)
  15. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    I also just got the apprentice on one of my second account toons. Whether that account will get the repeating daily quest, who knows, but I expect that it will. Tracking for that accounts daily quest:

    Aug 19, Mallet
    Aug 20, Toolbelt
    Aug 21, Basket
    Aug 22, Knife
    Aug 23, Apron
    Aug 24, Mallet
    Aug 25, Toolbelt
    Aug 26, Basket
    Aug 27, REPEAT (Basket)
    Aug 28, Apron
    Aug 29, Mallet
    Aug 30, Toolbelt
    Aug 31, REPEAT (Toolbelt)
  16. Marae Well-Known Member

    I have been noting the same issue for months now, Morukta, but have been too lazy to come in and report it. The first time it happened was right after an update, and I thought that was to blame, but it happens so frequently I don't think it's related to the game being down, although it may have been the result of something they did on that particular update. I have two accounts, and it happens on both of them, at exactly the same times. And for the record, both accounts always have the same TS daily, so I think that's universal. If it's "broken" for one of us, it's broken for all.

    I do my tradeskill dailies religiously, and I can tell you from memory that the order is apron, mallet, toolbelt, basket, and knife. :) The repetitions are annoying, but they don't ruin the game for me. And it always drops you back in the right spot in the cycle when it finally decides to stop repeating. Still, it will be good to have this attended to, since there might be related issues of which we're unaware.
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  17. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome


    From the last weeks worth of dailies (or there-abouts) it appears they MAY have fixed this, in line with the QA In Progress tag.
    Ten days in a row without a repeat will almost feel like a religious experience. But, we'll see! :D
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  18. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    And, here go the repeats again.... I was really hoping, too! :confused:
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  19. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Starting a new daily/repeating tracking list with the prior posts ending with August 31, which also happened to be another repeating recipe day.

    Sept 1, Sturdy Cadmium Knife
    Sept 2, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Sept 3, REPEAT, Apron
    Sept 4, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Sept 5, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Sept 6, Sturdy Cadmium Knife
    Sept 7, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Sept 8, Sturdy Larix Mallet
    Sept 9, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Sept 10, Sturdy Leonid Basket --- a full cycle without a repeat! :eek:
    Sept 11, REPEAT, Basket - clearly I got too excited... :confused:
    Sept 12, Ragged Leather Hide Apron
    Sept 13, Sturdy Larix Mallet
    Sept 14, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt
    Sept 15, Sturdy Leonid Basket
    Sept 16, Sturdy Cadmium Knife ; Knife REPEAT!, Basket (2nd acct, 1 of 2 characters only)
    Sept 17, REPEAT, Knife ; REPEAT, Knife & Apron
    Sept 18, Sturdy Larix Mallet ; Mallet & Mallet
    Sept 19, REPEAT!, Mallet ; REPEAT!, Mallet & Toolbelt
    Sept 20, Sturdy Leonid Basket ; Basket & REPEAT!, Toolbelt
    Sept 21, Sturdy Cadmium Knife ; Knife & REPEAT!, Toolbelt
    Sept 22, Ragged Leather Hide Apron ; Apron & Apron
    Sept 23, Sturdy Larix Mallet ; Mallet & Mallet
    Sept 24, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt ; Toolbelt & Toolbelt
    Sept 25, Sturdy Leonid Basket ; Basket & Basket
    Sept 26, Sturdy Cadmium Knife ; Knife & Knife
    Sept 27, Ragged Leather Hide Apron ; Apron & Apron -SIX days synced & no repeat? :eek:
    Sept 28, REPEAT!, Apron ; REPEAT!, Apron & REPEAT! Apron - So much for that streak... o_O
    Sept 29, Ragged Leather Hide Toolbelt ; Toolbelt & Toolbelt
    Sept 30, Sturdy Leonid Basket ; Basket & Basket
  20. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Ok, this is a first....
    On my second account, the 'main' character did not get a repeat (basket yesterday, knife today).
    However, the other character on that account DID get a repeat of the basket quest instead of getting the knife.
    WTH? Did something get broken even worse on Tuesday?? o_O