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  1. Arandar Well-Known Member

    They've been repeating one, very long-winded, logical fallacy over and over to one another. It's called "appealing to the extreme" (or the "slippery slope fallacy"), where you draw conclusions by taking an argument to it's extreme. For example, that by unlocking DoF now, it will have the effect of turning Stormhold and Deathtoll into standard servers.
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  2. Keldo Member

    This, to a tee. The problem with leaving the decision of when new content is released up to the EQ2 masses is you're basically asking a bunch of kids with eating disorders how much food they'd like on their plate. Now we have a community of largely tryhards with cobwebs forming on their persons from not doing anything else since the release of TLEverQuest driving content and a person with literally anything else going on in their life is just going to get left behind. This is truly a shitshow.
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  3. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Time for a new guild, <Tryhards>
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  4. Nelie Well-Known Member

    I was going to form mine, <No Casual Nostalgian Left Behind>

    I think Bush will support it.
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  5. Blaupunkt Active Member

    Do you have to continue to post total rubbish? It's adds nothing and is not funny either, it's just boring!
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  6. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    No kidding. Getting level 50 is neither hard nor time consuming. My friends and I in our regular group made 50 by the end of the first month by just playing the game. We didn't try to level fast, or really try to level at all. If you're not level 50 by now you either barely play, have a gazillion alts and no real "main", or have actively been trying not to level via level lock or some such device.

    If you don't know anyone else that wanted DoF, it's probably because you associate with like minded people. In my case, most of the people I associate with voted no last time and yes this time as I also associate with like minded people.
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  7. Tarrin New Member

    If the people you are trying so hard to painfully describe in a negative light make up 66% of the what?
  8. ErriondRivan New Member

    I play very casually. As in; "nursing school while still working full time", casually. My main character is 50illy/50sage with prismatic. My alt is 50 defiler, though no prismatic yet. Working on leveling up a third.
    If you're upset about the vote passing because you think it's too soon, you're delusional. There are plenty of casual players who have maxed their toons and who are ready for new content.
    I'm not a tryhard, I'm just done with vanilla. :)
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  9. Carbajal New Member

    Really? So when I hit 50 in ~2 months, I won't have any problem getting in raids to get my prismatic, or run Icy Digs with other level 50's? And neither will be trivialized by having level 50+ toons in raid or group? I'm glad I have your personal guarantee on that. What do I get if you're wrong?
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  10. Synistra Active Member

    Nothing, it's no one elses fault but your own that you took so long to do the content that the rest of the server was bored with. Even if the vote didn't pass you'd still likely have a hard time doing prismatic and Icy Digs. Not only because the majority of even slow progressing people already have it done and are sick to death of doing it, but because the people who you are apparently depending on to pug that raid with would have left out of again...boredom.

    I'm not trying to poo poo on the way you choose to play, I'm just going to poo poo on the fact that you evidently think an entire server needs to be held back because your playtime is either limited or you just level extremely slow. The best advice I can give you is that when you do finally get to that content see if you can pug it, maybe other slow leveling people such as yourself will need it too.
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  11. Nelie Well-Known Member

    Is finding a guild or some friends really THAT hard for people? If you do not want it trivialized, do not accept people 51+ into that group or raid. Simple. Do people really go to the extremes of making such an easy game so difficult?
  12. bophus New Member

    I am a father, husband BoD member of my HoA, Take care of a community pool, have a full time job and was redoing a bathroom this summer and I also have a 50/50 toon with prizzy, along with other toons of various levels. I was lvl 49.75 by August 19th (I went on vacation for 2 weeks the next day). When I got home and hit 50, there still werent a lot of 50s around.

    I didnt grind levels out. I did all instances and all zones, minus the bee one in RV. I dont unerstand why it is so hard for people to level. Are you doing gray quests? Are you just harvesting? Do you stand on the EFP docks and talk? I honestly dont know how you arent 50 by now that is a statement not an insult). I can understand if you started way late or something, but if you started in July, I dont get it. I know not everyone plays like I do, but I am far from someone who races to the end. I just played a couple hours a day (2 max) and killed stuff.
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  13. Seriously Member

    The unlocking of expansions isn't solely based on player voting. remember. ;)

  14. Junih New Member

    I know this is probably a bit late but, I am curious about Guild halls and their amenities. When will they be released in TLP?
  15. Scott New Member

    12PST/3EST seems super late
  16. ruthless619 Member

    Seems like some people need waaaaambulance on this thread..... 2 months to get to 50 is not "rushing" i study and work and was still able to have THREE Lvl 50 characters with prismatics.....

    Keep pushing that "people rushed to 50" nonsense.
  17. Neurology Member

    What in the literal #$&% have you been doing for 60 days? People will probably still be running it every now and again but you may have to wait, but making everyone wait because 1 person wants to take 4 months to do something that can be done easily in a month without grinding is ridiculous.
  18. Warlord Greebo New Member

    This may be a fear of many. But remember that nearly all who came back, did so for a reason. I predict that things will progress until KOS.

    At that time, I think it will take an immense amount of time before people really feel like progressing, and when it is, it will be to the next popular RoK, then much of the playerbase seems to agree, after that, things were downhill.

    Given that reality, I do not see how some of the "sky is falling, tomorrow we will be live!" crowd can say those words and keep a straight face.
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  19. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    What is the numerical significance of level 24 in relation to recruitment, I wonder?

    Mid-30's grouping prior to DoF: Slow, but possible.
    Mid-30's grouping so far since DoF: Nonexistent.

    Impact: Substantial

    Perhaps they should release Heroic Character tokens to take us to 55.

    This will in fact largely be what happens, as the Turbocharge Megarush Brigade will flip back to Live to burn through the new expac, which will leave the TLE's in the hands of the demoralized and unhappy left-behinds.

    Good points both. It may be necessary to simply abandon the current TLE servers and agitate for a purer TLE server to be setup that is less prone to the whims of the impatient.

    That took only 1 day as opposed to 1 week.

    Sooner the better.
  20. Breta Well-Known Member

    What about posting a source? Ohh I see, you don't have one, just enjoy spreading lies...

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