Tower of Hate on Halls of Fate Guild Lev: 130

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Moorefallen, Dec 24, 2016.

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    OH its Friday! well lets see we got a few new players, this past week and they came With an excellent Side of Humor. had a great time laughing and carrying on. We did a few more epic steps for guild mates. OH and it only took me 20 years to start crafting thanks to it being part of my epic 2.0 all I can say is “ Filithy Hobbits err developers why did you add crafting to the epic time line… it hurts us, it burns us, makes it stop, Makes it stop master please.“ This week's good read is sponsored by things I rather be doing than crafting. The Good Read Enjoy and until next week i'll see you in game.
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    TGIF, Ok I got to admit after you get into writs crafting is not that bad( still hate it) but its not as craptastic as I thought. I Met some real cool People this week you know who you are. Lots of epic updates done for guild mates. Some real good drops also happen this week during dailies. This weeks Good read is Not really a read but more of a tracker of issues and can be found Here. Until next week See you in game.;)
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    All hail the weekend is upon us , We have done great things here In the game this week, got a few epic Updates, got an epic completed for a guild mate , maxed out some ascendant lines. Met some really nice players, but Instead of ending this week with a nice read about the game , I am going to take this week to remember that which came before the game. and with that said All hail The Glorious Dead! least we forget.
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    TGIF , Been a great week for the Tower 2 new epic weapons added to our ranks, As of this writing I am level 99 SAGE! (for the record that was a lot of napping in the 2 weeks it has taken me to get this done.)any one that has been looking for me the last 2 weeks I altered my play time to get the crafting done, I’ll be going back to my normal play time next week. For those coming back to the game , EQ2 wire is a must stop and makes it into this week’s update as My good read of the week enjoy! & I’ll see you in game.;)
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    All Hail The weekend, This week we got everyone a few more steps toward our epics, (FYI I am done with Crafting on my primary toon Woot! woot!). This week Marks the week that I have Officially completed each heroic Dung of KA. ( yeah ME!) We also got several guild mates the SOK mount OF course this weeks good read is found Here Enjoy & Till next week I'll see you in Game.;)

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