[TLE] Deathtoll to Stormhold Transfers Open Weds, March 9 @ Noon PST

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yes we missed some of the stuff from the life servers that's correct , but that's not what we really complained about
    and if some of the flaws were planed that way than it would have been as easy as to point out
    your healing does not give you as many points as the text for the spell said , its possible that was nerved
    ok so a scout hits harder than an assassin maybe we were supposed to be taught to be up front and not sneak up on little newbies
    and it was not only people on Deathtoll that complained about such things it is really unfair to blame all on us
    often enough complaints were effecting both TLS servers
    You cant tell me that people on Stormhold did not complain about things that did not work or my it should be really quiet after the merger honestly I.... don't ....think ....so
    I know there were gankers in the game, this is life this is PvP you have to expect this to happen
    I got maybe killed 12 times by more than one player attacking me alone and my main is level 70 and I played on Deathtoll from the very beginning.
    And I stink at PvP.
  2. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    In order to save me from typing a long post. The flaws for the actual downfall of DT are all over General Discussion with their own threads. You and your "friends" left DT because you got killed in pvp when you were not ready? I would hope you expect that in open world pvp and the city has never been a guaranteed safe haven. There were 4 heavy loaded pvp servers for years, where "ganks" and "griefs" were a thing in the open world and the city.

    I can understand if pvp is not your thing but doesn't it make more since that pvp is simply not for you? Instead of, gankers ruined my experience, so the same must go for everyone else who left the server.
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  3. Harmtouch New Member

    Lets be clear. Gankers and griefers can not be blamed for the downfall of PvP. They have always existed and they will always exist. (Do you actually remember Nagafen...) There will be a person better geared than you. There will be a person that reacts faster than you or maybe presses buttons in a better order than you. Maybe they played the game longer. Who cares? One thing is certain in PvP. You will die. Now for some people that's enough to get upset and quit and that's fine. Stick to PvE. For others it makes them want to play more and get better. For some of us there is no better thrill or feeling than winning a good fight. There will be bugs, imbalances and class advantages over others but that's why we paid $15 a month for someone to sit at a computer and fix those issues. Well guess what? THEY WERE NOT DOING IT. That's why Deathtoll died. I don't want to hear one more thing about it being the players fault or talk bad about our community. Daybreak this is the truth. Like it or not.
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I have to say some of my fondest memories about DT are when we got invaded by the other faction in our pretty save city of Neriac we would hunt down those invaders lol they would hide out on our roofs and it was interesting how to get those snipers down from there

    on Nagafen that we had big save zones where you could have leveled up to level 20
    I somehow liked Deathtoll better for those save zones being a lot smaller
    I got to remind people again that I am not good at pvp and that I am not the kind of person to murder people in their sleep

    I have some evil characters and I have to say it was hard for those " good " toons in New Halas
    I don't blame them wanting some little changes like a guard next to the bank .

    maybe Daybreak will give the idea of a PvP TLS server another try , but this time take time to fix all the problems before you offer it to a critical audience. PLEASE
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  5. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    Hello Kittybock, Thanks for your reply. With regard to "gankers" preying on new players, I feel like notion has been tossed around a lot yet inaccurately. In an Open World PvP environment a player needs to expect PvP anywhere, at any time. If a person decides to AFK in a city by the bank or broker, they should except upon their return, to find their character face down and lacking in gold. Enemy players will not wait for you to finish banking or become aware of them, they will strike when an opportunity presents itself. When an enemy player or group of players attacks you in the city, it comes at great personal risk to them. There are guards that will assist you, as well as your own faction's players. If there are too many enemy players in your city, bank your gold, find a safe place and ask your friends or guild to assist you. Cities are open for PvP, just like any other place, to both individuals and groups. You can't expect an enemy group to count how many people are in the city and make adjustments to their group, instead you need to adapt to the situation and bring more players in to remove the enemy threat.

    My answer to your question: Not very many, the majority of the complaints were about issues that hindered game play and should have been addressed. A few examples:

    • Ranged Auto Attack - Has been BROKEN since launch, either making rangers extremely over powered or worthless (still not fixed and not intended).
    • Fae/Arasai Glide & Racial Speed - Two abilities that provide an extreme advantage in PvP, coming from a race that should not even exist until EoF (should EoF even pass)
    • Pumice Stones - Item never existed, why even play an enchanter?
    • Broken Abilities - Abilities that were using PvE durations/amounts instead of PvP
    • Immunity Timers - Immunity timers granted to enemy players zoning into oppostie faction cities, but not to citizens.
    • Cliff Diving Penalty - People diving from cliffs to avoid PvP did not receive any kind of penalty (ex. fame loss, chest drop etc.)
    Nobody quit Deathtoll over the lack of holiday events etc, some people have requested them, but a no answer was not a deal breaker. The types of things I listed above are examples of things that were expected, hindered game play and ultimately caused people to leave. This is of course not a complete list, but a sample of some things that would have made a difference. Based on this, I will have to disagree with your suggestion that the players are at fault for the server's demise or that we had unrealistic expectations for Deathtoll. All we wanted, was the working product we paid for and communication from the company which sold it to us.
  6. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I've PvP'd in multiple MMO's, stayed in one a very long time, was quite successful. As mentioned, had toons on Naggy few years back, as well. That said, if players have experienced PVP in some of the competitive MMO's, even on PVP maps, zone, there were areas wherein players could use merchants & or craft w/o ganking, then return to the fray. Some games had maps w/ PVP or PVE, while others had starting zones w/o, etc. In others, there was the ability to flag for PVP. All things considered, having safe areas allows players to re-gear or let the dog out. When new players are ganked repeatedly near the respawn/ newbie point, before they can even get out of the starting zones, the novelty wears off. They return to Live.

    We can discuss it all day, but I know multiple folks that returned to Live for that reason. We have differing views, and will probably continue to do so. No use beating a dead horse. Hopefully the folks from DT will enjoy their new home on Stormhold. Best of luck.
  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    new players are immune to level 10 after that they can only be attacked by anybody 4 levels higher than them.
    On Nagafen there were save zones to level all around in particular all of Frostfang sea
    when Deathtoll was released it was supposed to sord of copy the way it used to be as in a lot less save zones and so on.

    I played a PvP game where anybody after level 5 was fair game so in the contested zones the people that had caped
    would guard the low level players so they could do business like turn in quests and sell their junk
    when I first started to play on Nagafen I was shocked that I would loose at least 60 % of my money
    on that other game you did not loose anything besides honor , but I quickly got used to banking my money
    this was an experiment, and it failed don't blame it on the players .
    There is only one thing I really thought was nasty , its a trap , players about your level would attack you so you would defend yourself and suddenly this other player shows up something like 30 levels higher than you and murder you because hes in a party with the attacker .
    but in all the time I played that only happened once to me.
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  8. Chorlach New Member

    I know that i'm kinda new to the PvP aspect of EQ2, but I was really hoping to participate in it. Are there any plans to fix/re-open a PvP server in the future by chance?
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  9. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    I understand your viewpoint about safe zones for banking etc. however if that is what the devs had intended for EQ2, they would have included it. It seems counter productive to blame other players for doing something that is allowed and intended within the game, especially when you do have other options to avoid it if you wanted to. Of course you can sit at the local broker for 30 minutes, adjusting prices and adding to your inventory open to attacks... or you could buy a broker board, adjust, add and price from your house. You can AFK or craft on the starter island or your house, which is not accessible to enemies. The SQ broker has more guards pathing around it and is very close to the housing at the Lion's Mane Inn. When enemies come to your city, it is supposed to be fun and exciting, for me it always was. If it's not fun perhaps for those people they should try something else, and as you said, they did. For those types of people Battlegrounds would probably be the better option (I'm not knocking it, I love BGs too) but they do allow you more breathing room.

    I am not trying to, "beat a dead horse" nor am I trying to change your opinion. Your thoughts are based off of your personal experiences there, however I do want you to know that my experiences and those of many other were much different. I think that maybe your time on Deathtoll could have been different too, if you had taken another approach to it and not expected it to be like PvP in other games. EQ2 PvP really is something unique, which is why many of us love it so much, and have fought for it tooth and nail. :)
  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I remember that on Nagafen there were save zones added around busyness areas when ever it became a issue
    there was one in the new zone when the heroic toons first came out the funny thing was you had to run out of the save zone to the bank toss in your money and run back to safety before your immunity ran out I often was just able to do that before somebody tried to stick a dagger between my shoulder blades.
    I think what killed Nagafen was the game getting over protective on one end and on the other end taking away any chance to get away.
    I voted for combat to start when you got attacked I did not understand what that really meant
    I used to be good at wiggling my way out of combat well and besides jumping of a cliff without a parachute that should be possible.
  11. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Edit: removing my post. Thread has ranged off topic.
  12. Night-Ram New Member

    so EQ2 will be the only mmo with no pvp servers?
  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    There are no more PvP servers coming for EQ2. It is called Everquest after all, lol.
  14. Moostafoo Active Member

    EQ2 was never even meant to have PVP because it wasnt built for it. Everybody always went for the easiest, most OP classes in the game; Ranger, SK, Conjy, Brig, Warden. It was insanely unbalanced. Therefore really no need for it.
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  15. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    That could well be, & it's not at all a "bad" thing. There are plenty of other games for PvP hounds. There are not -- as you say -- any other MMOs intended solely for us monster-bashing Care Bears, so it's not like this game is improved by the addition of a PvP server.
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  16. Siren Well-Known Member

    So...still no word on how the name conflicts on the Deathtoll/Stormhold merger are going to be resolved?

    Please don't tell me everyone on Stormhold automatically gets to keep their name for Pete's sake. This is not a transfer happening tomorrow, 4/5/16, it's a merger.
  17. Adevil Well-Known Member

    The method in the FAQ for the EU server consolidation probably contains the correct answer. For names there really isn't a whole heck of a lot of difference between a merge and a consolidation:

    Q: How will we be able to retain names if others have the same name?

    A: In the event of duplicate character names during a server consolidation, priority will be given to the character who has logged in to the game within the past sixty (60) days. If multiple characters have logged in within the past sixty (60) days, then the character which was created first will retain their name. Other same-named characters will have an "X" (or several) added to their names automatically until their name is unique. Each player that is auto-renamed this way will get a rename potion to change their name
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    :eek: o_O feaking (.....................................)<----- curses a lot I looked at the wrong timetable I was not done getting ready for this
    I for shure hope my characters are fine o well otherwise I will just have to stop playing TLS :(
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    you know what I am really afraid of , Deathtoll being merged into Stormhold
    I started playing on Deathtoll from the very beginning and made friends and leveled up with them
    I moved one of my toons over to Stormhold into a really lively guild , but the thing is I feel lonely in this big guild full of people they all have their friends and groups they do things with
    itslike being alone in a room full of people.
  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and about the names it looks like I lost 3 of my names it appears that if your name is taken on stormhold its gone
    The characters are already in the character page you can just not get into the game yet we get a lovely z at the end
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