[TLE] Vote to Unlock Echoes of Faydwer In-Game Now!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Adevil Well-Known Member

    If 2/3 or more of the "we" that are the players on Stormhold vote for EoF, then it gets unlocked. If they don't, it won't. So far expansions have been voted in every 60 days, not every 30. Granted, EoF may be different since it doesn't raise the level cap, but does provide a treasure-trove for the crafters.
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok if we get extra 50 AA that would for shure help with those raid runs
    I know though that on Deathtoll lots of PvPers will shout foul because that would spread out the already low population
    even more.
  3. Average New Member

    My yes vote on Deathtoll is simple... Second AA tree for Warden Melee spec, 20 and 30 advance books for crafting, adornments and tinkering... Sorry but I miss this stuff and think it makes the game much more fun and deep. After EOF I will vote not an every other expansion. That's just my two cents ;)
  4. LodossOldSchool New Member

    I think it is ridiculous that we are already voting in my opinion. Votes should be at least 3 months apart but I even say 6 months apart. I mean, as someone earlier posted, we are playing these servers for the nostalgia and because they are harder. When the expansions originally came out, we had a full year to play all the content, now people are wanting to rush just as they rushed with KoS. Don't get me wrong, EoF is awesome but it's still way too soon. There's still quite a bit of stuff that players haven't done at this point. This timelock server was a great idea but if they keep this up, it's just going to be a waste of everyone's time and it will end up being yet another standard server. Sorry, this is just my two cents but I understand everyone has opinions so please respect mine as I respect yours. Thanks.
  5. Psychotiic New Member

    Deathtoll died. Are you going to allow TLE Server transfers?
  6. Artifex1979 New Member

    Rushing with x-packs and voting just defeats the purpose of playing the game as it was way back when.
  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Any timeframe on when they're going to make the game be "as it was way back when"?
  8. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    A Gathering Obsession was introduced when TSO launched. I believe you will have to wait until TSO launches before they put the quest in?
  9. Adevil Well-Known Member

    He was already firmly entrenched when I started playing during DoV, and eq2.wikia doesn't indicate when quests were introduced, just zones. :)

    Thing is, so far they don't seem to be removing quests selectively. The glider quest series can be done in KoS, for example. The glider has had gliding disabled, but you can certainly get the mount. Then there are all the quests that send you to Butcherblock, which would not have been in the game before Butcherblock was.
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  10. Eradani Well-Known Member

    er why? there were no tradeskill quests of any kind at launch either but there are now.
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  11. jeradl New Member

    Cry and quit if you don't get your way? Surely the whole world must agree with your opinions right? Better off without immature people like that. You could just continue to enjoy your own pace and be happy with others going at their own faster one.
  12. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    jeradl... have you even seen DT? geeze...
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and that's why Daybreak came out with a progression server for eq1 that updates every 90 days without anybody voting and only allows one account to run for each computer.
    That way people don't have to argue about if you should get the next x pack or not and forget about the drame of " I droped my subscription if I don't get my way.
    Nobody will change their mind because somebody sais I quit if a given xpack does or does not come out.
    I wished the mobs would not hit so freaking hard anymore , so this game would be more fun again
    getting the next zone will not fix that.
    I know I am a crafter and I fight for getting at least moonlight enchantment on to the TLS servers
    but really everybody make up your own mind nobody will tell you what to think
    I am not good at pvp but I would rather go back to the regular servers to see any of those adorable kids there than to switch to
    the other TLS .
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Eradani I really feel for you :(
    yea it stinks I really wished things would work better even getting killed all the time I really like to play on the pvp server
    its that extra sence of danger and I understand people liking the thrill of fighting somebody else that has a brain not just pixels.
    I will be sad when this server dies , but I had fun wile it lasted.
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  15. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Moonlight Enchantments requires TSO I believe as at least one of the zones is spawned off of Guk.
  16. jackiehenault New Member

  17. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    Please fix the current issues in KoS, before moving forward anywhere. If not then not only will you have the broken stuff from Kos, then there's sure to be broken stuff in EoF, then will you cart all that broken stuff from both of these into the next expansion...
  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    well it would not be the first time we get something on the TLS servers that came out later and the moonlight enchantment places are
    Darklight woods
    Faydark ( the nursery)
    Enchanted land
    Neck forest
    and Antonica
    besides Faydark nothing we don't already have.
  19. Eradani Well-Known Member

    i could say the same thing since i was reacting to being called names for voting no. so... why do so many discussions with pve players end up with pvp players being called names OR why do so many discussions with men end up with women being called names if they won't do what men want them to do.

    fyi: i try very hard to be polite on these forums. don't actually think you'll find any other posts of mine with **** in them BUT it felt damn good to just say **** you instead of pussyfooting around.
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  20. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Yep Eradani, too damned bad there wasn't foresight into the particulars of the TLE PvP server all along. Seems like it wouldn't take that much extra work to cultivate a separate server ruleset culture which was important enough to create and offer to the public to encourage more subscriptions, but which now is treated like...hmm, I'll be classy and leave that blank.

    *Salute to those still trying to enjoy it. Majority rules attitude on these boards sometimes feels like if you're a PvPr at heart you are the scum of the earth minimally and people are astounded to even see PvP players requests, or suggestions here, and certainly not worth DBG's effort since there are fewer in number playing. 360 degrees if you ask me.

    Are there no other playstyles which represent a lesser player population? Oh well every single playstyle which is less than the most populated one ought to be fkin ignored and squashed then - thats how PvPr's are treated here most of the time on these boards; make it right.
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