To Monk or Not To Monk

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Upao, May 26, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Upao Guest

    I am trying to decide if I want to roll a Monk as my new Alt. I returned to the game a few months ago and currently have a Necro and an Inquisitor, which are both LVL 60+. I want to create a "Good" toon so I was considering a Monk in Hallos. Can someone who has played a Monk give me the Pros and Cons of a Monk. Also, how valuable are they in Raids and Battlegrounds? Any information you have will be appreciated.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ocello Guest

    Im going to be honest with you.
    If you play the game for fun, go for a Monk.
    If you play it to dominate, go with SK or Berserker.

    The differences are immense in every aspect of the game. SK is the best solo, group, and raid; Zerkers own monks in group and raid. Monks are nice for soloing if you are ok with pulling one mob at a time...the thought if which makes my Zerker cry :(
  3. ARCHIVED-Zutan Guest

    My Monk does quite well in groups and for non-raider groups I tend to be top of the DPS list. Only drawback is it is not really viable to deal with multiple mobs solo, and killing ^^^ heroics is unlikely unless they are almost going gray.
  4. ARCHIVED-Boucuka Guest

    I think monks only do well with multiple encounters in the end-game sequence. However on my Monk who is currently lvl 65 with 140 AA, i can solo same lvl nameds and no more than 1 ^^^ yellow con, close fights but i win them 90% of the time. I also do this in offense, hybrid and defense stance doesnt work too well when tryin to take these mobs down. Avoidance doesnt really mean squat unless you have atleast 80% avoidance, plus you lose out on melee skills, seem to miss with your biggest attacks.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rixx_EOL Guest

    Agreed that monk is a fun toon. I play him solo or within guild and friends. But if I want to really DPS i pull out my conjy. monk to me is more like role playing.
  6. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    A monk is a fun class. The only area where they suffer is multiple mobs but with skill a monk can do it. Most people play the game for fun and sk's, paladins, and zerkers will make aoe content easier. However if you like a challenge then the monk in aoe will be your choice.
    Otherwise monks can solo one on one mobs easier than a zerker, but the crusaders can solo just as well.
    Monks no longer have a utility advantage either where crusaders and zerkers seem to have the upper hand.

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