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Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Sigrdrifa, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Sylke Well-Known Member

    They come from inside the heroic dungeons. I can't recall which ones at the moment, but pretty sure Nexus and Hive are at least two of the zones.
  2. Sylke Well-Known Member

    I know a guild Ranger uses the Detonation stone and likes the extra AE DPS.
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    That would be because "Fluttered By" comes from the Heroic Instances of Nexus Core and Fractured Hive.
  4. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    The Detonation Stone is junk, its resisted MORE than half the time. Unless they make it so that its not resisted over and over and over, don't bother with this reward.
  5. Wintir Active Member

    Ahhh, thank you, folks. I was given a bum steer that it was an exterior island collection.
  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Actually, there are four levels of collections, one primary and three meta levels.


  7. Samael Member

    Here are all the collections you need in order to do the endline. I have a pretty version in excel, but I can't figure out how to post it. If it's not on this list, it means it dead ends and not worth the plat (except for etyma)

    birds of a feather
    butterflies fly
    chittins chillin'
    creepy crawly
    crystallized imbalance
    Dar's delight
    desaturated delight
    dragon entertainment
    dragon eyes
    dragon jewels
    dragon ring
    Dragon scale stew
    dried seeds
    drinalian trinkets
    dying to roll
    echo shells
    elemental shards
    entertaining dinner
    ethereal explorer
    fluttered by
    fossil fossil
    glory stones
    golden opal egg
    golden ticket
    harmony in stone
    leafing project
    Light my way
    Lilac Primrose
    lillis dandy
    marquise madness
    muniel's tea garden
    out on a limb
    petrified pieces
    petrified rock
    poisoned blue
    Ring around the neck
    Roaches away
    seeds for the innocent
    shards of light
    the green rift
    to choke them all
    to fool the senses
    tunaria's adventure
    tunaria's baubles
    visionary relief
    Webs we weave
    Withered away
    Yarn be darn
  8. Mindsway Well-Known Member

    Pardon the thread necro'ing but I've been trying to find info on how to get a Dungeon Exploration Bauble collection. So far I have the Stand Alone Bracelet and I'm almost done with the Dungeon Crawl Trinket, but I see nothing at all apart from two of the collections (Ring Around the Neck and Visionary Relief). Although I notice I have the Stand Alone Bracelet and I'm pretty sure it was the result of another collection, and yet EQ2i says the other collections I have will also result in a Stand Alone Bracelet, is this in error or will it actually give me a Dungeon Explorer Bauble?

    Meanwhile I have some info for EQ2i but I don't know how to wiki so maybe someone can complete this info? For this collection:

    Iksar Junk:
    \aITEM -2108902958 -594452530 0 0 0:[Freedom Key]\/a

    \aITEM -143090518 -815769107 0 0 0:[Vesspyr Scout's Blue Chainmail]\/a
    \aITEM 154547079 16233964 0 0 0:[Vesspyr Warrior's Steel Breastplate]\/a
    \aITEM 1834841681 1788007910 0 0 0:[Vesspyr Scout's Green Gauntlets]\/a

    I've also noted for their page on the Ethereal Memories collection they imply that it gives an unknown collectible as a reward, however having just completed it I can confirm that it only give etymas and the appearance items listed.

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