Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Gninja, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    A very good reminder from Gninja:

    BE SURE TO RESET YOUR INSTANCES BEFORE TRYING FIGHTS AGAIN. Some changes made require a fresh zone; if you have an existing instance, you might be beating your head on old bugs.

    (Apologies for any no longer relevant feedback, Gninja...I was more focused on my progress and not having to go through some of those fights again and was avoiding resetting zones. Didn't even occur to me that it was part of my problem. :oops:

    I'll pop back into the zone today and see if I'm more capable.)
  2. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Heh, now I can't even kill Elif Whitewind...the power drains are coming in faster than my merc can cure or my remedies can be recast.

    I'll try again after lunch.
  3. Ikthios New Member

    Okay so at least now I know I am not alone in the difficulties I am having with this zone the last 3 days. At first I thought I must not be doing the fights properly or missing some mechanic, but after three days of head pounding and doing a rez, blast, die , repeat system to get to the last bosses of the zone I see that no it appears that even though it has been pointed out that this solo is completely unsoloable hence making completion of the signature quest unfinished, they are aware of this problem but just dont seem to either know how to fix it or care to fix it. The aoes, det and range of the aoes seem to be completely out of scale with a solo dungeon, even a healing class couldnt really make much progress with the intense mana drains and for all none healing classes you are just screwed because almost all the aoes and dets will kill you within moments of pulling a boss and those that dont kill you right away take 37 minutes because of mit and hp that really needs some rescaling. Mercs are useless and i still am not sure what that fount buff even does so i just keep putting it on and hoping something will change so that these solo dungeons can actually be solo'ed.

    edit: even if you make it to the final bosses you cant seperate them since it is a solo dungeon and you will often be alone with a merc and they use a coop strike that is almost instantly fatal, not to mention the electrify joust is absurdly large and makes the joust difficult but not always impossible. Ran into the same problem with the final boss of the first PoI boss the one you have to turn the key when he goes immune, his aoe does fatal damage and could not seem to figure out how to avoid it because the range seemed to be greater than my capacity to still be an active participant in the fight.

    I am 110, wearing gear from the quest and dungeons not the beta buff gear as it didnt seem as good as drops or quest gear (with a few exceptions, like the beta bow) and isnt the point to test what will be live so i figured you would run this with what would be available with the live with the exception that i am using adornments from the beta merchant
  4. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Regarding the mercs, Kander has confirmed that they will be buffed for the zones in the near future:
    For what it's worth, I'm also running "organically" - first with the gear from the chest at the beginning (not the beta buff stuff), then replacing as I went with faction gear (I've done all three factions), drops, and quest rewards.

    One thing to be sure to do is to reset the zone if you have an instance open from a prior day...Gninja has asked we do so, as some changes won't take effect in old instances. You can get lockout reset baubles from the Beta buffer on the Spire Island. And keep giving the feedback...the more classes and people who test and give feedback, the better it can be tuned.

    And now I'm off to try the zone again (after resetting, of course <grin>)...wish me luck!
  5. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Fresh zone, freshly fed ogre ready to conquer:

    I can't keep up with the power drains on Elif Whitewind (first named in the zone, before you head to either side). My merc tries to keep me cured, but they come too fast and my own cure remedies are often still down (current recast time on the Cerebral Remedies is 7.5 seconds).

    I'm stuck auto-attacking or trying to kite and range (which can take me away from my merc and my heal starts to fall). Finally took him down (ACT says it took 8:09).

    Now to see what the Hurricane has to offer...
  6. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Same issue with The Hurricane - power drain is pretty severe, can't keep up with the cures, left auto-attacking or ranging with no power.
  7. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Yveti fight was much more straightforward and doable (definite improvement over my last try a few days ago).

    Feedback: Portal at top puts you directly on top of the exit's easy for stray click to make you exit the zone. Moving back where you pop would help.

    (Side note: It's a bit weird to finish a fight way up top, then get zoned back to start and have to run all the way back to the chest, then have to head back again to do the other side. :) )
  8. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    West Wing:

    Laef Windfall - Much better fight than prior days. BUG: His rooting detriment doesn't show in your Detrimental Spell Effects window; you have to hunt it down in your Maintained Spells.

    Hreidar & Torstien - Not going to lie, I've got PTSD from these guys...died to them too many times in the past few days :p. Managed to kill them with only one death, had better luck with the non-rooted one following me away this time.

    Reported above, putting here for completeness: Portal that pops after killing the giants takes you out to Coliseum of Valor instead of back to beginning of zone; it also puts you in front of the Plane of Magic portal instead of the "Torden, Bastion of Thunder" portal as you would expect (usually exit portals put you right outside the entrance portal you used to come in).


    Overall feedback on zone as of today: Much more doable, though power drains on Elif Whitewind (ACT shows Ignite Soul hit me 196 times) and The Hurricane (Whirl hit 178 times) were frustrating and turned into AFK auto-attack fights.

    Still a bit annoying to have to run all the way back to the chest from the beginning after killing the big named way up on would think they would want their chests close to them for security. <grin>

    But much improved, definitely had fewer ogre rages this time around. :D
  9. Gninja Developer

    I have removed the majority of power drains from the zone. If you see major ones let me know. The second boss still has one I believe but its very minor. You will not see these changes until 11/10.
  10. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Sweet, thanks for that...I'll give it another shot in the next few days.

    Much appreciated!!
  11. Leed Member

    Ok, reset zone today, and tried again. Still - I get to Torstien Stoneskin & Hreidar Lynhillig - when the red circle appears I tell merc to back off, I run OUTSIDE the ring, AOE goes off, merc dies, then I die to 5 hits of 'Cooperation Blast' focus damage. If I run out of the ring, stay in the ring, either way that goes off and the merc is dead in a flash and me soon after.

    Edit: Finally got them - being in or out of ring doesn't seem to make a difference - you're getting hit by cooperation focus damage either way, so I stood my ground and just tried to time death saves very carefully then twiddle thumbs for them to come back, and time them again before doing damage. On live I'll just have a guild mate help for sure though (what's very very very hard with a mercenary isn't nearly so with a real healer)
  12. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    The devs have confirmed that mercs will be getting a buff in the instances, which will hopefully help.
  13. Elfrina Member

    Torstien Stoneskin and Hreidar Lynhillig protect each other.
    Another tough fignt seems to me they just didn't take any damage
  14. Elfrina Member

    T Stoneskin and H Lynhillig not taking any damage again twice now, 3 fight, On the second fight they did take damage but a red ring covered the whole floor NO where to run to get out of the red ring so I died, did get mobs equal percentage,,, Red ring again ran out and back in but still died
  15. Elfrina Member

    Merc Zhugrus Blightstrike just does;nt want to heal in this fight.... Maybe 50% of the raid players will get thru this zone
  16. Ikthios New Member

    So now this zone is feeling much more doable, so that is why I maybe at fault with my only concern. Can anyone please explain to me exactly how the cooperative blast mechanic works. I mean I am a conj so when i go in I throw my pet at Hreidar Lynhillig both stick to my pet in the exact spot where they are when approached, I keep my healer merc back on me to help keep up heals from aoes and whatnot, I get Lynhillig down to about 50 percent and the big red circle makes an appearance i run all the way back across the bridge and dance with lightning and still i die from numerous coop blast from Lynhillig for about 5.5 to 6.1 million a hit as i am about to re-enter the room. neither mob is anywhere near me as they are still stuck on pet right were they started so I dont understand how i am getting hit, or if it is the red circle aoe and if it is just how large is the range because if it is what is killing me I am under the assumption the red light is just a warning of imminent death. Like I said this may be something with a player fail since I am not even sure how the mechanic works so if any players out there can help me I would be grateful. And if it involves having to separate the two bosses i would appreciate any strategy on how to do so.

    edit: so tried a new strategy, I start by throwing my pet on Lynhillig with planar motion, I grab torstein and pull him back to the bridge and fight him there. Then when the red ground shows up i back up over bridge, but halfway over and the merc dies and i am left with a boss hitting me in the face and my pet holding the other away. Not that it would matter because even if i jerked my pet back to me I cant beat him for health with transference because it will kill the pet right now and before i can drop the one out of storage i am now stuck again with both and cooperative blast and well death and the long, long, far to long run back to the top of the tower (please give us a rez closer, like the top of the ramp before the tele pad). But there is some good that has come of this i think i have figured out the coop blast mechanic and how to get around it, now just need to refine as i learn. anyone else that has successful done this I could use a clue.
  17. Ikthios New Member

    Okay so disregard my entire last post after trying this solo for a week i was crumbling to soon but with the new tweeks that have been done and with some player ingenuity it is actually not so difficult at least for a pet class to easily succeed here after all.
  18. Darcmoon New Member

    How do you kill Torstien Stoneskin and Hreidar Lynhillig? I am able to do damage to them but the red circle kills me every time. I've tried running out of it but no matter how far I get, my merc dies and then I do.
  19. Arieva Well-Known Member

    the trick is to get the 2 mobs away from each other as far as possible when the red circle is down. Don't let you merc sit there and tank them has to move significantly away from the rooted mob or the damage is greater. What I want to know is how to kill them when one kneels and the other still takes no damage. had this happen in the heroic version and it is a long fight..frustrating to get it down that far just to have it crap out on us and heal back up at end
  20. Darcmoon New Member

    What rooted mob? I put my merc on passive and both of them chased after me. Neither one appeared to be rooted.

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