[TLE]SK DPS Questions

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Kindread, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Kindread Active Member

    I am playing on the Fallen Gate server, we're currently in the DoF expansion and I am looking for some gearing advice for raid DPSing on my Shadowknight.

    As this stage in the game there are still very few secondary stats on gear, this is what I am currently at with mostly level 60 group content gear:

    Crit Chance: 2.7%
    Potency: 13.2%
    Ability Mod: 379
    Cast Speed: 2.7%
    Attack Speed: 109.1%
    Multi-Attack: 9%
    DPS Mod: 10%

    I still feel like my DPS is lower than it should be after extensive parsing, any advise on which stats I should increase or focus on? Should I drop all that attack speed and focus on Ability Mod/Crit/Potency?

  2. Kayas Member

    I remember at one point crit chance was huge back when stats weere low. If you could get crit chance to 100% then I would focus on doing so. If that is not possible, then seeing that auto attack is at 100% I would try to get multi attack chance up, use a two hander, or look for gear that procs on attack and stick with the 4 second weapon.
  3. Vunder Well-Known Member

    (Speaking from SH/FG toons persective, not live)

    Sorry can't help ya at all for raids. We don't allow tanks to DPS...they are there to tank and other DPS do a better job at DPS so if we don't need a fighter we replace them with DPS and Utility.

    That being said, in groups I heal with SK's for dps. They usually have a 2 handed weapon with high DPS/MA/AM

    Hope that helps some. Might be some buffs from utility that could really boost you in raids, but I would assume those buffs would go to other classes if the RL is doing his job.