[TLE] Illy Casting order and AAs

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Phyr, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Phyr Member

    I've never played an Illy past 40. Casters aren't really mt thing but I've manage to get one past 50 now. So anyone have advice on the casting order and the AAs? Also i know i'm sopposed to mez but i keep getting in groups where the tank dosnt want me to Mez. b.c they want to Mass pull and use AEs and such.

    So any advice folks?
  2. Guurzak Active Member

    "So any advice folks?"

    My advice would be, "search is your friend."


    "Also i know i'm sopposed to mez but i keep getting in groups where the tank dosnt want me to Mez."

    Mez is a tool. No tool is good at every job; you don't turn a screw with a hammer. Use mez when it's appropriate, don't when it's not. If you're in an AOE group then your job is not to mez; find other ways to contribute value such as maintaining group power, adding group DPS via temp buffs, and throwing out AOE DPS and stuns/staggers.
  3. Phyr Member

    Yes thank you, i saw those. However i'm on TLE, some fo that stuff I dont have acess too. also the gear is a little diffrent now then it was then. While it's a good base. I was asking b.c well it may have changed some. But hey at least you answered. Thanks for that.
  4. Daeth New Member

    If the tank and healer are able to handle the adds, then don't mez. It lowers the groups DPS and makes content take longer than it needs to. If you see a stray mob hitting a healer or something then by all means mez it but I wouldn't go against the tanks wishes, its the tanks call how many mobs they can handle.
  5. Duffy Active Member

    I can't comment on spell rotation, but I second that you should not mez, unless something goes seriously wrong (like tank dead, healer dead and you assess the situation as a group wipe). A lot of chanters think it's their role to keep mobs in heavy mez lockdown, even you said you "know you're supposed to mez", but frankly, nobody expects you to do that. Unless something goes horribly wrong as mentioned.
    But when you include mez in your normal fighting routine, you are seriously hindering dps and prolong fights instead of shorten it.
    I say this not as dps, but a healer as my main on TLE. Stun, stifle, daze to your heart's content, but treat mez as a 'oh crap' situational spell.
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  7. Dolphinsgal Active Member

    My main things in a group are group buffs/debuffs/power regen (i think it's been a week since i've been on and forget the spell). I ask the tank what they would prefer me to do when in the group and rarely is mez on the list unless it's a die all the time situation. I'll add dps to the mix when I have time between the buff/debuff but most of the time esp lower levels it was the other 3 things. On live servers end game I use dps and buffs more (weapons that have aoe dmg are best imo, if you can find them lower lvls)
    Mez helps for me when soloing and have more than I can handle it's saved me a few times.
  8. Phyr Member

    Thank you Everyone. =)
  9. Guurzak Active Member

    remember that your group goal is to kill as quickly as possible without dying. If you're already comfortably not dying then you should focus on killing faster; more defense does not help you once you have enough defense.
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