[TLE] - FG - Infusing is in game, is it intended?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Atan, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    I know we called this out as a concern before SF, but we never really got an answer on it, instead the HQ gear was just pushed to DoV via flags on the items.

    I checked last night, and these DoV HQ items are marked infusable, and infusing is enabled on FG today.

    I was able to spend a few thousand plat and infuse this HQ gear to nearly 300 stamina and 18+ potency on each piece.

    It feels like this is grossly out of balance for FG, as well as infusing I believe was Expansion 12, and DoV is expansion 7, yet this feature is available.

    It wasn't a problem with the feature available to date bacuse no equipable item on FG had the infusable tag on it. However, with the level 90 HQ gear now equipable and infusion tagged, its open season on this.

    I personally don't mind it being in game, as now I have something to spend coin on besides amassing far more Krono than I'll ever need, but I think the majority of players see this as more P2W that shouldn't be enabled.

    Intentional? Will this be addressed? Will someone from DBG with understanding even read this?
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    There are no craftable infusers yet, you mean plat infusion, right? I agree, that should not be available on FG yet.
  3. Atan Well-Known Member

    Correct, its available, been available for some time, just now there are items tagged as infuseable.
  4. Rhodry New Member

    100% Done.

    Itemization, ridiculously broken. (Again.)
    HQ OP Items + Infusing = No thanks.

    What a joke.
  5. Okanagan Member

    They needed to kill off the server for the new TLEs, did we really expect anything different?
  6. Rhodry New Member

    Pretty solid when they would rather ban people from discord than explain why HQ BiS is going to motivate people to raid unitemized content.
  7. kitleez Member

    Doing my ghoulbane for BiS, so fun
  8. kitleez Member

    oh and dont infuse because i doubt youll get your money back
  9. Kalika Well-Known Member

    So DoV is live on Fallen Gate already ? or are you interpreting data you got exploring the database files?
  10. Okanagan Member

    DoV is live. Infusing is live. HQ gear and Frostfell gear is BiS, far far far beyond any raid gear. Oh and you can level to 92 when the raid content is level 90.
  11. Okanagan Member

    Oh and midcontent, and Skyshrine are both enabled
  12. Rhodry New Member

    Nothing to see here, move along people...
  13. Atan Well-Known Member

    What a complete flustercuck.

    I posted several times about HQ gear being a problem and breaking the game. I posted about infusing being enabled when it shouldn't. I brought these things up in the NDA forums were at least someone reads the posts, and exactly what we have been trying to warn them about since pre SF happened.

    Good show DBG, Good Show
  14. Lord Valence New Member

    Pour any available resources into Kaladim. FG will be under ground in a month, it's already painfully dead.
  15. Atan Well-Known Member

    Oh it was totally F'd this morning.

    People are level 92 in DoV and zoned into Skyshrine. GG.

    Also, gear isn't itemized, its the same as it was on SH, so your HQ's and Frostfell gear are all BiS, and there is really no reason to play the game other than killing everything once, laughing about it, and uninstalling.

    But if you even mention the broken itemization in Discord, they'll ban you for it. Not sure why they can't even own up to their own bad decisions.

    You folks that think its going to somehow be a different story in TLE 3.0, I dunno, look up the definition of insanity some time.
  16. Lord Valence New Member

    Well you're playing through the same content and killing the same things you killed years ago, so yes it's more or less the same thing. I still find it enjoyable as does most everyone else on TLE. Removing a lot of the P2W from Kaladim is a step in the right direction.

    I think most people who don't kiss *** are banned from the discord. It really is unfortunate.

    Edit: Oh and yes, gear has been re-itemized since Stormhold. Though they rarely post any changes to TLE in the patch notes, you can actually see some of them.
  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    No, the DoV gear was not re-itemized as they said it would be.

    Yes, they've typically re-itemized at each expansion, usually about after its been out for 4 weeks.
  18. Lord Valence New Member

    I never said anything about DoV gear in particular being re-itemized since SH. DoV will be better the next time around. I don't see any reason for them to dedicate many resources to re-itemizing DoV gear at this time since FG will fully succumb to death within a month and they won't have to worry about DoV for another 1.5 years.

    Since there is no beta for these xpacs, it's reasonable that they re-itemize gear 4 weeks after the xpac has been released since they aren't testing it before hand. It's not preferable... but it makes sense.
  19. Reptoid Member

    How is it reasonable that they release reitemizations that far after it launches? I understand thats what they have done in the past but man there has to be another solution. That is very lame imo to go through all the content and not see any upgrades and having to keep EVERYTHING because if you dont you screw yourself on a potential upgrade. The infusing of HQ items is completely unbalanced. Content should be released as it was when it went live. Infusing was not even a thought at DoV so I dont see why its a thing currently. Also since the devs really dont read the forums I dont understand why ban people off the discord. All of Momentum is basically banned off of the server for just asking questions. Grow up Daybreak, if you cant stand behind your content why even bother releasing any in the first place? I got banned back in EoF on Fallen Gate for mearly asking what was going to be done for itemization for Runneye the Gathering. No warning just a ban. It is very hard to tell people oh yeah this is an open forum for everyone to join and the instant someone criticizes you about some content you release you just ban them. Sure you can rejoin if you make a new account and use a VPN but come on.
  20. Reptoid Member

    IMO for the server to live through any of this the following needs to happen:

    Get rid of Infusing
    Only DoV unlocked(Im sure this was an oversight but if not)
    Rework the HQ gear so its not as good because even without the infusing it will still be BiS
    Rebalance the raid gear so you actually have a reason to raid.
    Stop making false promises like Kander saying that Caith was going to reitemize DoV when CLEARLY he didnt.
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