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Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Sigrdrifa, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    We've been working hard to document all the new ToV collections at EQ2i (and at ZAM), but I'm missing some information and need help!

    Almost all basic collections reward 3 Draconic Etyma, a collection item for a "meta collection", and one or more additional items such as house items or appearance gear. In many cases, I have no idea what the "additional items" are. These include:

    For some collections, we have no idea what any of the rewards are:
    And, lastly, for some meta collections, we are unsure from which base collections the pieces originate:
    • Dragon Jewels
      • Beryl Stone -- from what collection?
      • Silver Marquise Ring -- from what collection?
    • Ethereal Explorer
      • Dungeon Exploration Bauble -- from what collection?
      • Stand Alone Bracelet -- from what collection?
      • Dungeon Crawl Trinket -- from what collection?
    • Visionary Relief
      • Aeterna Life Strand -- from what collection?
      • Jortreva's Dragonfly -- from what collection?
      • Yelinak's Chain -- from what collection?
      • Vishra's Beacon -- from what collection?
    Anybody who has more info about these collections, please share! Either here, or feel free to edit the wiki yourself.
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  2. Faelen Active Member

    I can't give you an answer about the rewards, as I can't remember what they were at this time, but I am actively looking for what collections finish those meta collections! I've noticed some have only been discovered on one or two servers so far, so there has to be something about them...
  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I keep my collection notes in a table alphabetically by collection name, and I tossed an HTML version on the web.The meta-collections indicate that their pieces come from other collections.

    This is the same data that the EQ2i TOV Collections pages are based upon, but since I pull the data back from my game logfiles, I also have /locs recorded.
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  4. Shadowgates Member

    Stand Alone Bracelet- (For Ethereal Explorer collect) - this comes from Ring around the Neck collection(Meta/Meta overland collection).

    Still looking for info on the missing 4 meta collection pieces for Visionary Relief....wondering if they exist or are hidden in an old zone/instance or what?
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  5. Shadowgates Member

    Also Petrified Pieces give Dandylion Charm for the Meta collection Ring Around the Neck.
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I was just able to use EQU's Item Search to look for collectibles discovered in the past 14 days. There are 55 collectible items that I didn't have in the EQ2i TOV Collections pages yet. You can see some patterns, but of course, you do not get the name of the collection or from whence it comes. I'd guess that represents another 10-12 collections. Some of these have to be from instances.
  7. Shadowgates Member

    Looks like the last piece of Ethrereal Explore, \aITEM -385040764 -865788573:Dungeon Crawl Trinket\/a, has just finally been discovered and the player also discovered \aITEM 1397244104 1929738576:Stone of Transference\/a so I am guessing that is the reward. Gratz to
    Faelen Butcherblock
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  8. Faelen Active Member

    Thank you =) It was quite a race to get them all! Sadly I went through it so fast that I can't remember what gave what, but I will try to get a complete list of the ToV collections up at least, and where they can be found!
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  9. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If you have logging turned on, you can likely retrieve a lot of data from there. I've been careful to not add the last piece to any collection until I am ready to hand them in at the collector. I finish one, turn it in, then get screenshots and notes and update the EQ2i pages.
  10. Faelen Active Member

    I have logging turned on, but I tend to hand in stuff in bunches, but I'll have a look and see =)
  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You are welcome to consult my raw collections notes, if you find them helpful.
  12. Gelenor Active Member

    I had high hopes for the Visionary Relief meta collection and the reward involved.

    Given it was mixture of overland, advanced solo zone and heroic zone collections and separate from the other major set completion (Ethereal Explorer), I had an air of expectation that it would create something similar to the goggles from Faydwer/Kurnak expansions that would enable you to collect further "expert" collections (blue shinies). A system utilised later again with the Gigglegibber Courting Hat. I felt somewhat supported in that view given that only 75 collections in total make up the meta sets/aerial/tome/tradeskill collections and it had been reported in press/media that:

    "there are at least 80 new shiny collections in Tears of Veeshan"


    The Ethereal Explorer meta set had its components evenly divided by 3 major subsets of overland (Stand Alone Bracelet) advanced solo zone (Dungeon Exploration Trinket), advanced solo and heroic collections (Dungeon Crawl Trinket).

    Sad to tell you but the Visionary Relief set also provides you with a Dungeon Crawl Trinket for the Ethereal Explorer Set, which in my mind seems to be an error given the large number of heroic zone collections (only) that complete the obvious precursor heroic collection (Ethereal Memories). Feels like shades of the "flying feather" issue also raised.

    And the reward choices (2 charms) for Ethereal Explorer have no better stats than heroic zone charms and self power draining effects that leave you powerless in 5 ticks or under. Let alone that again they decided that whilst everything up to the completion point is at worst heirloom, the final reward is NO TRADE.

    The Stone of Transference charm even instantly double hits you for 5% of your power when you click it and before the timer starts, contrary to its description. Given the effort involved, the rewards are underwhelming.

    Gelenor - VVV - Unrest
  13. Estred Well-Known Member

    Truth be told, one I wasted too much plat to realize this was NO-TRADE and it really is saddening that a Meta-Charm like this is so... worthless. I do want the Transference Stone on my Enchanter but I did the collection on my Guardian sadly. Sigh, off to collecting again.

    Really though these charm rewards are very poorly thought out.
  14. Udonn Active Member

    I petitioned the second crawl trinket, and added my concerns about the quality of the reward. For others benefit, here is their response:
    Thank you for your reply. We are indeed aware of an issue where the "Dungeon Crawl Trinket" is provided as a reward for completing both "Visionary Relief" and "Ethereal Memories." This does seem to be an error, especially as this item is only used in the "Ethereal Explorer" collection.

    We have also received a number of reports about the quality of the "Stone of Transference" and "Cube of Force" items, which are the rewards that can be chosen from, upon completing the "Ethereal Explorer" collection.

    We have since informed our Quality Assurance team about both of these concerns. If any issues are verified, they will be resolved by our Development team as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on our future Game Update Notes!
  15. Thand Well-Known Member

    so has anyone found what collections Jortrev's egg Yelneks Chain and Vishars's becon is from it is wierd cause i was Shure i saw Yelniks chain as a Reward but not in my collections or inventory.
  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    Vishara's Beacon is from "Lighting the Way" a Heroic Collection in Temple of Veeshan. I believe the Oil Cans are the parts.
  17. Thand Well-Known Member

    Fluttered by is Jortrev 's egg i seem to be missing 2 complete colections because all i have left are heroic collections
  18. Thand Well-Known Member

    i have never seen a single shiny in any of the Tov zones actualy Adv solo or heroic
  19. Estred Well-Known Member

    They are a bit bugged. Say your in Halls of the Betrayer, they can spawn in Labs of Mutation.
  20. Thand Well-Known Member

    yah i just cleaered them both and found 0

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