Tower of Hate on Halls of Fate Guild Lev: 130

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  1. Moorefallen Active Member

    Guild: Tower of Hate Server: Halls of Fate Guild Lev: 140+
    Guild History: Legacy Guild from EQ1 Bertoxxulous (Formed A long time ago)
    EQ2 Created: 10-23-05
    Are we casual friendly? Yes
    Have we been a Raid Guild? Yes
    Do we Raid now? Not at this time
    Focus: Getting new and returning Players up to speed for current content, All current heroic content is on farm.

    Members with epics: 8 ( got your epic Join up and lets kill chit)
    Members Working on Epics: 7 ( why not add yourself here)
    Members just enjoying the game at their own pace ( 15) ( Some time the world does not deal you aces and deuces and you have to do things at your own pace we understand.)
    Active Accounts: 30 Activity Cycle: after 4pm est +-3/Hrs (Every Day )
    Daily Players: 3-15 players
    The Pitch
    We are for the new and returning players & those of you that find yourself logging into a guild that has seen better days and need a new place to call home. We are a causal guild whose members have been playing the game for a long time. We like to have a good time and focus our grouping efforts on Friday and Sat nights. Do you need help with Crafting, yeah we got em. Got a few crafters yourself Great bring them with you. Need help with a time line? We have done them an can assist. We just upgraded our guild hall and are in the process of remodeling. So if you like to decorate would be glad to have you along. We have Members with play times from all over the US which leads to guild & voice chat being a whole lot of fun at times.
    What we do for you:
    We raise your total knowledge of in game; mechanics, Time line information, Quests, Current Stat requirements. We expose you to team building exercises & run events designed to gear you up or put plat in your pocket. We do all this while remembering that this is just a game and we are here to have fun first.;)
    What we expect of you:
    First understand that all prizes and awards are donations from guild members just like you. We expect you to participate in guild events to the best of your ability no matter if its DPS training on the combat dummy, Or doing a key hunt so you can buy into the key lotto or It might be just working on a time line quest or helping your guild mate. We expect you to keep an eye out for that new guy who might just be returning to the game and say "hey pal are you a recent return to the game do you have any questions can I help you out." This is the type of people we want around us because this is the type of people we are. If you think you might be interested stop in, give us a try and see what we are about.

    Groups: Note on grouping: we run groups all week long from available members. regardless of weekend team assignment (WTA). WTA's are done to ensure all guild mates receive maximum exposure to Heroic content with best chance at success. Join up now!
  2. Moorefallen Active Member

    Got a few new recruits. & to answer a question from this past week. we do not mind helping new or returning players get up to speed. Have a good day see you in game !
  3. Moorefallen Active Member

    Little update & bump Up to about 20 active accounts now, There seems to be alot of returning players, we are glad to have you and ill see you in game. oh and This is a good read for returning or new player enjoy ;)
  4. Moorefallen Active Member

    My first suggestion Brizzaz is not to spam you recruitment message on other guild recruitment threads:p but good luck and see you on the forums
  5. Moorefallen Active Member

    Good Day All TGIF!:D Hey its been pretty ruff week game wise.. but seems the Devs are on top of the problems They even have the PQ in fens working;)..We did not recruit anyone this week but most of us did have problems staying connected and every one pretty much tried to do their own thing. So if you did not see me in game it was due to game issues or sleep. Every week I am trying to offer an interested read; this week its about bleed through. Click Here & enjoy & See you in game.:cool:
  6. Moorefallen Active Member

    It's Friday!;) Its been a pretty a great week for the guild 6 new guild mates added, We did a little more decorating on our new guild hall stop in check it out. OH and this week's good read it found Here:D Enjoy! Till next week see you in game:p
  7. Moorefallen Active Member

    ;) Woot! Another week falls to the way side. I spent the week helping our new guild mates get settled in, We Visited Some of the older zones for Sig line questing & we did a little KA T1, several members made progress on epic 2.0 But most importantly everyone had a good time. This week's good read can be found HERE ENJOY:D Till Next week I'll See you in game.
  8. Moorefallen Active Member

    All Hail ! The weekend is here! This past week we spent a few hours working with those who recently returned to improve their DPS and play style. We even Did a little AA work & knocked out a few more steps in that Epic 2.0. This week’s Good read is here, Enjoy, Till next week see you in the game.
  9. Moorefallen Active Member

    The weekend is Nigh upon us! This week we did a little key farming got some nice resolve 14 upgrades. we also picked up a few 1k pot Drops, Oh and we enjoyed the new PQ in Kylong plains, So over all been a pretty good week;) This week i am just going to point out that we as a guild are transitioning to a New guild Hosting Service stop in and check us out here. & Good reads will be back next week. So till next week I'll see you in game.:cool:
  10. Moorefallen Active Member

    TGIF! Today’s update is brought to you by the letter “K” K stands for Key as in a Key quest that nets 14 resolve items and some times if you are lucky 20 resolve items. This week’s Guild event was A Key lotto, & the winner was guild mate Sere, from his winning keys he was able to pull out 2 resolve 20 mythical and a few of 14 resolve items so way to go SERE! So it should not be a surprise what this week’s good read is. "A Good Read" Till next week, I’ll see you in game.;)
  11. Moorefallen Active Member

    TGIF, The struggle to stay connected was real this week, If you play on HOF then you know what I mean. But we did complete our GSR event last night With Blitz coming in first. gratz bud. This week I put out a little project I am working on for my fellow necromancers returning to the game. A good read for necromancers. Enjoy remember its a work in progress. Till Next time see you in game.
  12. Elivo New Member

    How active are you guys during the weekdays?
    I can't play at all during the weekend and have recently come back to the game
    Looking for a fresh start.
  13. Moorefallen Active Member

    Sorry for late reply

    We are pretty active all week, We run events for guild mates that span the whole week, the goal of these event are to target those in need of a way to gear back up & that benefit your play schedule this week's event is a key lotto, we seed the pot with 200 keys and let the guild general population buy in for a chance at it for 10 keys. some times we do a guild status rush for the week and reward most status gains in plat (usually have a 1st ,2nd & 3rd place). Our membership spans the globe & Several of us are on daily. my self included. We group almost exclusively with guild mates, this is not a requirement but more of a preference. We would be glad to have you stop in and check us out & if we are not to your liking no hard feelings.
  14. Elivo New Member

    Thanks for the info, I'll make a toon on your server this week
    Been a while since I played and not even sure what class I would want to go with,
    So if you guys have any needs or something that would help fill out guild groups just let me know,
    I usually will play utility, dps.
  15. Moorefallen Active Member

    Yep no worries sent you a PM with details;)
  16. Moorefallen Active Member

    Oh Happy Day, It has been a crazy week for me, Started with the server crash last week that Made the game unplayable for me & I had to uninstall and then reload everything. As my daughter would say this made me a sad panda. ;( I spent the week making sure all my zones are downloaded for this weekends hunts. so if I missed tells from any one this week my apologizes. We did manage to get a few new members invited welcome aboard fellas. Got a few epic updates for guild mates ( none for me I am being lazy on the epic front this week). Oh & this week’s good read it about Brew Day Enjoy. Till next week I’ll See u guys in game.. Game ON!;)
  17. Moorefallen Active Member

    It’s Friday! Yeah! Well it’s been a busy week. So here is this week’s update, First gratz to Blitz for winning the Key lotto wtg bud also a couple of our healers & tanks made good progress on their epics. Me I am still being lazy about my epic. Oh we added a few new members welcome to them. As we all know the game has went through some fundamental changes to the way it awards xp & we shall be exploring the pros & cons of that this weekend. This past week we focused on crafting refilling our supplies and resources an such, with that this week’s good read is about crafting. So till next week I’ll see you in game.
  18. Entreri901 New Member

    Going to be returning soon Guild sounds interesting , iam a old school eq Bertox player myself , tho I would be a casual player and starting fresh.
  19. Moorefallen Active Member

    Sent you a tell directly, when you get back send me a tell in game and we get you guilded and on the right path
  20. Moorefallen Active Member

    Happy every one wears green to work day! Lets see been a busy week we got an epic 2.0 done, we got several epic updates done ( even I got a few) Been feeling out the new XP rewards most the week, Got several new members welcome to them. This week I am gonna shine the light on the guide program they run events for the community out of the kindness of their heart & regardless of what they are doing you can find information Here

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