[TLE] Fury or Warden for Bruiser Duo

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Lovidicus, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. Lovidicus Active Member

    Me and my friend are interested in playing on the next TLE that comes out. The tank is going bruiser and we really wanna try out a druid. What are the pros and cons for each of the druid classes when considering a bruiser tank?

    My first thought is to go warden since bruiser is the squishiest tank and warden is the stronger healer. But then fury can help kill slightly faster and gets group invis which would be handy since bruiser doesn't have one.

    But my knowledge of healers is limited so figured I'd come ask the experts =) So, what are your thoughts on fury vs warden to heal a bruiser on the next TLE?
  2. Lovidicus Active Member

    I've spent a bit of time looking over the spell lists for both classes and it would definitely seem like Fury gets several melee DPS increasing buffs. I'm not really seeing the same thing for Warden. Looks like warden gets evac and fury doesn't. But the group invis makes up for that difference.

    There's more difference than I expected. I'll keep checking back here though in case someone throws in their 2 cents!
  3. Ghorast Active Member

    tell your friend to pick a real class
  4. Earar Well-Known Member

    go warden .. not for the squishy part ... but coz .. fury buffs more spellcasters, so u might get some wasted buffs as fury with a bruiser
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  5. Lovidicus Active Member

    I looked through all their buffs and see more melee buffs on the fury than the warden. What buffs are you talking about specifically?

    I didn't look a lot through AA though since druids get the same set of AA until after KoS - which is a long time on a TLE. Maybe that's where the difference starts to come in?

    Uh, very helpful. Thanks?
  6. Earar Well-Known Member

    well maybe yeah it's KoS ...

    lucidity, forest spirit, are mage targeted .. primal fury is indeed melee, and animal form is fury tree

    sandstorm, instinct are melee .. but indeed warden are more into WIS anyhow

    and for warden part .. not much buffs ..

    well .. got it wrong, the warden .. if built right though .. almost doesn't need to heal the tank ... with spores, natural boon and melee attacks ...
  7. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    At some point TLE servers will catch up, so IMHO, you want to be looking at the long game. I have a warden and they're very much melee driven as opposed to a fury. For years, wardens augmented melee players and furies did same for spellcasters, so that's where that term came from.

    When you're looking at what a class brings to the table, check out all the tools in the toolbox. That means looking at self and group buffs that run constantly, as well as the temp stuff that's on a short timer like "thorns" or used until cancelled--typically when you throw it on another player you're grouping with or they die. Pay close attention to what all the AAs do. You'll find yourself moving in and out of AA specs as you progress and things become available.

    I'm not clear on Earar's reference to "warden are more into Wisdom anyhow." Wisdom is the primary stat for ALL healer classes, it has nothing to do with what healer class you're playing. In the early days of the game, all the stats did something, but that petered out over the years to evolve to "fighters=strength, mages=intelligence, scouts=agility, and healers=wisdom. Honestly, I don't recall the transition point when that happened. KoS is ancient mist in time for me now, haha.
  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    no the change came after RoK for sure, even after TSO because I took a 4 year break during the end of TSO and I don't think those changes were there already.
    Still warden was always more defensive than fury ... but it's more about all their heals than anything else. Like I said .. with tree, fairy, melee attacks and boon, and spores, hierophantic ... there's already a lot of passive heals so the warden can spam the CA and less for healing.

    now Fury is a way better AoE dps than warden, and bruisers are ok AoE wise but not awesome ... so yeah it really depends also if u want melee priest or mage priest ... I find wardens funnier when melee was a real thing. But furies can really outdps them

    wardens boost agi, so they boost scouts through AGI ... not fighters... that's where I was wrong. but where lucidity boost INT, aspect of the forest buffs WIS ...
  9. Lovidicus Active Member

    Thanks for all the info and clarifications. It sounds like Fury may be the way to start but if I last to the late game I may want to betray to warden.

    (Unrelated to my main topic: I don't see playing a TLE past where the current TLE is at though as the game really falls apart much beyond the Age of Discovery stuff.)
  10. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Earar, the comment about warden always being more defensive is just plain incorrect. I played with a warden prior to this xpac that was consistently in Top 5 of our raid for DPS. He had a DPS spec that he used that was unbelievable for damage output. Basically, his dps did his healing. He's into different MMO now--just couldn't deal with all the problems we've seen over the last couple of years. Wouldn't argue that furies are definitely FOTM for druid classes atm.
  11. Earar Well-Known Member

    I didn't say ALWAYS

    I said WAS - I mained warden and was also high on the parse ... still doesn't mean that most of the warden's buffs aren't defensive (spores, sandstorm, ward .. and many heals .. tree, fairy, hierophantic, a group deathsave .. anti root ... better/faster cure, while furies had ring of fire, call of lightning ball lightning ... porcupine, fae fire ... definitely more offensive ^^. Taking into account that cheetah DR comes at lvl 95, not before)

    druids had the best dps of all priests but furies were the highest. And yes .. warden can do great dps .. at the time through icewater armor ... and instinct ... but it was definitely not through our spells or CA .. and on TLE they don't have access to prestige tree
  12. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Still warden was always more defensive than fury ...

    This is cut from your post...unless my ability to read English has failed. When you use "was always" your phrasing implies "has always been" this way. If you didn't mean to say that, then phrase it differently. Otherwise, to say you didn't say "always" is like Ted Cruz saying he hadn't planned to go on vacation to Cancun--especially with a suitcase being towed behind him, haha.
  13. Earar Well-Known Member

    cause I messed up

    still .. their buffs have always been defensive oriented or heal oriented. furies on the other hand ... more offensive oriented

    and u can pinpoint my every word if u like