[TLE] Deathtoll to Stormhold Transfers Open Weds, March 9 @ Noon PST

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I will stay too I got other seasons besides my name.
    I know of some people that want to just stay for the Swansong of the last PvP server.
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Well, with the official cancellation of EQNext today, http://massivelyop.com/2016/03/11/daybreak-has-canceled-everquest-next/
    perhaps Columbus Nova also choked off even more resources for EQ2/EQ1, forcing the devs to give up working on PvP altogether.
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  3. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    Yhea - you are right: I would agree with that. Flagging and de-flagging defeat the entire purpose of EQ2 pvp/e.
  4. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    Has there been any official response about names after the merge? A lot of people have been asking but I can't seem to find and Daybreak employee replies...:(
  5. Balbasur Active Member

    the server should be called "Memories"
  6. Efil New Member

    Exactly. They send to us to the craphole SH server. Which is boring pve...I can pve same content for free. Send us to skyfire or something so we can pvp
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  7. Efil New Member

    Hey Vlahk glad to see youre still around. I cancelled sub soon as they killed off PVP by merging. Just ftp now so no more playing for me.
  8. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    Hey Efil: I really do not play EQ2 much at all these days - been playing EQ1 and WoT mainly. Have a few toons transferred to AB and what ever they turned Naggy into. Played on DT some until the first level cap went through then pretty much quit and have been mainly playing EQ1 and WoT.
  9. Harmtouch New Member

    Goodbye EQ2. If I can't kill anyone, what's the point? You're gonna see PvP made $EN$E...
  10. Redd Member

    DCUO has a way to let people switch to pvp mode and then back to pve mode. Any chance we can get that for EQ2?
  11. Champange New Member

    Most people Look but don't See and Hear but don't Listen and sometimes ya just cant fix stupid.

    Everyone knew this would happen before TLE was even released.

    The original creators are gone and what is left is their employees to step up and try to be someone they are not.

    If the folks in DBG could do what the original folks did then they would have been out there creating their OWN games and finding a way to bring them to market a long time ago and not working for someone else " original creators" who has.

    Nor would they have sat around waiting to slide into someone else spot thinking " I can do what they did" because if that was really true they would have been working for themselves and not someone else a long time ago.

    Your not riding the " tailcoats" of YOUR work but someone else work. People are " employees" and not " self-employed" for a reason. Employees are employees because they are either Ignorant to what it takes to be self employed or just simply don't want the hassle or the additional work that it requires or both.

    Cant claim someone else work as your own and cant ride their tailcoats forever and that's a fact.

    With that being said about the only thing a employee can do at this point is strip mine another persons work for as much money as they can squeeze out of it and try and maintain it the best they can.

    After all what incentive dose a " hourly clock banger" have to work harder ?
  12. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Oh my. Sounds like someone is bitter at the corporate world, how is this constructive? As an aside, if employees are part of a Team, there are no coattails. I have yet to find an "i" in Team.

    I truly enjoy what they've brought to the table with ToT...the most fun I've had in-game in years! Tried Deathtoll a while, I saw no real flaws, but an overall ganking mindset. There was so much to do on Live server, why bother.

    IMHO, players killed their own PVP server.
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  13. Raff Well-Known Member

    He's posted this in 2 threads now.

    A troll by any other name...
  14. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    No flaws? I am not trying to be mean when I say this but, honest question... what exactly did you do on DT that you didn't notice any flaws? :(
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    he did not play more than a day
  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    O and no new name, this is not a consolidation , but a merger that means it will still be Stormhold and that's it
    If things work out right they might open up other TLS later, But I have a feeling there wont be another PvP server :(. unless they work on it hard ahead of time and fixe all the problems
    Yes Stormhold had the same problems , at least most of the same problems , but because you got 3 groups
    on those PvP servers it was harder to just push through the mess with less people to group with
    We as a guild had just began to master some of the higher level raids but with so many people being frustrated
    with the bugs soon we just did not have enough people
    The most potent problems eventually got fixed but after 2 months of problems it was just to late :)
  17. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Well, you did say this is just your opinion, so we can't flame you for it, but you're far off from the truth.
  18. Simparri Active Member

    If it wasn't for all of the gank-festing where groups of 4-6+ gankers were hunting down people who were at the max level spread for them to attack more people might have came around. Many players just got tired of being assassinated every time they turned around. PvP'ers did it all to themselves. Ask DBG to come up with PvP instances for all zones so players can choose to use their choice of PvP or PvE at will. They do it when zone population gets too high so it should be a minor change.
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I voiced that idea when Nagafen was consolidated I said there should be a piggyback zone for every overland zone for PvP

    on a different note I have a house published on Deathtoll . I have not transferred 4 of my toons because I was hoping to get one last reward . are houses rated one more time ?
  20. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Started several toons and a guild w/ some of our AB guildies. Played awhile there, on and off, however, most of our guildies returned to Live, even those that enjoyed PVP, due to gankers (won't beat a dead horse on that). They were preying on any new players, folks getting things from their banks in Qeynos, etc. Sorry, if you have to get a kill by waiting for someone to dig through bags in the bank, in their Home city? *shakes head*

    So, honest question: How many of the perceived "flaws" were actually based on players improper expectations/ requests for mechanics to exceed those of the expac which was currently active on DT?

    I feel Daybreak set proper TLE expectations at the outset. They'd said the TLE's were "special servers for All Access members that are locked to a period in EverQuest II’s history."

    • Many features requested and/ or complained about in Forums were related to content in later expacs, hence I did not see these as "flaws." The name Time-Locked Expansion Server pretty much covered that.
      • Lack of Holidays/ Live events.
        • If you review the list of expansion release dates, then Google when said Holiday was released, many of the complaints were answered: They didn't exist at that time.
      • Game Mechanics, recipes, AA complaints, class imbalance complaints: Again, the server was time-locked.
      • Portions of Norrath
        • Quests which could not complete, due to areas of Norrath not yet being avail. So many complained because the crafting quests lead to BB and it didn't exist. I thought that was laid out in expectations, as EoF did not yet exist, therefore no BB.
    • As for general bugs, those occur in all video games.

    At least to me, the TLE experience met expectations as intro'd by Daybreak. I didn't expect anyone to rework entire expac(s), to create a standalone time-locked product. Any missing cogs would fall into place as each expac was voted upon/ implemented. If folks wanted to experience Norrath with all the bits and bobs: Live server.
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