Tired of pugging? <IHW> on Maj'Dul is looking for more ppl for guild groups

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  1. Myxx <Into Harms Way> Maj'Dul


    Hate that feeling of disappointment when your pug group
    can't complete the Heroic weekly quests?

    <Into Harms Way> on the Maj'Dul Server is looking for you!

    We're inviting Tanks , Healers , Regen and Utility.
    Any experienced players that might not have time to
    raid, but enjoy running Heroic 1 & Heroic 2 groups
    (while hanging out with some really fun people that
    spend way too much time playing this game)

    BONUS: If you join today you too can make fun of Luc (our Raid Leader) :p
    J/K Luc , you're great! We would follow you on a refrigerator raid any day!

    If interested
    Please click to Apply to Guild or contact an officer in game

    IHW Officers: Angellfyre, Myxx, Mossbob, Psyvn and Lucutious

    You can also reach us on Discord: Myxx#0001 or Lucutious#0457

    About Us: IHW is an established Raid Guild that has been around for 10+ years.
    We take raiding seriously. As such our main focus is to progress and succeed
    while having fun at the same time.

    We take the same approach to grouping. If it's not fun , it's not worth it.
    Come kill with us!