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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Dixa Active Member

    it's not 2004 anymore, and I wish more would just accept this. Soloers are going to roll up summoners or bruisers/monks. Soloing is a viable way to play the game as not everyone has the same playtimes or consistent playtimes. I personally will always have very sporadic playtimes so I am not going to roll up something as my main that will be dependent on groups to get anywhere, or subject any friends and associates I meet in game to being bored because I may chosen to play a key class that nobody else bothered to level up and that you can't do anything without.

    I will likely two box necro and fury. this will not make my tank pet as tough as a conjuror because the fury and other priest physical mitigation buffs all have "if not fighter" clauses on them. I prefer the necro, but depending on how the impending nerfs to summoners ends up I may be forced to go conjuror just to keep from making the game more frustrating for me than I am willing to deal with. I have been playing MUD's and mmorpgs since 1993 and while I still appreciate a good challenge, my patience for it is not as high as it was back when there were far fewer gaming options. I may end up going conj/warden if the changes to summoner pets make the necro tank pet about as effective as a snot-filled Kleenex (especially when the problem is clearly one of dumb-fire pet dps and not mitigation)
  2. Chemdawg New Member

    So what? It's a progression server. If it takes a long time for you to level up your alt to max level then oh well. If we allow experience gain to increase as the level cap increases then this will just turn into another normal server where everybody blows through content just to get max level. I shudder at the words "move on" for a progression server.

    Leveling 1-50 at a level cap of 50 should be the same amount of work as leveling 1-50 at a level cap of 100. Does anyone else not agree? If you want to fly through levels, there's a dozen other servers where you can do that right now.
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  3. Hyiero Active Member

    While yes it is not 2004, they have stated that they will try and get the servers as close to classic as possible. Soloing I agree should be a viable option, but that is why there are ^ and ^^ mobs of the same level or levels below you. Some classes still can't solo that at this time. And you soloing should not come even close to a full group when it comes to max experience gain per hour. Maybe a forth of it. That's the point. You can solo on your own time, a group has set aside time to fight as a cohesive unit and should be rewarded so with a far greater experience gain than the soloer. But the soloer will end up in the same spot as the groupers, just at a later time.

    Also I have personally seen conjy and necro in my guild solo Orange ^^^ mobs...that is not intended to be "solo-able" content for that given level of the player. Maybe when the mobs blue/green the conjy and necro can solo it. Not asking for the class to be destroyed, it would just be nice if they were somewhat in line and not expect to be solo content that gives some groups issues.
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  4. Chemdawg New Member

    I'm fine with leveling up all over again. It's beta, after all. Also, just to be safe, let's re-experience the game at lower levels after the changes to see how much of an impact it makes. Playing a balanced level 50 character is important, but so is playing a balanced character to level 50.
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  5. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    My fear is that they will destroy the class. Look at the sledgehammer approach on starting bags and the first Xp lowering.
  6. SeaJae Member

    But.. I was the third 50, and I grouped with him most of the way
  7. Liral Active Member

    YES!!!!! That's a ok by me!! That's enough for getting some of the "old school" feel back given what is possible. GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!
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  8. Hyiero Active Member

    The experience gain was too much in the first nerf. But the bags aren't that big of a deal. You craft an 8 slot bag for one of the intro tradeskill quests and i think its like level 4 to craft it.

    And if they are left as they are now a group of conjys will just roll around killing x2's like its there day job.
  9. Ucala Well-Known Member

    atm the only issue I see is class balance[IMG] really.

    took me ~2 days of /played time to do 1-50. seems about right if we are making this the same as 1-100 (actually 1-50 is a little longer than 1-100 for me).

    But have run just about every group[IMG] zones 1-45. and most times we don't have a tank, (and don't need one). it's just so easy to kill group[IMG] zones without a tank.

    we have even run group zones with a paladin tank and no healer. the logic just doesn't make sense
    yesterday I ran RE with a warden, brig, and illy(me). we cleared the whole place including the 2 instances inside it.

    after I just got to 50 yesterday :p well I am not gonna come back again unless I can return to 50
  10. Adjuvant1 Member

    I'm a swb, not a brig. :p But yeh, rogue tanking, not like over-level or mentored, started 39, ended well into 40. Warden started at 37. Just wanted to make that note because, while you were 49 mentored, we other 2 were not.

    I don't think rogues should be able to tank so well. If a rogue ends up having to tank an encounter because the fighter dies, the healer should be like, "omg omg omg please don't let this happen again." Maybe chain mitigation is too high. It's not like I was dressed in uber gear, just decent 30ish stuff. I see, from what I've been reading, you're doing alot with mitigation as it is, and I imagine a big issue is attempting balance for pvp.

    The morning prior, the warden and I duoed Nektropos. It was fun for me because I hadn't done the zone in ages, but really it shouldn't have been so easy as 37 rogue and 35 warden to duo that. I don't honestly know what to do to fix it... make mobs hit harder? Then average or under-geared tanks will be really struggling and frustrated.As an aside, we didn't plan to duo it, just no one else was available. Is this kinda part of your plan, to make content accessible in the event integral classes aren't available? I can't argue against that, really, but it kinda makes the game "meh". A group instance like Nektropos should require a dedicated tank role in the party, not like, well, whoever wants to play tank today.

    After the beta reset I'm looking forward to the changes. Can we please be made aware of when this wipe will happen, and I'd really appreciate it if you didn't reply "when it's ready". We're here, we're trying, we're testing, you can give us a little more than "oh maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day".
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  11. Ancientwalker New Member

    I've only played TLP for ~2 hours, in a duo fury team. But I've been following all the posts.

    My short (to lvl 6) feedback:

    1. Leveling 1-6 at least seems spot on with time requirement in a duo fury. (no pots or claims or whatever other people are using)
    2. Normal Mobs at the very early for a fury aren't a challenge but they present at least a threat requiring some heals.
    3. I think starting with backpack and the gathering bag is enough. I don't see much wrong with large back in the shop, but maybe I'd not go so far as large bag and keep small, let the crafters prosper.
    4. I enjoy the quest journal and fact the quest area isn't shown on the map. I'm not sure how it is on regular servers now, haven't played on them for years, but this is great.

    -I'd like to see that the xp gain continues at same rate as I experienced now.
    -I hope next expansion unlocks will take a long time. I don't see TLP as "progression" server or something to smash through content asap. it's supposed to be a nostalgia server, not a progression server.
    -I think soloing should be an option, but in the same realm as back in 2004. In a limited capacity and with very limited heoric ^^ or ^^^mobs.
    -Holy trinity in dungeons should be required. Tank, healer, dps. Not very nostalgic to have a wiz tanking.

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but for the beta I'd recommend that it be unlocked that we can "manually" adjust our levels to test out specific portions of the game without requiring us to level through. I think like this we can test the beta server better without burning out on the complete leveling process. I'm assuming there will be some people won't play in live if they level to 50 here.
  12. Jaden Well-Known Member

  13. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I want to just test the raids, should just give me some 50 baubles that give handcrafted gear so I can do fire and ice and darathar
  14. Loudshirt New Member

    After starting a new character yesterday I would like to say the bag nerf was a bit more than expected. We should start with one 8-12 slot bag and the harvesting bag. The 8-12 slot bag will give you enough room to keep all your quest gear that you get but can not use because you are not high enough level. With only one bag you will still have to look for other options.
  15. TeholB New Member

    There's this thing called a bank. I know people rarely use it anymore because we have so much bag space, but it is there, and this is the exact purpose of it. Buy bags/boxes from crafters if you want more space.
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  16. Zhang New Member

    Make Cheat Engine speed hack not usable in open world PvP. Nothing worse than getting away and then out of nowhere getting stunned from across the map. TBH I've been on emulator servers that do a better job at countering CE enhancements and it's ridiculous that it's allowed and almost never enforced.
  17. Ozryc Active Member

    Thank you guys for providing this as an option. However - presently the quest and mob xp in the city zones and Antonia etc are far below Frostfang. As you tweak xp try and create some balance between the two options especially in regards to grinding.

    I think many of the calls for the starting isle are as much about not having Halas and DLW as they are about nostalgia. Those zones take too many people away from contested pvp for too long - period.

    Heck make grind xp outside of those zones actually better to give incentive to level in contested zones. Bottom line - do whatever necessary to make Antonia and Commonlands and associated dungeons viable.
  18. madent Member

    for people complainin bout startin bags.... you know that right at the first general good vendors you can 8 slot bags for 1 silver right?

    if you are so lazy to check it how could you be possibly givin feedbacks ?
  19. madent Member

    ow and u also get a harvesting bag at the very first harvestin quest in FF...
    so again
  20. Ucala Well-Known Member

    You get a bag at like the 5th quest in darklight, so yea
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