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    My friends and I are mid 20s, and have completed the armor questline together. We've also killed Windstalker Rumbler to get the fabled weapons. Just wanted to pick people's brains about which other quests are worth doing for good pieces of gear?

    I've seen a fabled ring linked in chat that I think comes from killing Nightbloods for a quest, anything else like that?

    Oh also, anyone know of a decent helm quest as there wasn't one as part of the armor questline?
  2. Frinch Well-Known Member

    PQ charm
    Token of the Thexian Assailant
    Seafury cloak of stealth
    Antonican Bow
    Dancer's quests
    Stormhold Quests (2 outside the hut in antonica, one from the dude beside Vhalen's tower and there's a 4th one in Windstalker village)
    Farm Reetusk outside WC nice belts
    FMG quests for legendary weapon or shield
    Windstalker Village quests

    Agate earrings ftw!
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