(TLE Deathtoll) Guardian issues. . .

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Wilkerson (Kuraisenka), Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Wilkerson (Kuraisenka) New Member

    Hey guys/gals I know everyone is saying tanking in Deathtoll is super easy as a guardian but I have seen no one in game that's been able to do well. I know the AAs make a huge difference for a guardian but before AAs I feel like my guardian does nothing. Yeah I can dps like every other tank but my god anything under the sun has a chance of killing me, my gear is entirely defensive I am running MC gear for my level. Even still I get crushed by every other class in pvp and most mobs in pve. I see form the reading there was a mit reduction but I feel as though that really only hit guardians. Thanks for taking the time to read this bye.
  2. Axaqi Member

    Hello there, friend!

    Speaking from the perspective of a level 50 guardian raid MT on Deathtoll. It's quite easy to point out the glaring flaws:

    PvP: We are absolutely horrendous in PvP as a solo class. Anything can either out-kite, out-heal or out-dps us. There is no winning there. In groups, however, we are much better off. Two encounter taunts that make it hard for anyone in the opposing group to ever single target your friends. I am really not sure how to fix the solo issue at all. Sadly, it will probably boil down to making a different class alltogether if solo pvp is what you're aiming for.

    Instance tanking: We got hit the hardest by the mitigation nerf. Guardians rely almost entirely on mitigation whereas all other fighters have additional means to stay alive. This should perhaps be addressed in some way, don't have any really good suggestions however, outside of giving us raw mitigation on Iron Will or Armored.

    Raid tanking: This is where we are still king. Our max HP is unmatched with equal gear to other fighters. The small lead in mitigation does mean the big difference when stuff starts hitting for 4-6000 damage per hit. I might be wrong, but my guildmates usually tell me that I am much easier to keep alive than our crusaders.