Tinkerfest Feedback & Bugs - 2018

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  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Tinkerfest is now active on Test!

    Like clockwork, Tinkerfest has returned! Take up your favorite wrench in celebration of all things gnomish, be they metal, combustive, mathematical, experimental, or a combination thereof! Adventures, rewards, buyables and crafted items await you, both new and familiar at Gnomeland Security, your headquarters for all things Tinkerfest, in Steamfont Mountains. There have also been reports of some clockwork activity in both Antonica and The Commonlands, any metal-minded tinkerer would be wise to check it out!

    New features for '18!

    • TLE servers:
      • Stormhold – the event is active, except:
        • Aether races (Great Divide, Butcherblock, Lavastorm, Tenebrous Tangle), "The Reticent Tinkerer", and "Hack 'n Slash"
      • Fallen Gate – Special event merchant
    • Myron, Tinkerfest Merchant, in Gnomeland Security has new things to sell
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 10.0
      • New mount - Tinkerer's Bulkhorn Runner!
      • 8 New house items and baubles!
    Returning features:
    • In-game mail to announce the event and summarize location of quest givers.
    • Returning achievements:
      • What About Bhoughbh
      • Bits and Baubles
      • Full Metal Domicile
      • Famed Phosphorescence
      • Furiously Fast
      • Gnomachine Too Complicated
    • Previous tinkering recipe books sold by Tarly, Tinkerfest Merchant, in Gnomeland Security in Steamfont Mountains.
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 1.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 2.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 3.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 4.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 5.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 6.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 7.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 8.0
      • Tinkerfest Blueprints 9.0
      • Master Tinkerer's Companion Blueprints 1.0
      • Master Tinkerer Blueprints 1.0
      • Master Tinkerer Blueprints 2.0
      • Master Tinkerer Blueprints 3.0
    • Returning collections:
      • Tinkered Parts Collection
      • Tinkerer’s Extraordinary Toolbelt
    • Returning quests:
      • Hack ‘n Slash [public quest] – repeatable
      • We Can Rebuild - Repeatable, once per year
      • Tinker Bound History - Repeatable, once per year
      • Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica - Repeatable, once per year
      • The Reticent Tinkerer - not repeatable
      • Tinkerfest Cheer - repeatable
      • Friendly Competition - Repeatable, once per year
      • Great Balls of Fire - repeatable
      • The Legend of the Geargobbler - Repeatable, once per year
      • If They Only Had a Brain - Repeatable, once per year
      • Guide Quest: "A Tinkerer's Clockwork Catalog"
      • Guide Quest: "Tome of Tinkering”
    • Aether races participating
      • Aether Racing: Great Divide
      • Aether Racing: Butcherblock
      • Aether Racing: Lavastorm
      • Aether Racing: Tenebrous Tangle
    Please note: All of the scaling content should accommodate the new level cap (110). Please be sure to feedback any troubles you may encounter.

    This event content is currently set to run 07/19/2018 at 12:01 AM PDT until 08/02/2018 at 11:59 PM PDT on the live servers.

    Please post any feedback and bugs that you encounter with this event in this thread.

    Thank you!

  2. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    GAH! I mean ... yay? :D I'll be over to test shortly (just got back from the dr's office).
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  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Kaitheel - dearest, beloved, wonderful Kaitheel - is there any possibillity we could get another new festival? One that doesn't have any quests, no collections, no mobs to kill, no coins to collect and runs about 2 weeks? We just need a few weeks break from festivals! *collapses in exhausted heap* ...
  4. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    • Factory Sweeper Drone - housepet has no "stay" option. I am testing "Play Dead" to see if that will keep it permanently anchored now.
    • Grime-covered Spindle Gears, Grime-covered Axle Cogs, Intricate Vertical Gold Gear, Double-headed Rockpicker (Active), Spiked Carbonite Roller (Active) - default placement on these is such that 50% of the item is sunken underground. Is this intentional?
    • I love the effect on the Mechanamagical Coil fluff pet when you summon it. That was amusingly unexpected!
    • cooking utensils! {swoon}
    I'll test some of the quests for level scaling at 110 this afternoon.
  5. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    oh damn. I'll look at it tomorrow sorry, it's 11pm, I won't try bugs at this hour, sorry.

    And I concur with Tkia :D
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  6. Katz Well-Known Member

    Call it "Vacation Festival" and just plop an island with a beach and a bar in the ocean (no mobs). :D
  7. Kaitheel Developer

    You didn't notice it in the calendar already? Aug 8-19, 22-31 is the LaxaDays Festival.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  8. Kasa Active Member

    So many wonderful items, good job! :)
  9. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Looks like Den Mum caught the potential bugs and posted here already. Love everything. More versions of the new mount please cuz it is soooooo dang cute! Love the utensil set and hope we get for the other holidays and maybe even to match tea sets.

    Could we possibly get the "Ornate Gold Gear" and "Intricate Vertical Gold Gear" to scale smaller like the mushrooms were changed? So many uses currently and would greatly increase use if scaled down a bit more. Really appreciate it!

  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I thought we were getting 3 new events and I am positive when I looked at the calendar, there were 3, now the 3rd one is gone. I love events, festivals, holidays, etc.

    Tinkerfest is one of my favorite events of the year, especially since you put the PQ in last year. I will get over to test within the next couple of days and poke around a bit.


    BTW Kaitheel, I was doing heroics last night with my newly formed channel of friends, I got your Kaitheel's Medal of Dedication in one of the lotteries, I also got Kander's Nostalgia, but I chose to use your medal. =)
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  11. Chrol Developer

    There's been some minor changes to some back end stuff for the Tinkerfest PQ, which was the result of similar changes to other PQs, so if you good folks of Test can muster a group to run it that would be much appreciated! If all goes well, you shouldn't see anything different with the PQ over last year's. Thanks!
  12. Kaitheel Developer

    Eek! No. It was only two new ones, and I was stretching to get those. Did you see Tkia's response? I think another one would have killed all of us! Hehehehe!

    I am honored that you chose my medal, Cyrrena. *blush*

    ~ Kaitheel
  13. Kaitheel Developer

    Well, I have corrected the issues you identified, but as four of them are art source issues, I am not sure if the assets will make it onto the servers in time for the event. Here's the changes:
    • Factory Sweeper Drone - Housepet now has a "stay" option, but the "attack" option had been removed. (That model doesn't have proper animation for attack due to the garbage in the tray, blocking the arm.)
    • Grime-Covered Spindle Gears - House item no longer is placed sunken in the ground.
    • Grime-Covered Axle Cogs – House item no longer is placed sunken in the ground.
    • Spiked Carbonite Roller (Active) – House item no longer is placed sunken in the ground.
    • Double-Headed Rockpicker (Active) – House item is now a wall placed item.
    • Intricate Vertical Gold Gear – House item is now a wall placed item.
    ~ Kaitheel
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I doubt it can happen for this year,but I'd pay good money for a petamorph wand that would give my pet the appearance of the Mechanamagical Menace Plushie.
  15. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get up the oomph to coordinate a PQ run later - I'd wanted to test to make sure that level 110's wouldn't do something silly like one-shot pillars or such, anyway. ;D

    Meanwhile, testing for above level 100 scaling:
    "Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica" - level 102 SK: general mobs were level 102, but everything died in 1 or 2 hits. :D Defender mobs were level 100 heroics for the first wave, 102 heroics for all following waves.

    I'll be chipping away at testing the other quests with above-100 folks over the next day or two.
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  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Level-testing, continued
    "Tinker Bound History" - the Papernado spawned at the correct level for a level 102 SK
    "Tinkerfest Cheer" - no adventuring component :)
    "If They Only Had a Brain" - no adventuring component
    "Great Balls of Fire" - no adventuring component
    "The Legend of the Geargobbler" - level 102 SK, mobs were 102^^, easy kills, no xp (to clarify, no xp for the mobs, which fits my foggy memory, but xp, of course, for the quest)
    "The Reticent Tinkerer" - level 102 SK, mobs were all 102 or 102^ and easy solo kills
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  17. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    "We Can Rebuild" - yard trash was 100, quest objectives were 101^ for a level 102. I'll re-test with the 110 warden later to see if they're supposed to be a level or two below, or if they're capping at 100/101
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  18. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    [BUG] "We Can Rebuild" does not level scale past 100/101 mobs. (Tested again, this time with a level 110, and the mobs were still 100/101)
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  19. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I ran the PQ by myself (level 110 conjuror + level 110 mystic) in CL and finished the fifth round of pillars with 1h6 minutes left. It took roughly 2 minutes per pillar.
    Boss is level 110 and pillars are level 99 heroic.
    All went well.

    It's probably a bit too easy for live. Pillars are not one-shoted but if there's 10 players on them it'll probably go down too fast. Need a full group to test some more anyway.
  20. Lera Well-Known Member

    Could the bouncy spring cubes be made smaller? The default size and biggest size are good, but it would be nice if the minimum was about half of what it is now.
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