Top 5 dps classes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Entreri808, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Entreri808 New Member

    Just wondering what the top 5 dps classes are right now?
  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Beastlord, Assassin, Wizard, Warlock. Not sure what the fifth would be.
  3. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    RANGER! Don't act like you didn't know! :D
    Although I would specify they have the potential to be a top 5 class, lots of rangers seem to have a problem reaching it.
  4. Chronus Active Member

    Beastlord, Sorcs, Predators, Summoners. For the last 6 it depends who gets buffs on who makes the top 5.
  5. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    Ranger, ranger, ranger assassin, ranger :p
  6. Estred Well-Known Member

    I would definitely say.


    All are the supposed T1 dps where they rank depends more on player. I see Locks beat Wizzies and BL's beat Assassins.
  7. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    From Experience at different levels, generalisation:

    Single Target:
    Feral Beastlord

    AE Fight:
    Spiritual BL
  8. Chronus Active Member

    You've had bad warlocks and good other classes :(
  9. Regolas Well-Known Member

    You'd think judging from the warlock thread in the subclass forum, that warlocks are rubbish and no way near the top!

    Ignoring gear differences, my experience is that beastlords are top, followed by assassins, rangers, wizards and conjurers on single target, with brigands, swashbucklers, warlocks and necros in no particular order.

    For AE fights it really depends on prestige setup, but swashbucklers jump up near the top then and assassins and beastlords don't do quite as well.
  10. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Best dps class, is played by someone who understand his class and got the support he needs to get full buffed :rolleyes:
    But in general:
    Well.... i know the last 2 where not counted to dps class, but they do well ^^
  11. Thalador Active Member

    As for linked you all are putting warlock near the top. This is not the case any longer. I would say more like

    Locks lost a step this xpac
  12. Koleg Active Member

    Anytime there are 3 or more targets linked or not Reckless Cruasder > all... You know you all wanted to say it. Not enough Necro love in this thread, but thats to be expected from the lack of quality (class knowledge) from the current crop where many if not most of the skilled veteran Necro's /ragequit a few x-paks ago.

    BLs and Wizzys still top most parses ZW and 3 thru 10 would all be dependand on Buffs, Gear and awareness. Lazy people don't make the top 5 regardless of thier class or buffs.
  13. Cynergy Active Member

    Top DPS class = Cynergy
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  14. Alenna Well-Known Member

    I'm working on it going to try a couple of new spec outs to see if they work any better then what I have now. but being a confirmed Altaholic well. you would probably say I don't spend enough time on my Ranger even though she is my main :p

    JK. I do try what I can to make my Ranger better and luckily now I have a couple of guild mates and raid mates who are giving me some pointers and ACT is now working properly for me
  15. Draylore Well-Known Member

    1) BL
    2) BL
    3) BL
    4) BL
    5) BL
  16. Atan Well-Known Member

    There is so much to preface a list like this by.

    Are you asking what are the top 5 solo dps classes? IE, we have to judge the classes potential entirely on their own with no support classes buffing them?
  17. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Surely we should?

    As the perfect setup and buffs will probably never be available to everyone at the same time (think ranger in the mage group), you might as well compare self buffed or there's no comparison. At least then you know that's the base level.
  18. Atan Well-Known Member

    My point being some classes see a larger % reliance on buffs from other to reach their potential. Other classes have a higher base. But the highest base isn't indicative of the highest potential. All in all, there are just a boat load of variables to consider.
  19. Koleg Active Member

    You all know the highest raiding DPS class is an Inquisitor: NO other class can do 3% of a raid boss' health in one-shot.
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  20. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    I know a ranger, who loves to be in the magegroup ;) and he does parse quit high. Above 1,000k dps, as he normal ranges at the top of dps on raids. (Yeah i know he mostly loves the illy which we put in there ^ ^)

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