TLE PVP Level Locking

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by WhiteHulk, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. WhiteHulk New Member

    Hey So alot of people are wanting ( actual level locking back ) meaning no xp gain at all even from killing players ) To help prevent players from crying about gank squads maybe make it to where level 14 is when pvp gets enabled? That way people get more geared and can lock before 14 to get gear and have a fighting chance? what is everyones thoughts on this?

    Of course I'd REALLY prefer they do not bring in a stat mount off the marketplace that will just ruin level locking.
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  2. Teju Member

    Personally, I think an auto-mentoring system (like the L&L server) would be a better alternative to level locking. If you want to fight at level 14, stick to zones where that would be around the level you'd be adjusted to. You'd still level normally but would be scaled down when running your squad through the Common Lands. As a bonus, when everyone decides to move to the next tier, you can too without having to grind because you've been PvPing for so long in the T2 zones. Just get your gear & spells and keep PvPing. Or maybe you want to hop from tier to tier based on where the action is.. With auto-mentor, it doesn't matter. You can go wherever and be automatically scaled to a zone appropriate level.

    Also, I think bumping the level at which PvP is enabled is a great idea. Although, I'd say level 20 would be a good level instead of 14. Level 20 is about the level you'd be after finishing the Frostfang Sea quest lines or the Darklight Woods quest lines. By time players finish those quests, they will have been provided with decent gear, a large number of spells & abilities for their class, and most importantly, invested time into learning how to play their character without being jumped within 5 seconds of hitting level 10. Properly geared, informed, and invested players will be more likely to stick around even if they get griefed a few times.
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    The most natural place to twink out your character is when you're capped out at end game, and it consolidates what little PvP player base there is left to the same zones. Twink then. You can get to cap in a day or two. Otherwise, you're just looking for hapless greens to one-shot without putting much effort into your characters, and you're driving most players off the server for good. We've heard the locked twink excuses for years now, but the locked twinks bell camping lowbie greens throughout the tiers tell the real tale. No thanks!

    Locking isn't limited to t2, and it drives away most of the player base who want to level and have new ground under their feet straight to cap. You know it empties out PvP servers, and so do the devs. I can't believe you're even complaining about how it is now, because the XP that locked griefers get from ganking green players is so danged slow it takes forever for you to outlevel a tier; it's practically full level locking as it is.
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  4. Sunlei Active Member

    I'm all for allowing players to turn off their experince to keep themself at the same level. If they take away away any titles/ pvp kill points/chests/loot drops/number ranking of kills- anything a level locked can earn off being a fulltime grifter/gangster. Don't want to take away your 'fun' :p
  5. Glida Active Member

    If players can get to cap in a day or two then they shouldn't have any issues outleveling the level lockers....its not that hard. Besides I don't think you realize how toxic end game pvpers are, they are sweaty as hell and when they're not playing they are discord no-lifers that spread their toxicity there. New players will run for hills when they realize what's waiting for them. Level locking never killed pvp. It was a thing on nagafen when the server was most popular. Everyone i knew had alts locked for t2, t3, t4 pvp. It isn't just bell camping greens...
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  6. Obano Well-Known Member

    Level cap PvP = mandatory raiding = 90% of your time will be spent getting gear from instances. = non-existent pvp and the server quickly dying.

    Level15 PvP means the best gear comes from fighting over solo bosses in Darklight woods.
  7. gambitak Active Member

    Every time I think about making a PVP character, because I really liked Sullon Zek on OG EQ, I come to the forums and I'm reminded why I probably won't.

    The new TLE-PVP will most likely attract the same prepubescent kids who somehow think it's cool to grief, or the 30-somethings who still yell at their mother for a sandwich when they're hungry while they're trying to grief a new player. I saw that in other games and didn't like it and I don't think I'd like it here, either.

    How is it fun for new players to hop on and run into these people? The SZ server was brutal, but we all helped out on when we were on the same team. As far as I know, there were no desperate people who played on a good guild just to tell their evil guild mates where the good members were. I'm sure there were some, but I know the guild(s) I was on did not tolerate stuff like that.

    I keep getting my hopes up that the PVP server will be fun and then run into these different posts. But, you know, the same 100 people can make a ton of toons on the server, run each other off and wait until the next PVP server is created. Right now, I don't see anything that entices me to play. And, it's not the devs, it's the people posting that make it unexciting.
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  8. Treblonde New Member

    I think all these folks concerned about these "New" people should organize and protect them. Maybe a Guild called "The Den Mothers". You guys could teach them the ropes and offer assistance. t2 and t3 pvp is instant access to fun fights. No matter when you hit the brakes on leveling there is a gear gap and skill gap between the "just got there" folks and the veterans with the phat loot and years of game knowledge. I lock at 12 and pvp my way up to t3 then t4. I keep a geared toon in each tier so when the pickings get slim I go to another tier. I respect the timer on kills and do not grief players on my /recent when solo. If I am hunting with a group, especially a pick up group, its usually kill on sight for everyone in level range. I tried leveling to 50 and playing end game, but it was the same sh$t, farm all the stuff for that tier, while getting ganked by everyone who already had farmed their gear. Also, when I started pvp 100 years ago, it was expected that I would get rolled if I went out solo. why would anyone expect anything less on a pvp server? Who would play on a pvp server if they did not have to claw their way up through the ranks and make people remember their name?