tov - will old gear be upgraded?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Berg, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Xelgad Developer

    We're going to be upgrading loot from the Siren's Grotto:Challenge encounters, and we're strongly considering hitting Pirate Kings and DMP items as well. Having other high quality gear will help you start the expansion off more easily, but I would expect to replace most of it fairly early on. As others have pointed out, it wouldn't be much of an expansion without gear upgrades :)
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  2. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Have you started to consider the problem of MUDflation, and how you are going to attempt to mitigate it?
  3. Chronus Active Member

    Coming from somebody who would benefit greatly from gear upgrades on HM SG, I'd be concerned about it too. Not really because of MUDflation as such but because of how different classes scale better with gear (especially mages and intelligence).
  4. TheCynic315 New Member

    They never will. Ever.

    Every expansion has changed itemization and combat mechanics its been the ONLY constant in EQ2
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  5. Quabi Active Member

    It hasn't really been changing enough the last couple years. More changes shake up the metagame and keep things from going stale.

    MUDflation is a good thing in moderation because it controls the gap between the best geared and worst geared players, and it moves content along. They've gone too far in the anti-MUDflation direction in some cases. For example, everyone is beyond tired of POW, and the gear gap between top end raiders and even well-geared heroic players is far too large right now.
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  6. Twyxx Well-Known Member

    DoV1 and Skyshrine were large jumps in power...probably too large as you ran out of room on a lot of stats like cast speed and reuse to upgrade upon in the future. But the power creep has been at a crawl since Skyshrine and it's probably time for a moderate jump again as people are bored with working towards .4 cb/pot upgrades.

    Some hard-earned items like Psyllon helms and probably pk weapons should remain significant well into the xpac, but everything else should be given a sexy upgrade to chase. Assuming challenging content of course. If the content is all CoE easy then you can't really justify more than the .4 boosts again. Nobody's going to want to see raid gear they worked hard to achieve replaced by loot from mobs that just fall over (see Sentinel's Fate raid gear being replaced by DoV public quest gear for example).
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  7. Davngr Well-Known Member

    it's looking like devs will keep the static stats about where they are and focus on the "base increase" mechanic to increase that static pool, at least from what i have seen so far.

    make sure you keep the feed back coming when beta goes public and hope the alpha testers do fudge everything up like they usually do :(
  8. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    PoW was a great experiment imo. Before I would spend time imagining the various possible outcomes and scenarios when it came to long lasting content. The way the game will grow laterally and content from day one is still used years down the line. Now I know for sure that I HATE the idea keeping content 'relevant' for a really long time in a MMO.
  9. slippery Well-Known Member

    It's not that it's bad, but if you're killing Pysllon you shouldn't want to do the zone for cloaks. The drop rate was just too low for too long. It's good in the perspective that it would still be used by guilds a little farther back in progression, because that is how lasting content should be. If we had a true 50% drop chance (lets face it, it wasn't) or 100% from the start the zone wouldn't have been so ridiculous.

    But like now, I'd imagine SG HM stuff will last a decent amount of time next expansion, which is a good thing. Those guilds that never did it should still have a reason to, and I'd imagine they will. I like that. I like having a reason to kill things you never did other then just to say you did. Unlike things like Yael which got killed by relatively few guilds (and of those that did kill it only a couple actually killed it consistently) which was completely irrelevant immediately.
  10. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    PoW lasted waaay too long for all the wrong reasons. The most something should last is content from the last xpac lightly reaching into the next with an increase in the curve for all the content added in between, or w/e would make it last a little over a year. Playing the same exact dungeon for literally years is intensely boring, I don't care what kind of items it drops.

    What you are talking about is a chain of zones for progression which includes content from the last GU/xpac which is fine. But top guilds having to reach all the way back to a zone that became one of the first zones of progression in the line is just silly. They solved most of this problem with SG by being able to depop the 'easy' mobs in the zone if we wish. If they are going to keep making zones have their own microcosm of game progression, from easiest to hardest, I hope they keep adding ways to skip the easiest if we so choose. IMO PoW should have let us clear the trash and all the named up to commanders a long time ago, even if they had a true 50 or 100% drop rate for cloaks.
  11. Davngr Well-Known Member

    everyone has been killing the same avatars since T7 ffs..

    the fights are difficult enough to learn and warrant being relevant as long as it has. tbh the only problem i see with it is the mythical cloaks that have amazing effects for some classes and won't easily be replaced by said classes.


    easy fix would be to let the effect be a clicky from bags.
  12. Plinc Active Member

    myth cloak repercussions quest!
    in an advanced solo version of ToFS or something..
    oh wait, i missed a point i guess..
  13. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Ah no more clickys ^^
    Aside of that, i think despite of a few hm parts, you can change you´re whole gear, but thats allright, xpac time equals farming time ^^
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  14. Draylore Well-Known Member

    I know its something they will never do but what has always bothered me about gear getting replaced each expansion......especially where there is no level increase is how tiers go out the window......

    I mean if you have 3 people with Steward BP, the other with Drinal 2sw BP and the 3rd with Drinal 4sw BP and on day one of next expansion all three walk into new zone x BP quest y and get new BP which is upgrade to all 3 of the previous then it seems messed up IMO.

    In every raid force I have been in this has caused people to just not give a damn during the last month or two of the current expansion....leads to some unfun raiding IMO. I mean why bother if you know in a few weeks it all gets thrown away in a few hours.
  15. Chronus Active Member

    Because it's very unlikely that your 4well BP is going to be replaced by solo content BP. The only time the top tier BPs have been straight up replaced by solo stuff I think was 4RT -> DoV?
  16. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Short of a gear reset, there is no way to mitigate it.

    SF -> DoV already quadrupled player power. Unless they reset everyone by reitemizing everything or making all 2009-2013 gear ineffective in the new zones (which would be unpopular and a lot of work -- a classic lose-lose), I don't see a fix.
  17. Silzin Active Member

    Right, but if they had a titer range of Main Stat and started the Solo gear at 195, then had the End Solo at 203, and had entry Heroic at 200, end Heroic at 210, then EM raid at 212, HM raid at 226. this would make the Main stat go up very little, but the change in gear could be in effects/CB/Pot/Other Stuff. This would make most all of PoW not wanted... that i am hoping for... at the same time would not just obsolete all HM raid gear out of the gate. the people in all EM or lower would want/need to regear with Solo or group, but i think a range like this would work.

    Obviously the numbers would need to be adjusted to reflect itemisation since i am not an expert on it.
  18. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Since the DMP upgrades are going in tonight, any chance you added/could add a leather BP to his loot table? It's annoying he drops 3 different robes but nothing for druid/brawler :(
  19. Karagon Active Member

    Yeah +1 to this one. Itemization in DoF was pretty bad - no balance between classes... And now you just upgraded old items. Brawlers also want chests with unique procs!
  20. Xelgad Developer

    We actually made some changes to the loot table beyond just upgrading the items. Each chest will now contain three items:
    • Cloth, Leather, Chain, or Plate BP Pattern
    • 4.0 Weapon, 6.0 Weapon, or Symbol
    • Wrist or Ear
    The two mythical wrists have been combined into a single item, and the upgraded ear should be roughly on par with the wrist (each has an equal drop chance). The chain helmet and plate forearms no longer drop, but they can be traded in for a BP pattern. The upgraded BPs do not have unique procs/effects, since those will generally be limited to jewelry and charms in ToV.

    By the way, the BPs do not have a yellow adornment slot (only red) because we're hoping to just automatically switch them over to purple slots when the expansion launches without using an exchange vendor, and we think they should still be better than most (if not all) of the Drinal BPs with just the red slot.
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