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  1. Saezar New Member

    I'm a player on Varsoon who is currently playing the EoF Beta. I got a question about an EoF quest getting some extra love/attention. For The quest chain involving the Cloak of Flames. The final quest "The Fourth Warrior - Unification" it requires you to collect "minuscule spider silk" it requires each player to collect 20 of them across the zone of Greater Faydark. Me and a friend are trying to complete this quest. However. at the current rate that these spider webs are spawning. Its looking like a few hours to complete. And we're the only two members in the zone. Could we perhaps look at maybe upping the spawn rates of the "minuscule spider webs" on this quest? When EoF launches for Varsoon I feel like doing this part will be monumentally tedious in comparison to the rest of the quest. Please and thanks! (I posted this originally in the EverQuest2 official discord, however I was told to post here).
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    Please do!
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  3. Unnattural Member

    Please do something , quests dont have to be extremely tedious due to low spawn rates and non group updates as many have been over the years
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  4. Kaitheel Developer

    I have no trouble increasing the respawn rate, but keep in mind, there are over 500 possible spawn points and 50 spawning at a time, so it may be that some of the spawned minuscule spider silk is hiding in locations you have not found.

    Keep an eye out for a change to "The Fourth Warrior - Unification" listed in the update notes.

    ~ Kaitheel
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    Awesome! Thank you!
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  6. Saezar New Member

    I appreciate the response! For reference we scoured that zone for about 3 hours with no one other than the two of us in that zone. Still had a few more from each of us needed. But with others doing the same quest I can't imagine the headache.I also just thought of this. It would probably make it easier if the spider silks would spawn in a bit of tighter area. Instead of literally across the entire span of G. Faydark. Have it spawn in a couple of pockets of G. Faydark. That way its not such a daunting thing to constantly be scouring across the whole forest for em especially if only 50 of em are up at a time in the zone. But anyways I appreciate your response on this.
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