Title: Player Initiative: A Virtual Blood Drive in Celebration of Wars Sheol, EQ Xegony Server

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    Title: Player Initiative: A Virtual Blood Drive in Celebration of Wars Sheol, EQ Xegony Server
    Where: Everywhere

    Please join us in celebrating the life of a man known throughout Norrath as WARS!!

    In Everquest and Everquest II he played a dark elf warrior named Wars Sheol, but in real life he battled cancer his whole life.

    Wars was born with Xeroderma PigmentosumPigmentosum (XP)(Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) http://www.xps.org/), a rare form of skin cancer. Later, he was also diagnosed with Accute Myelogenous Leukemia (http://www.clevelandclinicmeded.com/medicalpubs/diseasemanagement/hematology-oncology/acute-myelogenous-leukemia).

    He beat the odds and lived longer than the world of medicine expected. As a child he participated in a research project that has helped children born with cancer have better lives. He fought hard against the diseases that stalked him. But Wars’ fight ended on 2/9/2013.

    His in game greeting was always “WARS!!” He was willing to help other players do a raid, camp a mob, get experience points, or farm for trade skill ingredients. His home in EQ was a castle and was featured in the Norrathian Home Show.

    He did not just play EQ and EQII - he was involved in making the game better; volunteering to serve on the Community Round Table and he helped beta test several expansions. At a Fan Fair, he was part of a group that suggested explaining Fippy Darkpaw's suicidal run.

    Always soft spoken but outgoing, he met everyone as a friend. He also loved pictures - he really enjoyed posing with the Firiona Vie models and all of his friends.

    When the doctors told him that he only had weeks to live, in typical Wars fashion, he looked for a way to reach out and help others. Having had a lifetime of transfusions, he knew that a pint of blood could make life better. In lieu of flowers, he asked his friends and family to donate blood at the American Red Cross. Those of us who are his friends are calling on the gaming community to join the drive.

    If giving at the American Red Cross, please ask the American Red Cross for a card and write that you are giving for "EQ-WARS!". Those cards will be directed to his family. If you prefer to donate directly to a local community blood bank or cancer center, that is good too. No matter the venue, if you donate blood in Wars' honor, please send an email to eqwarsblooddrive@gmail.com with the state in which you donated. His family will be kept informed about the number donations reported to the email address.

    Feel free to spread the word about this virtual blood drive to your guild and any gamer friends. Let’s make the expression "going viral" mean something good!

    In game he chose to be warrior; in real life he showed grace, courage and nobility while facing a really big boss mob. Whether you personally played with Wars, met him at a Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) gathering, or just want to help, please consider donating blood to help us build a positive living legacy in honor and celebration of a gentle giant who called himself WARS!!

    Thank you,
    Adisson – EQ, Xegony Crystilla, EQ, Erollisi Marr
    Cleranee EQ Xegony Dulcolax, EQ, Xegony
    Guilian Rumrunner, EQ, Xegony In Via Damnum Guild, EQ Xegony
    Jmorgana EQ Xegony Jethal Silverwing, EQ II
    Kalbit EQ Xegony Larksong, EQ, Xegony
    Maddoctor EQ Xegony Majandra, EQ, Xegony
    Moltok, EQ, Xegony Mrizx, EQ, Xegony
    Muffinstalker, EQ, Xegony Raeril, EQ, Xegony
    Senwars, EQ, Xegony Teodor Aurora, EQ, Xegony
    Tekilla, EQ, Xegony Wolana Phoenixfyre, Xegony
    Xensothertoon on Xegony Zanzemara Aurora, EQ, Xegony
    Zoraab, EQ, Xegony
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    Awesome idea :) Googling the local Red Cross now :)
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    Thank you for doing this! Wars touched so many lives. I am so terribly sad that he is gone but so blessed to have known him.
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    Would that I could for such a good cause, but because of meds that I have to take to sustain my own life, my blood is unacceptable for donations.

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