Tower of Hate on Halls of Fate Guild Lev: 130

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Moorefallen, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Moorefallen Active Member

    OH its Friday! well lets see we got a few new players, this past week and they came With an excellent Side of Humor. had a great time laughing and carrying on. We did a few more epic steps for guild mates. OH and it only took me 20 years to start crafting thanks to it being part of my epic 2.0 all I can say is “ Filithy Hobbits err developers why did you add crafting to the epic time line… it hurts us, it burns us, makes it stop, Makes it stop master please.“ This week's good read is sponsored by things I rather be doing than crafting. The Good Read Enjoy and until next week i'll see you in game.
  2. Moorefallen Active Member

    TGIF, Ok I got to admit after you get into writs crafting is not that bad( still hate it) but its not as craptastic as I thought. I Met some real cool People this week you know who you are. Lots of epic updates done for guild mates. Some real good drops also happen this week during dailies. This weeks Good read is Not really a read but more of a tracker of issues and can be found Here. Until next week See you in game.;)
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    All hail the weekend is upon us , We have done great things here In the game this week, got a few epic Updates, got an epic completed for a guild mate , maxed out some ascendant lines. Met some really nice players, but Instead of ending this week with a nice read about the game , I am going to take this week to remember that which came before the game. and with that said All hail The Glorious Dead! least we forget.
  4. Moorefallen Active Member

    TGIF , Been a great week for the Tower 2 new epic weapons added to our ranks, As of this writing I am level 99 SAGE! (for the record that was a lot of napping in the 2 weeks it has taken me to get this done.)any one that has been looking for me the last 2 weeks I altered my play time to get the crafting done, I’ll be going back to my normal play time next week. For those coming back to the game , EQ2 wire is a must stop and makes it into this week’s update as My good read of the week enjoy! & I’ll see you in game.;)
  5. Moorefallen Active Member

    All Hail The weekend, This week we got everyone a few more steps toward our epics, (FYI I am done with Crafting on my primary toon Woot! woot!). This week Marks the week that I have Officially completed each heroic Dung of KA. ( yeah ME!) We also got several guild mates the SOK mount OF course this weeks good read is found Here Enjoy & Till next week I'll see you in Game.;)
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    TGIF, Well this week I have not been able to be online as much As i wanted. if you needed something & missed you my apologies but, real life, & weather & some game issues kept me off line most of the week. But that being said I was online for a couple of more epic completions great going fellas, I'll be there soon :) This week's Good Read is about the upcoming updates enjoy! & Till next week, I'll See you in Game ;)
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    TGIF! This past week weather & unexpected game issues played havoc on our game time but we overcame these issues to make the most out of the play time we had. We completed 6 or 7 KA Puzzle Mounts, Got a few more epic updates out of the way.. & Daybreak did triple xp over the last weekend and so I got my Defiler’s crafting to 100 woot. Also It finally went and happened after a long process of chipping away at my epic 2.0 I finally got it! Thx to everyone in the guild and those outside the guild who helped me get it. Finally this week’s good read is here And till next week I’ll see you in game.
  8. Moorefallen Active Member

    5/12/17 Friday! This week was pretty interesting, we got a new adornment , completed the new HQ, Got a few epic updates, did a few Hidden mounts. Had some old guild mates log back in to check out the update & Chat. This week’s good read is not really a good read but a program that will assist in Making you a better player.

    You Can use it to make audible alerts for timers / triggers for when to joust, when to cast your favorite ascended ability, or just monitor your HPS & DPS this program’s name is called act and it can be Found Here! And if you have any questions on how to get it working message me I have helped many a guild mate get it up and running. So Till next week see you in Game ;)
  9. Moorefallen Active Member

    This week has flown by! All Hail the weekend. As summer arrives we want to ensure that any one who has recently returned to the game has a guild they can depend on to assist with the upcoming events & help them see current heroic content and not take all day to do it. & oh if your in a guild your attached to and are having problems getting through heroic content this weekend we are hosting a get er done event where where we will pair you up with our guild mates && get you the community through content regardless of guild affiliation. (This is on a first come first serve basis fell free to message me here or in game for help)This weeks good read can be found in a post by Revel Here . Till next week See you in game.;)
  10. Moorefallen Active Member

    All Hail the weekend, This past week we moved a few guild mates a few steps along toward finishing their epic, did several gear runs & added a couple new guild mates to our ranks. we also got a couple of hidden mounts for members. Over all not as productive as we can be but not to bad a week either. This weeks' good read is from our friends at Day Break! So Till next week see you in game enjoy!;)
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    Bump for more guildmates...we have fun and we get stuff done!
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    All hail the weekend is upon us. This week has been kind of a lazy week for me. we did have a guild mate finish his epic, and we helped get a few HQ ear rings done for the community at large. Had a couple of returning players join our ranks .BTW welcome and so Today's good read can be found Here till next week see you in game.;)
  13. Moorefallen Active Member

    All Hail the weekend , We added several returning players this week to them we say WB. I Finished my trade skill cloak... woot me! ( I know I am ts slacker) some long term guild mates logged on for some fun and with that I just want to say we are looking forward to a great summer and we hope to see you in game also here is A good read for this week cheers. ;)
  14. Moorefallen Active Member

    The weekend is here! This past week has pretty much been a grind fest alot of my guild mates finished out their ascension lines and got the nice charm. ( me i have about 4 levels to go.. maybe this weekend...;) ) recruited a few more returning players Oh I went on my first raid this week that was kind of fun. ( did show me where I am on the parse still have alot of work to do.) well this week's A good Read. is here and till next week see you in game :p

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