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  1. SIlverblade New Member

    Well to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. For those that want to rush through and be max level in the first week, hey if that's what you want fine, to each their own. However before you know it these servers will be no different than the live servers and people will be whinging that they don't have anything to do and waiting not so patiently for the next xpac etc. Personally I just don't understand the thought process behind that.
    With the new Xpac due soon on the live servers, many will go back to play the new content and next thing you know will have been left behind here and will then be unhappy about that as they cant get a group etc because they are too low or don't have the right gear. I understand many may have been getting bored with the existing zones etc as they rushed to level but whose fault is that?
    I just think people need to start thinking ahead, not just the next few weeks or even the next couple of months but rather to the next year or even 2 of playing or prepare for the low population and boredom again.
    Just my opinion. Not saying I'm right or that's the way it should be.
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  2. Arashi500 New Member

    I don't know how it is on Stormhold, but on Deathtoll it's quite difficult for a lowbie to find a casual guild that's recruiting. There are the level-locked T1 and T2 guilds, while the other recruiting guilds are all raid focused, some with a tolerance for casuals, but only really differentiated by player region and attitude.

    Anyway, good to hear DoF will be coming, if only for a player influx and for people to whine about KoS instead for a while.
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  3. Warlord Greebo New Member

    I do not know about this.

    I do know that I was able to go from lvl 10-50 in about 5 days. Yes many groups were manned by fellow guildies of same level (most working on their third alt already), and yes... I was full to the neck with vitality pots, and yes I am typically a healer.

    However, seeing the course such as it is where there are no shortages of any class.. I have found dps to be more found spots in my groups... For I am Warlord Greebo, the one of legend. I am no stranger to being the sole healer of a group.

    All being considered, I would guess that anyone willing to competently level will be able to do so- be it solo or otherwise:)
  4. Tony Perkins New Member

    Don't worry, every no voter is going to vote yes from now on. Just to not let rushers to enjoy DoF.
  5. Pauly Well-Known Member

    When the wife and I heard about this TLE server thing.. we thought, ooooh, a nostalgia server!! Great, let's resub and enjoy the game again, because we surely don't enjoy the lvl 100 game, at all. If we had know that this 'time locked' server was going to advance at this rate, we wouldn't have bothered with renewing our subs.

    We felt it was totally worth the 'no claims, prestige housing, slow mounts' ect.. to play old school'ish eq2. Will the community feel the same in RoK. Will KP be fun with a 29% mount?

    Playing this game from the beginning I distinctly remember the feeling that every expansion reduced overall population a small amount. The closer TLE server gets to 'end game' the less people that will be playing it and at some point it just won't make sense to even be on TLE with its restrictions compared to a regular live server.

    I find the vote results strange since I didn't meet anyone in game 'other than trollchat' that wanted DoF already.
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  6. Traeldor Nevermind New Member

    My wife and I agree with Pauly. We too feel a concern that the new time-locked expansions will very soon be as congregated as the regular game( with everyone concerned only with the endgame raids, and what goodies they can bring their new lowbie alts). We both renewed our subs too, just for the TLE's. And are vividly concerned that there will be nobody around to play when we get to the upper levels. We however do understand that there has to be a balance between growth, usage and content. Without new content, folks will eventually dwindle activities regardless. Just out of sheer boredom. Having only ONE server does make for a better chance of finding a low group, Though I for one have noted that most folks that mentor down to low levels, usually are wearing Uber gear and have Uber Abilities and whip thru the zones/raids etc. that is simply due to the general nature of Narcissistic "man", and the anonymity of the internet. MMORPG-101.

    So in essence, we do feel the expac is a good thing overall, but perhaps there should be more time between the voting polls.
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  7. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Good post Pauly! I am a player who started at launch and subscribed seqentially through 2007. I was excited to come back and be able to start fresh and to go forward through the new expansions, though I thought it would be a niche population actually and that most would not be wanting to power level or zoom up super fast. That isn't true according to this vote dang it.

    For myself--the majority of people I have grouped with and talked to since day 1 are also those who left the game at some point, sprinkled in with a few brand new players who had family who played EQII back in the day so they wanted to come check it out. Other than players who raid regularly, I meet very few players who actually say aloud they concurrently play on the other servers. Perhaps the majority of those kind of players are pretty much tucked away playing within guilds with not as much interaction with the rest of the population on the server?

    I voted no for the last vote and this one. I do want to see our server progressing forward. Yet if it is at a rate of once a month/once every 6-7 weeks, eh --- not interested in it becoming on par with "live" within a super short time.

    For those of us who have fully returned, and for those others who tried to return over the years and found the 'new' EQ II type live servers were definitely not to their liking, this is disappointing. Maybe we vet returners should be even more social, identifying ourselves as such and in that way find others of like mind so that the concern over areas 'emptying' out will not hold such a strong sway over the expansion subject.

    However, *it is what it is and I encourage everyone to continue to play and seek out whatever is FUN, and there is lots of it here in Everquest II!*
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  8. Mowse Active Member

    Oct 8 @ 12pm pdt
  9. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!
  10. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Those speculations and accusations have no actual basis in fact. What logical reason would Daybreak have for pushing through an expansion without the supporting vote? Alienating your paying customers isn't exactly good business.
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  11. Tearofsoul Member

    It is all about progression

    You can blame the "rushers" all you want, but the biggest reason why DoF is voted to unlock two month after server release is how easy to progress your character in the current T5.

    Please allow me to remind you, This T5 by NO mean is the original T5 on 2004, not even close. Some classes are super overpower, they can solo farm named that drop good stuff or even solo HQs (in which took days to completed back in 2004) within hours. Leveling is super easy with vitality potion, there is no group exp debt. Crafting is also very easy to level. In addition, gears are super unbalanced, some very powerful (Screaming mace, Tarton wheel etc), but most are super underpower (most of the raid drops). All of these, ultimately make T5 raids are joke in term of difficulty and drop quality.

    This means player can finish their character progression with in weeks if not days, then what? They want NEW contents to progress.

    As you can see, if DoF contents doesn't get buff, you should expect KoS to be unlock in another two months or so.
  12. Keldo Member

    Theybreak Games caved to vocal minority and pushed Desert of Flames. Vote wasn't even 50%.
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  13. Detor Active Member

    There will probably start being posts on the forums after just 1 week with people saying 'Well, I'm 60 now, so everybody needs to make sure to vote yes to KoS.' The original gear reitemization revamped items all the way from lvl1 to the level cap at the time (which was 95 right?), so until Destiny of Velious/Chains of Eternity we'll probably continue to have every month people wanting to push it along because 'raid gear just isn't superior enough to what everybody else is able to get'.

    Probably some people also want to push it along to the time when they can start doing SLR. I wonder what would happen if they mixed things up on TLE (as they have changed other things too) - what if you had to be in a raid when the mob dies in order to loot the chest. If people are complaining things are progressing too fast it isn't like they could then turn around and cry foul over that change and say 'how will we ever equip everybody in time'.
  14. Jdark New Member

    Either way your going to have people upset with the move regardless of a yes or no vote... The way I see it now is all the content pre DoF is going to rot. Yes people will still use the dungeons to grind but no one is going to waist their time doing heritage quests and even working for prismatics, when all that gear at 60 is crap and will be replaced with crafted gear once the rares start coming in. All pre DoF content will essential become a grind. Now DoF does bring a lot more content that I know I will enjoy but because of my late coming to this server I am not going to enjoy the T5 content as I originally wanted to.(my fault ) Personally I had two options if it was a no vote than I was going to spend the time and visit all the zones and do all the things I wanted to relive again in T5. For a yes vote I will rush to 50 to get right into DoF skipping most the content of T5. There is so much fun to be had in DoF though.. Poets palace! Fighting over nods along clefts! Djinn master!
  15. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Cite your source please.
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  16. Seefar Well-Known Member

    That's demonstrably nonsense.

    For instance: my TLE alter-ego is not yet 45. So when I need help in Maiden's Gulch to begin To Speak As A Dragon, it will be much more difficult, as those who might otherwise have been around to join me will be off (at light speed) barrelling through the New Lands (and no doubt voting 'yes' for release of the next expansion before I'm halfway through the Desert of Flame).

    Don't get me wrong: I'm used to being a slacker. I've always been too little.
    But I take issue with those, such as you, who try to claim 'it has no effect'.
  17. Nelie Well-Known Member

    So...I take it that you are not in a guild where guild mates and/or friends could help you? You can't form a group for it in chat? I'm sure there will be those between 45-60 who won't have it done and would help. You just assume that everyone already level 50 has it done.

    There is always ways to get stuff done, you just have to be a little more open minded. We are only 1 expansion ahead so people will still be doing content below DoF. The gap just doesn''t change overnight when DoF comes out.
  18. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    That's a fantastic idea...get Stormhold up to current content ASAP, then press for a real TLE with structured release periods of 3-6 months per expac.
  19. Tarrin New Member

    It has been 73 days since the TLE servers launched. That is basically 2.5 months. 10.5 weeks.

    Can we please stop pretending that people who are 50 rushed? Can we stop pretending that every expansion has been unlocked in 1 month or 6-7 weeks?
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  20. Rozyn Active Member

    It's so funny that I took my sweet time lvl'ing to 50 without vitality, had enough time to get another couple characters mid-level and yet according to some forum people - who I think spend more time on here than in-game - I 'rushed' through for being ready for DoF after 2 and a half months. And really? You guys didn't know 'anyone else' who wanted DoF? Voting, how does that work?

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