[TLE]Conjurors in EoF

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Kwahnn, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Kwahnn New Member

    So in KoS, we got our MA to 120ish to get the 100% double attack...

    Now that EoF is out, all this NONRAID gear doesn't have much MA. What are your thoughts on whether you forego the MA to get higher AM/CC/Potency than we did in KoS?

    Just trying to figure out the numbers to shoot for.

    Again, I am referring to non raid loot, things we get from questing or instancing.
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  2. LodossOldSchool New Member

    I noticed this to Kwahnn. I will say that I have found some nice pieces that have both MA and either Attack Speed or DPS mod on them. So, there are stuff out there that grants MA but you are correct, now quite as much. My biggest complaint with the equipment is the CC. Items that doesn't have CC are great, meaning we are losing CC off our KoS stuff and the EoF items that do have CC on them are horrible meaning we are keeping or gaining CC but losing other blue stats. Trying to work around it and so far, doing well just something else I noticed though.
  3. agosborne Member

    You should still get MA to 100+ rating...that last 8% is the most diminished though of course. Don't sacrifice it for potency though---seeing a lot of mages undervaluing potency. You should be 63-65%+ potency pretty easily with EoF gear.
  4. agosborne Member