Too late for AoD?

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  1. Daltharr New Member

    Or too late for changes? I know im late here, but better late than never.
    - DoV will be released today, but for some reason AoD has been moved to midcontent. This isnt the the correct chronological time of launch, and it will offset the balance on at least a few areas like reforging.
    However.Thats not what im concerned about. My worries is about the researchapprentices and and the research timers.
    Kaladim will have less than 2 months to research ALL key recipes from the basic apprentices, and thats assuming we dont research other things than the endgame stuff. Further, we get 2 more apprentices with the actual midcontent.

    I know they dont become obsolete over night with the next expack. But I do prefer to get the content released when it should be. 3 different apprentices released same day doesnt make sense, it makes the game much more stressfull and it will in many cases be a headache to know that there just isnt any way on earth we can get the research done in time.
    Some of the rewards from the daily quest they offer is even a part of the main loot in some of the zones. Im thinking about the collosal reactant here, a desired fabled drop that many grps have hunted for hours on end. It is for all i know still on the loottable for DoV zones. And it will be utterly useless if we dont have the recipes for them

    If it for some reason is a matter of balance around reforging or mercs or w/e, then plz consider a massive reduction of the researchtimers once the content do get released. Like 50% off all timers.Or release the apprentices as soon as possible, and leave the rest of the AoD to be launched as midcontent. But we have to have more time to research the recipes.
    Or at least have the feeling it isnt futile
  2. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Huh? AoD was released 10 months after DoV. It is absolutely in chronological order, unless they're also releasing the Skyshrine stuff as part of DoV.
  3. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Skyshrine is considered AoD for the purposes of TLE. AoD and the Skyshrine patch happen at the same time.

    Also, AoD isn't being released as mid-content. It's being released on the normal expac schedule, but only has a 2 month duration with no mid-content.
  4. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    So pretty much as I thought then. AoD was never really a "true" expansion anyway, since it didn't include any content, so it makes sense to roll it into Skyshrine. I was just pointing out to OP that their chronology was incorrect.
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  5. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Derp, I meant to quote the OP. Been eating too many magic gummies.
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  6. Daltharr New Member

    DoV was released early dec, AoD was released the following februar,t roughly 3 month later. Then we had 9 months from AoD til midcontent, believe it was gu63 where Skyshrine dropped, where we got the 2 additional apprentices. That was followed by another 6 months before Chains of Eternity landed. -
    There was more than 1.5 year between DoV and CE.And a year from AoD to CE
    - And they ask us to research it all in 2 months.
    It hard to find a good reason for that. Especially when we consider the farm-ability of some of the rewards. The zones will be run down by hordes of grps who tries to get a reactant. It was the biggest motivator ever. And it wasnt "forced" like a hunterrun. But if we dont have the recipes then theres no product.
    It will take weeks from we get the apprentices til the first recipes are ready to use.. 1 recipe.. and it will be usefull a month, a month and a half.
  7. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    You've got that backwards. DoV was released in February 2011, AoD the following December.
  8. Daltharr New Member

    Yes, I did. - Guess sleepdeprivation does that to you.
    But there was a year from AoD til CoE, wich marks the end of the mainuse of the regular apprentices. 6months of regular, 6 months of the Skyshrine+regular apprentices. Compressed to be released same date with 2 month to research.
    How many of the dozekar dropped apprentices wil the server even see?
  9. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, Skyshrine is straight up one of my all time favorite content updates, but that gap between the end of DoV and CoE coming out was rough. We can hope they adjust drop rates to accommodate the compressed schedule, but I'd not hold my breath.
  10. Daltharr New Member

    Didnt check in latest announcements. My bad if dates are wrong. But i beter be wrong than be nothing
    So. It looks like I was wrong. We wouldnt get AoD n SS as midcontent. Were getting it as a bundle released same way as any other full expansion has been released on Kaladim. If there was a blunder bigger than stats in the store then this would qualify as one
    The server is bleeding players and has been doing it for a few weeks now. PLVL for sale is near non existing and the amount of guilds that reports their kills to raidprogressíon is near half of what it was ion the spring. Many people complains the zones are too hard, that turq adorns are too rare, that grps are too hard to find, that crafting is useless unless you roll a ts that directly support your own.
    Now, original launch of DoV was a cut in the playerbase. And its being repeated here.
    The grind was slapped in the faces of those who decided to grind out the shawl or othmirr in a few days as much as the ones that havnt even done rygor yet. Long story short. The grind is too much with not enough rewards to cover over the mediocre questlines. The only ones whos having fun is the botters and ballbreakers. The non-combat oriented content couldnt keep the rest entertained as it was- and the next will be primarily combatgrind. After the crafters gets their 91 and 92 expert recipe book then that parts done. ish. Because we also get the apprentices here, it didnt come with DoV as i thought. And the theres a week of dailies before the first recipes are ready(forgot, shoutout and TYVM! for reduced researchtimers /blowkiss).
    IDK. Im reading what I just wrote and its very messy to read if i should say it myself.
    What I want to say is ; free the apprentices now, release ALL of AoD so we can get the craftingdailies, the root of all good, the mother of fine armor and cheeseknifes, so we can get the harvestingpots and reactants from dailies, so we can send our bois to war well equipped. Its something that ties the productionline to the combat, it makes all lootboxes matters, it gives even the smallest player a very good chance of getting materials to items that are gamechangers to them.
    Make the grind easier. everytime a player turn in a 500faction shard then you get the 500+100 for each of the 3 others(when i talk about the 4 then its gnolls, othmirr, rygor and thurgadin)
    Sell heirloom faction tokens. sux to waste timne on toggeling toons to buy stuff. Make all gear for all xclasses visible to any archtime that inspect a salemans inventory.
    Beastlords? BL havnt been the hot potatoe it was at launch. But were here now. Bring em on..
    Merchs? peeps actually needs the mercs now. - lets see how it goes? - its a month in diff at most. id personally like to see if we get them with the old or new system.
    This TLE have made it further than other other. And theres still plenty left to get from it. But we have to get past not only DoV, but also SS. SS zones are good, raids mediocre tbh. The good SS raids wasnt SS raids, it was the drunder HM that for most guilds was when they where cleared.
    But this server can be the driver for the next comin TLEs, the pointer that say its possible. It has been so far, while at the same time being correct when people claimed iítl die around DoV - were at end of DoV now. Release AoD/SS as aditional midcontent and then CoE after that..??
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    We are half way through DoV a little father ,
    shish I have more than enough to do right now , with all the faction and gear grinding , I wished I had another 4
    especially with Covid restrictions lessening .
    Less people playing are playing because they returned to their real lives , and less people means less groups , and less groups means more people stop to play because they can't find a group and so on .
    A lot of guilds can't run t4 raids anymore and instances that are supposed to be done by level 90 people in regular good gear
    can not be done if you don't have at least 40,000 health and at least some raid gear '
    Where is the fun in that ?
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  12. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Why would you think that AoD would be mid-expansion content? I mean, AoD was it's own expansion, technically, and the Skyshrine update had a level increase.
  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Your wish was granted. You now get to stay in DoV until the end of January next year.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol I know Zenji I saw that , I should have said another 2 weeks .
    Can we get the mercs now please ?

    I think they are really busy with the next expansion for live so they had no time to take care of our next expansion .
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  15. Daltharr New Member

    AoD is not content, its a featurepack that unlocks ingame mechanics. It was sold seperately as such and it landed around the time where drunder landed.
    I do not think it would be mid content. And thats the whole issue here. its being pushed as if it was an expack. All there is to it is some recipes, a reforger, a class(for the lux version, otherwise BLs was sold seperately) and mercs. Its another latenighter here so bare with me if im messing detail. But AoD is as contentless as anything get.
    Skyshrine was the actual midcontent, but wasnt released until 1 year after DoV. Game was about to be shut down and everything was up in the air that period. We have the Eastern wastes, The Great Divide and for midcontent we should have had The Wester Wastes, what later ended as Withered lands, it was all tied together via the iron grip of the droag overlords in Skyshrine (ofcus a bit of speculation go into this, we dont actually know what SoE, the Dev and potential future partners was discussing)
    - But AoD was NOT an expansion and it was not where we got Skyshrine.
    Whats technically no more than 1 year of content is being spread out to 2 full releases.
    The grind - "how does it make sense to compress content to fight grind" -
    It makes the content relevant, with logic statprogression- Ofcus there also had to be heroloom faction token.
    Compressing the (current) makes crafting so much more relevant. Not only can we get the recipes by daily 1 combine crafting quests that yeilds a relatively speaking buttload of exp. They also reward small things like crafting potions, rares and the infamous Reactants. Reactants wich are at the center of everything. A universal craftingmaterial sought after by raiders a beggars alike. Very much like the ones we have atm Remnant of Rage, Shard of frozen magic or w/e theyre called. Only these puppys can be used for more than what boils down to 2-3 charms a wrist a ring and thats about it.
    I remember the server where buzzing with life despite the drop in playerbase. Everyone and their uncle was hunting this like it was crack. It turned poor crafters into gazillionairs, it fueled grps that farmed this for hours, - it allow for people to flip the finger to a lot of the items they are being turned down by now as it did then. And you get a small reward for every daily. Its not a number that ticks up slow slow slow til you hit that magic 40k, its something you roll another toon for just so you can get that potion, get that rare or get that chance of winning an reactant.
    People hunting rare mercs with a smile and tellin exited stories about how many time they had looked and BAM! there he/she was.
    It turned the entire server into one big productionline where everyone was needed.
    SS do ad 2 lvls. And it is ofsetting the balance now as it did then. But here it have a very negative impact on the gearprogression, more than just meets the eye. It blow up the entire industrial complex ;P (/jK) - Ofcus not. But it will ruin the balance. The crafters will be deprived their role as suppliers. And the stuff will be obsolete at launch. yes, We get new . more, better, stronger, faster.. stuffs with SS and yelinak. But We get everything dumped at lvl 92.. The original recipes are lvl 90. I dont know how much clearer it gets. AoD was before SS, Theyre not connected
    But plz look at the release dates and labels if in doubt.

    - Holy eff.. Why didnt i just link to a previous poost. Think mot have been said alrdy
    TLDR; Important take away is; AoD=/=Skyshrine, Skyshrine makes the AoD recopes obsolete and thus we get now ones
    Just like so many times before in this game
  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Sounds like AoD was what they call an adventure pack
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  17. Bludd Well-Known Member

    wasnt it just features, no adventures? so a feature pack
  18. Tkia Well-Known Member

    At the time it was sold as an expansion and the plan was that expansions in the future would not contain content, only 'features' and the content would be released for free in quarterly GUs. Thankfully they didn't stick to that nonsense plan for very long and AOD got redesignated a 'feature pack' while they ripped it into it's component parts to make a killing in the cash shop.

    Just one of Smokejumpers more stupid ideas.
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  19. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Destiny of Velious was February 2011. Drunder was May 2011 and Plane of War was August 2011. AoD was December 2011, so no. AoD was marketed and sold as an expansion. Skyshrine was released in the following GU in in April 2012, not even at the halfway point between AoD and CoE. Skyshrine was the only new content released during AoD, unless you count the Qeynos revamp, and it was released 14 months after DoV, almost a full year after Drunder, and 8 months after War.

    Skyshrine was definitely AoD and it made Drunder gear obsolete because that's what it was supposed to do.
  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I began playing in late spring or early summer and I remember there being 2 expansions for sale , soon joined by the presale of the next expansion , so at one time there were 3 expansions for sale at the same time during that year .
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