TLE, can we stop with the buffed up overworld mobs please?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Scyris, Jun 29, 2020 at 6:19 AM.

  1. Scyris New Member

    I hate to say this, but I am new to the server, and right now its damn near impossible to get a group for my level 28 ish character, I been trying to quest, but every quest outside of dungeons almost always seems to be filled with heroics ment for a group. Now before you jump down my throat: I love to group!, the problem is there is no one to group WITH right now due to RoK's release. Can't get a group if the players do not exist in the level range to group with.

    I know they want people to group more, but that doesn't work out to well later on in a servers life for lower levels when there is no one around to group with. The things I am trying to kill for my quest, are 24 ^^^ heroics, which on live would just be normal monsters. Even though I got 3 levels on them and am a Necromancer, they still kick the crap out of my pet, I can kill them, it just takes for frigging ever to do it solo. Live took care of the grouping problem by putting the merc's in. I'd kill to be able to use just one merc on TLE and only when not in a group, just to make soloing when I have to more bearable. Then again, not having every other quest be a quest to kill heroic ^^ or ^^^ mobs would be nice too.

    TL: DR non-dungeon mobs need to be made a ton easier so its actually possible to quest at lower levels, leave dungeon monsters as they are though, but the ones out in the world should not all be heroic+. Even as a necro which is supposedly the best solo class I still have some issues. Which makes me wonder how the hell other classes would manage to do it if at all.

    p.s. if you say its too easy and you two-box or more, it doesn't count, try doing it without 2+ Boxing characters and tell me how it works out for ya today at lower levels.
  2. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    It's just your timing Scyris. It is much harder to get a lower level group right now because ROK just launched and everyone has been hitting the newer content hard. Up until last week, you should have had zero issue finding a group at any level because all I saw for two weeks was a flooded LFG chat, looking for all levels. It is really crazy how popular the lower level content is. Make sure you are guilded in the proper type of guild that does lower level content as well.
    But no matter what, you will be hard pressed to find groups for another few weeks as most people are enjoying the new content (again :)
  3. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    Ill be back to grouping with low levels frequently in a bit after I finish my epic. Add me in game 'Kythos' and I can help you out here and there.
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  4. Pone the Wonderhorse Member

    If you see me online, I can help finish quests. I find that the quests seem to go from lots of soloable ones to a few harder heroics. This is especially true once you get onto the 'Golden Path'.
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  5. Vulnere Active Member

    I'm not going to enjoy eq2 again, until one of the two following things is true:
    1) mercs are introduced so I can do solo quests without 2-boxing (I don't enjoy doing that.. it destroys immersion).
    2) I find the mythical friendly guild that is large, and does all sorts of stuff at all hours of the day.

    right now, i'm playing something besides eq2, until I can get one of the two above.
  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    Your conditions have already been met.
    1. Mercs are available on every live server. They are specifically excluded from TLE servers.
    2. I've found Lava Forged on AB to be very friendly and have people on at all sorts of weird times. I'm sure there are similar guilds on other live servers.
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  7. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    And if that isn't enough, I would welcome you to try a brand new game out there, total immersion, completely different from anything you have ever played before...
    Very solo friendly :)

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