[TLE] Fury, templar, inq, mystic or defiler?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Andra, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Andra New Member

    I am returning to EQ2 after.... oooh 5 years of absence! Going to roll a new char on the TLE Fallen Gate server to reliver the game from the start. Fun!

    I love playing a healer and over the years have played all of: fury, templar, inq, mystic and defiler. Wanted to know when TLE launches which of these would be the best for both:
    1) Soloing. Got to have acceptable DPS at low levels (1-50)
    2) Group healing dungeons. Won't be kicked because my class is said to be "teh wurst healz"

    Remember, no epic weapons (for months at least), no awesome gear (wont be raiding much, if at all). So for the "vanilla" version of these classes, which would be the best?

    Perhaps even the channeler, which I know nothing about but I see *will* be in the FG TLE from the start. What's your thoughts?

  2. Vunder Well-Known Member

    1) Soloing. Got to have acceptable DPS at low levels (1-50)
    • Soloing doesn't really happen on TLE. You simply won't get much done without a group. Not to say you CANT solo, just that is isn't going to happen like you think. DPS from priests in general on TLE is going to be a joke. Go with a melee priest. I would steer clear of channeler. They don't really "work" till level 90. They were, in all honesty, designed for level 90+ content and are based on AA build to the extreme. Not to mention you need certain essences for the pet to work properly.
    2) Group healing dungeons. Won't be kicked because my class is said to be "teh wurst healz"
    • Doesn't really happen. Healing is simply a PITA and most people I know will run with 2 healers until the gear flushes out.
  3. Kari Well-Known Member

    I played a shammy on the first TLE server from release through KoS. It was very slow paced. For example, the group ward took 5 seconds to cast. Dps was very slow but there wasn't much out there that could put a dent in me as long as I was patient. It was extremely easy to find groups because almost every group had a druid and was spamming for a non-leather healer. I would anticipate a plate healer to find it equally easy to find groups.

    For this coming TLE I plan to play a druid. I want the faster casting and the druid portals. I don't want to be in slow motion again. Druids are very powerful healers in the early game, but everyone rolls one, and every group already has one. I am tired of the slow travel and willing to be as common as dirt as long as I can port myself to where I want to go.

    However this choice is influenced by the fact that my live server character will still be my priority. If I were going to focus exclusively on TLE i would probably go non-leather again just for ease of grouping.
  4. Momo Well-Known Member

    Mh. Actually my own experience disagrees with both (wich says nothing, yours could have been different!)
    But I soloed almost all my way through Stormhold on a warden (until I had to quit for RL) with very few exceptions. I also remember tons of Necros camping Ools for solo-farming. And grouping was easy in my own guild and with friends, but difficult outside: Groups were explicitely searching for "non leather healers" because they came in container loads compared to the others. (Almost every second toon was a druid or a summoner, honestly.)

    I would play a druid again anyway. That flexibility is priceless (portals, run speed, evav, dps, fast cast...) and without AA the other healers suck solo (No of course, sorry. If you are very patient you can do it. I'm just not patient.) And there are so many groups that you will find a place in regardless, if you keep roughly up to content. Druids arent bad heals at all, there are just too many of them. Like Vunder said: For difficult stuff groups will prefer 2 healers and most probably PUGs will have a druid already. Just stick to your guild and you'll be fine.

    Edit: I've never played a Channeler (neither live nor on TLE). Anyone's got an opinion? I'm just curious what you all think. How a class added so late to the game might do on "old, original, whatever" (neither of them is truly true) content. How it will fit and how it would perform concerning the OP's question?
  5. Earar Well-Known Member

    thing is, if u solo play a druid, if u at least duo u can afford to play another healer.
  6. Carynn Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in this, too. I've played a bit of one on live but not to any extent. I'd like to know if they perform well-enough at intercepting on beta.
  7. Mhoramm Member

    My main is a channeler and I raid on him. End game right now they are great if played well. I am going to try to play one on the TLE but honestly expect it to be a struggle. Granted I wasn't able to group with him at low levels when I started him but they don't get their good heals until about level 40 iirc and with low potency and CB your pets health will be low too. Not to mention the lack of aa's. That will make it difficult to keep up. I'm looking forward to trying it but it's going to be a rough I think. We'll see
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  8. Andra New Member

    OP here. You guys have been a great help. Chosen inquisitor in the end.

    Thank you!
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  9. Vunder Well-Known Member

    On the channeler aspect. I wrote the majority of the epic 1.0 guide on zam. I have logged a little over 120 days played on mine and has been a raid main since they came out.

    1. They completely and totally suck at all aspects of the game below level 95.
    2. Melee dmg is nerfed on TLE servers, there is no combat arts (most are AA based) and your damage will be non-existant
    3. Pet HP depends on your potency and crit bonus. Again, you won't heal for squat until later.
    4. Until they open mercs, you will need friends to kill things for you. Just the gods honest truth.
    5. Again, they are dependant on AAs to the very extreme. They only have 11 spells/CA/Heals total that is not AA based of those only 4 do damage.

    I love the class, call me egotistical, but I feel im one of the very few that can actually play one. However, Mhoramm was wrong in one aspect. They are not wanted, needed, and unless you are friends with a GL or RL, will not be used in a raid setting at current end game. They bring nothing to the table because the other priest classes can do it all better, which is why mine is currently semi retired. However, make one and you will shine from CoE-AoM.
  10. Vunder Well-Known Member

    That said...I will roll one...because I'm slightly masochistic and they have the most amazing epic quest of all the classes.
  11. Ghorast Active Member

    Don't channelers get blue aoe with no cooldown at all. Also their debuff of 10 WDB might be really useful if Daybreak goes the road of upping raid names auto attack up to eleven again like in KoS.
  12. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Arent they going to move some of the Channeler spells around? Thats what I heard. So half the posts here are irrelevant?

    If they dont, channeler wont be good for anything until 95+
  13. Mermut Well-Known Member

    They can't do that w/o messing up channelers on live, so I'd say the chances of them 'moving around' channeler arts for TLE is vanishingly small.
  14. Earar Well-Known Member

    as long as we don't know how ... people can only say things they know now.

    but then people should stop asking for those advise .. so many people asking for help to know what to play on FG. Come on, if u've played the game for a bit u should know classes.
    it's the base of a game, when u group u need to know basics of every class, and also u should start knowing what is good and what isn't.
  15. Ravenhawk New Member

    Im gonna be going with Templar for FG, if you see me invite me to group lolz!
  16. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    So much for being good at or knowing the class.... Except channelers are GOD LIKE on Fallen Gate and they wont be changed. They have the same output as 2-3 fabled geared healers and its messing up balance big time.

    And yes, your post was written after we knew they would be changed to percentage based healers so dont use that as an excuse.
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  17. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I wrote this before anyone figured out how broken they were. Don't worry they will be the worst healers when other healers are critting 100% of their heals.

    % heals dont crit, they dont get adjust by potency. So get your panties out of a wad.
  18. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You claimed to be a very knowledgeable Channeler player, but they turned out the exact opposite of how you said they would be.

    You are correct, % heals don't crit or scale with potency. Channeler pet does however scale with potency, and the % heals scale with the crazy HP values we have. 14k HP raid buffed tanks? Didn't see that for several expansions. Oh ya and the flat 35% damage interception, that scales with the crazy damage output we have seen on several encounters. And if the future raid content is going to be anything like, Darathar, Vox or Venekor. 35% damage interception is huge.

    Just admit you made a bad prediction.
  19. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    You have a severe lack of knowledge about the game and I hope no one listens to your wrong information.

    That's all folks.
  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    what's that bashing ?

    because u know everything ? everybody can be wrong at some point.