Too late for AoD?

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    If I'm remembering correctly, in 2012 DoV and AoD would have been for sale concurrently, with COE up for pre-order. SOE wouldn't put AoD in the usual expac bundle with everything else.
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  2. Daltharr New Member

    True they coincided. But if youre right, how would you get to Skyshrine if you didnt own AoD? We know we have to own the latest expansion in order to roam in the recent content. People with DoV could go SS without buying AoD
    The GUs was(is) a free update available for all.
    AoD with all its features was sold seperately. - And people who didnt own AoD was restricted to 300 AAs. Owners of AoD got 20 additional. Skyshrine didnt ad AAs, but rather we got the first prestigepoints.

    IF AoD and SS was one and same; Why wasnt the lvl-increase and prestige a selling point for AoD? Why did we get the apprentices at lvl 90 when SS is lvl 92..

    Nvm. I guess youre entitled to your own beliefs. But its kinda meh you try to spread it as facts. I strongly reccomend you take a deeper look at the salepitch for AoD and what gu62 and 63 brought to the game.

    This could perhaps be of some help ?

    EQ2Wire » EverQuest II: Age of Discovery — 2 Months To Go?
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    These dates aren't my own beliefs, they are a matter of recorded fact. However, to clarify for you, while Skyshine was released during AoD, it was not tied financially to AoD due to AoD being sold separately from existing and future expansions. That doesn't change the fact that Skyshrine was originally released during AoD and will be released at some point during AoD on TLE, as this is the proper order.
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    Your memory is sublime. I remember when someone in your group dying put everyone into xp debt. I remember endless precombines in crafting. But I don't remember that. Kudos to you. Maybe I had burned out by that time.
  5. Daltharr New Member

    Yes. It was released during AoD.(whatever that mean when it comes to a contentless release)
    It was also released during DoV.
    With AoD announced as a contentless featurepack, sold seperately and not granting acces to SS, wich expansion would you suggestst its connected to?

    edit; lemmi help

    Game Update 62, which is free to all players and coincides with the November 2011 release of Age of Discovery, will give all players the revamped City of Freeport which combines the current North, South, East, and West Freeport, has a new look, will be flyable, and will have all new quests from level 1-30, as well as followup quests throughout levels 30-90.

    Game Update 63 (February April 2012) and Game Update 64 (May 2012) will continue the Velious storyline, introducing new Overland Zones, Dungeons, and likely Raids. We’ve been told to expect dragons, lots of dragons.

    GU63 is SS..

    AoD is still technically the latest of its kind