[TLE] Advice on Conji please

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Rozyn, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    Like many people, I've been meticulously planning out my Fallen Gate characters. One class I've always wanted to level but never got very far on is Conjuror. The Earthquake skill messes with my eyes, I start getting dizzy if I see it go off too much so I have had reservations about the class. But then I got thinking - could a TLE Conji be decent just skipping Earthquake altogether?

    I looked at some newer guides and it's barely in rotation, but of course, no AA level 50 has far fewer skill options. If nothing else, I could just solo with it, but I'd rather not be completely gimped in group situations. It's also not going to be a main. Basically, I can't sleep so I'm just like hey, why not ask the mages subforum about this really minor issue?!

    What do you think? Quakeless Conji?
  2. Zelox Active Member

    I mean you could, but if you care about maximizing dps since it's one of the only AOEs they ever get, don't. Unless there is some option in settings to stop the animation from playing
  3. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    Sadly, there is not despite many requests over the years for a screenshake toggle. I get why it's shaky, it's an Earthquake! Unfortunately it's also headache-inducing.
    Hrm, bummer. I might just continue to skip Conji then. Thanks for the input, though.
  4. Momo Well-Known Member

    I know this sounds probably completely silly, but I mean it. I don't know what follows your rotation after earthquake, but cant you hotkey (or macro) that in a way that youre able to close youre eyes? You know exactly how long it lasts. (I on the contrary have no idea about the cooldown, so how often you would have to do this, maybe its just a terribly stupid idea. In that case I beg excuse.) But your target's on the tank or your pet, so what could go wrong?
    If its a class you always wanted to play, give it a try? Also, at least in Stormhold, summoners were completely OP. I would think at least a try is worth it?

    PS: I feel really sorry for you. I had a guild friend with a fright of hights that could not go to many places in the game (not comparable, I know.) I just wish something could be done about your problem - I guess you are not the only one. And its just a graphics setting after all :(
  5. Zelox Active Member

    conjurors will be bad on FG, necros too but a little less so until LB
  6. Carynn Well-Known Member

    One trick for Earthquake is to zoom out as far as you can using the mouse wheel and shift it to overhead like in the CRPGs. It's not very doable in underground/inside zones, but outside and tall caves it helps some.
  7. Drefen New Member

    Why is that?
  8. Immudzen New Member

    I am also interested in why necromancers would be bad. They did quite well at the EQ2 launch and they have many survivability options. The spell research system will also be on fallen gate making it easier to get masters and grandmasters and there are a few key spells that would help solo and small group survivability a lot.
  9. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    I doubt they'll be 'bad,' probably just 'not insanely OP like SH launch.' People like to talk in extremes but I'm not terribly concerned about their performance.
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  10. Synistra Active Member

    I'm glad someone asked because I was curious too and I can never get a solid answer of why people think this. I've looked through patch notes and I can't figure out what was done to tone Summoners on Stormhold down. I plan on playing a Conjy anyway and boxing something else with it but I have yet to make up my mind. Conjurors are a class I've loved for years, you'll pry my pets from my cold dead hands.
  11. Immudzen New Member

    One of my friends and I are both planning to play necromancers. That way we can solo effectively but can also play together when our schedules match up. One of us will focus on crafting spells and the other on armor and this seems like it would cover the most important things.
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  12. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Earthquake yields low DPS, because it takes so long to both cast and refresh. There are situational uses, like aggroing a bunch of nearby mobs, but I don't use it in regular rotation.

    What you DO use regularly is also situational. If you're pulling a group of linked MOBs, then start with Ice Storm and Shattered Earth. Then revert to your normal spell rotation.

    What is your casting order/normal spell rotation? It will vary based on your gear and buffs, and the quality of your spells (Apprentice, Adept, Master, Grandmaster). Different people figure this out in different ways. You probably should install Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT).

    Next, you need a guildhall that has practice dummies (you want an Epic Dummy, then set it to Immortal). Even if your guild doesn't have one, you can use one in someone else's guildhall. Before we had guildhalls, we used to test DPS vs. breakable walls. If you have a higher level friend, you can have them remove their weapons and reactive buffs, and use them to hit. I'm just gonna refer to the dummy, but any alternate method is fine.

    Using ACT, you clear all encounters in ACT. Set your default auto attack to Melee in your Character Options window in-game. Start combat with the training dummy, and then back out about 20m. You want to hit the dummy with the same spell, three times. Check the total damage that spell did in ACT, divide that number by 3, and use that as your base damage. A number of conjy spells have both a DD and a DOT component, so you may want to average 10 attacks or more on those (check total damage and divide by the number of attacks to get the average).

    All your dumbfire pets have their own melee damage and spell damage, and the only way to figure that is using ACT. Add those together. Again, run 3 or more attacks, then divide by the number of attacks. For Communion, you have to add up:
    • aery assassin and Aery Assassinate
    • earthen eliminator and Telluric Devastation
    • fiery sorceror and Flames of Destruction

    The raw damage is not necessarily how you sort your spell casting order. A spell that does lesser damage but which casts fast and can be recast quickly (Crystal Blast, Fiery Annihilation) will end up doing more DPS than something that casts slowly for a big whomp (like Earthquake).

    Right at the moment, I throw:
    • Spellbind (Dragon AA), potency buff
    • Unda Arcanus Spiritus (Prestige Conjurer AA)
    • All three dumbfires
    • Crystal Blast
    • Fiery Annihilation
    • Ice Storm
    • Shattered Earth
    I go back and hit earlier spells that have refreshed before continuing down the line. I'm also tossing Elemental Blast (Conjuror AA) macroed with Arcane Bewilderment (Shadow AA) to try and dump some aggro, then Blazing Avatar (to reset Elemental Blast) when it's possible. In a group I like to do Plane Shift, Elemental Blast, Blazing Avatar, then Soulburn, then my pet heal, ideally any time Time Warp is up. On a hard MOB, I might start with Plane Shift etc.

    However, you have to test this on your own, because my gear and AA is probably different than yours.
  13. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    As per the title, this will be on the FG TLE, which has neither guildhalls nor AAs. However, the gist of what you're saying is right - I should just test it with ACT haha. Mostly I was just curious how Stormhold Conji's had fared post-balance with the skill before the thread started getting totally derailed.

    Also, it'd be super nice to get a screenshake toggle someday.
  14. Skuffle Member

    Definitely a day late getting this in but today's patch (8/10/17) includes an enable/disable option for camera shake. Perhaps this would help?
  15. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    Already levelling my conji and blowing things up with Earthquake to celebrate. >.< It's be awesome!