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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Snoobs, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Snoobs New Member

    Hi guys

    Sure there are tons of these posts, but in light of the RoK release on Kaladim last week, I wondered if now was a good time to jump back in and get an enjoyable few months of nostalgic play from EQ2.

    I played for years when it first came out, through to...can't remember which expac. Always tempted to jump back in but live is such a mess right now.

    What is the general feel of Kaladim?

    Also, I tend to roll healers on RPGs, and wondered what the state of Fury/Warden is? Are they able to solo enough but also group up with random players easily enough?

    Finally - what's the state of harvesting and the trade market? Can a solo player get by harvesting, doing his trades and picking up gear and mats off the broker?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    General Feel - Fun and nostalgic. Some people take it very seriously and get (rightfully) upset about itemization, but there's still loot to be had and fun to be had acquiring it. Imo some enemy encounters are a bit undertuned.

    People like furies for their buffs. The Wardens I've played with seem to heal well too. Every class can solo fairly well. Groups tend to always need tanks and healers so finding a group will be pretty easy.

    Leveling will be a bit tedious until people start playing alts again/wanting to mentor down and do content.

    I've made a lot of money harvesting, but armor/weapon crafts are worthless unfortunately due to itemization. Incarnadines go for roughly 30s a piece. The money is to be had with the skill craft rares - silicate, tynnonium, rough fire emerald, etc.

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