[TLE] Shadowknight EzMode Guide

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    Single Target Rotation (Make Into 1 Button Macro)
    1. Lance
    2. Pestilence
    3. Death Cloud
    4. Dreadful Wrath
    5. Siphon Strike
    6. Unending Agony
    7. Shadow Coil
    8. Mana Sieve
    9. Malice
    10. Tap Veins
    11. Doom Judgment
    12. Swift Attack (also have this outside of macro for 100% uptime on Haste boost)
    13. Cleave Flesh
    14. Legionnaire's Smite
    15. Joust
    16. Painbringer
    17. Devour Vitae
    18. Insidious Whisper
    19. Soulrend
    20. Hateful Slam
    21. Lance (put first ability at end of macro to avoid weird looping error where last ability gets casted as a priority)
    Multi Target Rotation (Make Into 1 Button Macro)
    1. Death Cloud
    2. Unending Agony
    3. Doom Judgment
    4. Tap Veins
    5. Pestilence
    6. Dreadful Wrath
    7. Siphon Strike
    8. Shadow Coil
    9. Mana Sieve
    10. Malice
    11. Swift Attack (also have this outside of macro for 100% uptime on haste buff)
    12. Legionnaire's Smite
    13. Joust
    14. Devour Vitae
    15. Insidious Whisper
    16. Cleave Flesh
    17. Painbringer
    18. Soulrend
    19. Hateful Slam
    20. Death Cloud (put first ability at end of macro to avoid weird looping error where last ability gets casted as a priority)
    Key Abilities
    Death March - Basically use on Cooldown unless saving for burst damage. Master ASAP, can be researched quickly because it is a lower level ability. Keep in mind the cast speed bonus gets doubled if something dies, so casting in dungeons when a mob is about to die and then chain pulling is a good strat. This not only increases DPS, but HPS as well so you can pull more **** without dying.
    Unholy Blessing - Keep 100% uptime on this, does not necessarily need to be casted on CD if you are fighting 1 target. Has 5 charges so it make take a while for all of them to be consumed.
    Grave Sacrament - Massive Damage AoE as well as taunt. For this reason it lives outside the macro and should generally be used on cooldown unless avoiding taking threat or pulling extra enemies.
    Tap Veins - Massive Heal against multiple targets. Outside the macro to watch the recast timer and know if you need to pop/call a defensive or you will save yourself.
    Hammer Ground - Small damage AoE, as well as AoE stun, useful for when low on heal to help healer top you off on bigger pulls.
    Harm Touch - Massive Single Target Damage ability. Lives outside the macro but should generally be used on cooldown.
    Insidious Whisper/Blasphemy - Taunts live outside the macro in order to be casted freely if high dps in your group requires it to hold threat. Haven't had to do so yet in my own experience.
    Blasphemy/Devouring Mist - The abilites reduce resistances of the enemy encounter for physical/noxious damage and can be AA'd into in the SK tree in order to also reduce combat mitigation of the enemy.
    Unholy Strength - Unholy Strength II Grandmaster gives more spell damage increase than max level version Master
    Divine Aura - Basically an immunity, can mass pull rooms and with a decent group kill everything before it expires.
    Bloodletter - Only works in defensive stance
    Alternate Advancements
    With this build/gear - more or less depending on buffs - I sit around 10-11k DPS Single Target, and above 20k for 4+ Targets.
    This is a general all rounder setup for tanking dungeons, while doing a lot of DPS. For raid, as mentioned above, the 'Enhance: Devouring Mists' is worth swapping into.
    For pure DPS in raid, remove Legionnaire's Mercy and take Combat Leadership.
    For magical damage tanky-ness, put an extra point into Legionnaire's Smite and pick up Legionnaire's Conviction for an extra Tank Cooldown ability.
    Haven't tested the difference between extra damage on an ability and the extra ~1.2% damage from Siphon Strength. The damage % increase only works on the target while the buff on yourself for the stats/potency is global so I prefer to set it and forget it until it needs to be casted again.
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    I thought we could only have two abilities in a macro since it only ques one ability. Am i missing something with the macro system? or do you just spam the macro button?
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    Macros are really finicky. You can put lists of spells in a macro but they won't always cast the spells. I would just organize my hotbar in order of the attacks and then just click through them. This gives more flexibility for taunts in case someone else pulls the enemy.
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    Thank you for posting this.
  5. Ghorast Active Member

    1. betray to Paladin
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    No, I disagree. Shadowknight is AWESOME. Those lifetaps are 100% better than Pally's heals. Pallies shoud betray to Shadowknight. PLus, as a Shadowknight, you get Harm Touch, basically huge instant damage. Not sure if Pally gets something like this. My group's Shadowknight (live) does more damage than my group's Wizard... 12000 vs Wizard's 8000 (Well, that's Wizard's average compared to Harm Touch...), and we're level 67.
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    I disagree with this guide. I think that 1. Spamming macros makes you not use some abilities, 2. Adding AOEs to the fight doesn't help. I have died many times due to AE auto attack and AoE effects. Here is how I play my SK (heroics and soloing) :

    1. Shadowknights are plate tanks, that means they where plate. Always wear a shield and be in defensive stance when tanking. Always go for Mitigation, defensive skills and max health. Max health being the most important, defensive skills being the least important of these three.
    2. When giving the choice between offensive and spell skills, go for offensive skills. Yes, harmtouch is a spell, but your two heavy hitters (besides harm touch) are swift attack, joust and siphon strike. These are all CAs soooo, Offencive skills.
    3. Always save harm touch/reaper touch, tap viens and devour vitae for the heal. Spam your taunts (Blasphemy, insidious whisper and hateful slam) and do NOT put them in a macro ESPECIALLY with devouring mists. As a matter of fact, I deleted devouring mists of my hot bars. Siphon strength is more useful, it gives more hitpoints. Like harm touch, save shadowknight's furor and divine aura (I never use this one because shadowknight's furor is better: lasts for 26 seconds, 100 % reposte and 20% more spell damage plus less casting time). Use hateful respite for tough single target pulls. (Note it causes an AOE when casted) .
    4. I personally don't use death March or unholy blessing, but I do use pestilence. Use it when you are fighting multiple monsters and when they are at orange health. DO NOT use pledge of armament because it decreases YOUR mitigation. Aura of the crusader is your ONLY stunbreaker, so use it wisely (it has a 40 sec recast). Use rescue on named after level 80. It helps with hate when you have a ranger that parces 87K, a wizard that spams their ice comet and a trash warlock.
    Hope this helps!
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    Combat macros are for absolute losers in EQ2, always have been.
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