todays update to heroic mission boxes

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Uncle, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    Heroic missions will now allow you to select Chain, Cloth, Plate or Leather crates for common armor rewards

    long overdue and appreciated; however, the boxes with weapons in them imho need them separated by arch type to their respected boxes

    example: leather box should have priest weapons/bow

    once again thank you for this

  2. The Jones Active Member

    Yes this update is much appreciated. Certainly gives tanks a better entry point in to VD if you can be fully potent first.

    I think in general this will encourage more pugs to form.
  3. Foretold Well-Known Member

    This update just made my day. I don't need leather any more, and this is the only toon I take to VD. Will save me LOADS of time gathering up patterns for alts.
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Best way to get tank armor is to bring in a healer who wears that kind of armor! :p
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  5. Tigerr Active Member

    I actually enjoyed playing alts that I needed gear on. Or even that archtype. Kind of pointless running 1 toon through everything to gear all your alts. The 7 for 1 trade system worked just fine.

    Pretty random change considering it is extremely easy to gear alts.
  6. Ainaree Well-Known Member

    This change is love.
  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    We asked for it during the first weeks of TOV, i'm glad that they finally agreed to do it, even if it's sort of too late for me,
    Sadly they miss much manpower
  8. The Jones Active Member

    Yeah, that was my previous route : )

    I like the new situation much better.

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