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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    In this vote (unlike last month), both Deathtoll and Stormhold players said "Yes" to unlocking the Desert of Flames expansion. We will unlock the expansion next Thursday, Oct. 8.

    Thanks for voting all!
  2. bophus New Member

    Can you give us a breakdown of how each server voted? Was it close? There are lots of speculation and accusations of BDG just pushing it through. I know actual percentages wont really help, because they will still call foul, but maybe it will help.
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  3. Punchie Member

    I view this as good for all. People that have leveled to 50 for some time now will have a new goal and more to do. Those that have not made it there yet, well they still have the content that was there and now content waiting for them after they do reach 50.
    As far as DT goes, hopefully this encourages more PVP having SS as a new focal point.
  4. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I am sure we can trust them to count votes correctly. Let's just all have fun playing and stop worrying so much!
  5. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

  6. Nightnight New Member

    is 8pm or 12pm ?
  7. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    Gratz to those that voted yes. And to those that voted no, you can still go at your own pace -- no new stats will be introduced that will change your game play on these servers.
  8. bophus New Member

    You'd think, but there are always those sporting the tinfoil hats...
  9. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I have NO doubt what-so-ever the count is completely accurate, but I'm really curious about how close the vote was as well! Were we DoF naysayers at least in the ball park!? :D
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  10. Windstalker Executive Producer

    The voting squeaked by the 2/3 rule -- and not by a lot. We weren't sure there for a bit. :) And we looked for any level 1 voting bloat. Nothing weird at work on either server.
  11. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting us know! I really appreciate you taking the time to come in here and post. :)
  12. Niboota Well-Known Member

    That's AWESOME!! We almost did it!! Next time.... Next time!!! *cackles maniacally*
  13. Warlord Greebo New Member

    Well to be honest... I dont see any value in a 66% vote, and have little doubt that we would have to slant results for a yes vote.

    Just look at the RL system we have and how rare it is for even a 60% to go through.

    Truth is a simple majority with a +5 -5 uncertainty is enough. That would make it so its 55% with the knowledge that we could be off by 5% and yet still retain a sure majority.

    With the 66% method, you need a 'supermajority' which is rare in the world of mankind. Those whole "unanimous" things you see in the movies, well there is a reason we only see them there; because they make for great fiction!
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  14. Detor Active Member

    Apparently not that rare in the world of Norrath though since it happened on only the very 2nd vote for DoF.
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  15. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I admit, I voted yest this time even though I'm not ready to move on, because with NotD, beta, Heroes Fest, and Frostfell all coming on fast, not to mention family obligations, my odds of being ready for DoF before new year's are slim. To me it's one thing to keep the content where I'm at when I'm actively playing it, and another to make it wait for me to come back when the current content is already 2 months old.

    That won't be the case with KoS though - I will be voting no on that until I get a decent chance to play in DoF with other people there. KoS will empty DoF zones, because when KoS launched it neither came with nor required DoF, which meant lvl 50 characters who didn't have DoF needed to be able to progress in KoS immediately. We'll see if others feel the same!
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  16. Kotter Active Member

    Troub LFG Hidden Cache
  17. SinR New Member

    I voted yes this time. Its good to see that it passed with the Supermajority. Bring on KOS for AAs so I can level a priest
  18. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    The will of the people has been heard.
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o yea if your wondering how this expansion impacts low levels and those that want to level lock my guild has now declared that only level 24 and higher will now be accepted as new members.
    I know of another that only takes in level 40s you get the picture
    but you will say there are always those other guilds that take in beginners, yes right :mad:
    I have seen many toons run around guild less and even in this busy world of locked servers its hard to find anybody not doing their own thing to help a lowbe.
    So don't tell me it wont have an impact on those players that don't level at the speed of light
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  20. Nelie Well-Known Member

    So you are saying that unlocking DOF will make it harder to find a guild? That makes ZERO sense. There are many guilds who recruit openly. Sure, some might have restrictions but that is how they are ran. Running around guildless is most likely a personal choice.

    So I will tell you, DOF has NO impact on players who don't level at light speed.

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