Time to make Inner Calm a Groupwide buff

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-BChizzle, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Dear Devs please look into making Inner Calm groupwide thanks.
  2. ARCHIVED-irk2000 Guest

    I agree and why it has WIS as a self buff is beyond me, seems it should be changed to group/raid wide buff and it stays the same or even up the str on the buff and leave it self while adding a phys mit.
  3. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Why isn't this a group buff yet?
  4. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    Yeah, monks could really use some more group utility.
    +1 for making Inner Calm group wide.

    Some of our other buffs could be made group wide as well. Lightning Palm (with a damage increase) and Everburning Flame (health only drained from the monk) would hardly be OP if they were allowed to be applied to all group members while active.
  5. ARCHIVED-Harowen Guest

    Both brawler classes need a serious review for some group utility.
  6. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    I don't think the bruiser needs anymore utility. Monks were more utility than bruisers were but not insainly op'ed. Now monks could use more utility boosts than any fighter.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    Aull wrote:
    maybe i am missing something but the bruiser utility would be his brutality right? and if so taht is the only one he gets...... how is that alot, you have to put aa into it to get the utility. i guess the 5% hate reductions is nice and all but i dont see that much of a diffence in others hate gain. and the accuracy buff part monks can get too.
    so am i missing something on the utility part here? (not meaning to sound rude, just trying to make myself the best bruiser i can be)
  8. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    The sacrifice line in the bruiser tree was given some luv.
    Shrug off 15% avoidance improvement.
    Brutal inspiration basically a 30sec close mind that can be used on group/raid mates.
    Soak hit will allow the bruiser to absorb all damage to an ally as long as the hit is 10% more than their hp for one hit.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    yeah just remembered that. did not see that as much utility but guess it is some
  10. ARCHIVED-circusgirl Guest

    In my opinion, both inner calm and the bruiser equivalent (which is str/agi instead of str/wis) should be made groupwide.
  11. ARCHIVED-sensie Guest

    I agree with Blanka's concept of making inner calm group wide, but think that maybe the buff should be reworked a bit, not sure how a str/wis buff would really impact a group/raid. For example only fighters will benefit from a str buff, however how much will fighters get out of it, with diminishing returns. In most raid situations I have anywheres from 1400 to 1600 str if not more. Maybe add a red adourment that gives a third ability, and makes the str/wis group wide and the third buff, such as raid wide stamina or raid wide 5 percent max health (maybe over powered).
  12. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    The wisdom would give the healers in your group a little extra potency. It would also give everyone else a small bit of resists.
  13. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Aull wrote:
    Have you seen the utility SKs get in addition to how op they are even without any?
  14. ARCHIVED-couching Guest

    Str only works for fighter and the chances of having 2nd fighter in the group is pretty low. Wis increases tiny resists and it's worthless.
    We need something added in Inner calm. Otherwise, groupwide Inner calm is still useless.
  15. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    Lethe5683 wrote:
    Here's my whole thinking. No fighter should have excellent defensive tools, good utility, and high dps. It could be excellent defensive tools, sucky utility, and decent dps. It could be shotty defensive tools, great utility, and decent dps. It could be shotty defensive tools, sucky utility, and high dps.
    Anyway sorry I am getting the thread off track.
  16. ARCHIVED-Lorrn Guest

    I agree that inner calm should be made a group wide buff. but as has been brought up what exactly is str gonna do for anyone but the monk, cause chances are there is not another fighter in the group. and the + wisdom is a joke so lets nto go there. that being said. heres how i woudl change it.
    inner calm. group ae until cancelled concentration slots 2 (cause lets be honest it coudl be 3 if we wanted hehe)
    so lets think about this.. inner calm. obviosuly the name implys some sort of quelling of turmoil within ones self.
    so thinking of it that way.
    increases each member of the groups primary stat by 165 or so.
    this would actually make some sort of difference for any class of character grouped with teh monk.
    i also think that the 5% hp boost that can be added through red adorns shoudl also be group wide.
    that change there gives a nice boost for the group.. nothing overpowered and woudl give me a reason to have the inner calm adorn on my dps gloves.
    and the bruiser one really coudl function the same.
    but instead of the group becomming more spiritually in tune because of the monk. they woudl get a littel more feral because of the bruiser.
    anyway those are my thoughts.. the bruiser one woudl lose the agility it has which of course woudl decrease their base avoidance.. but seriously who gives a dang about base avoidance anyway heh. changing it to a group buff woudl jsut have far more weight i think for them then the loss of the agility part.
  17. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Nulgara@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    There's no reason to loose anything.
  18. ARCHIVED-Lorrn Guest

    i see where your coming from but if the buff was changed to buff the primary stat of each archetype. the bruiser one woudl end up buffing scouts primary twice and the monk one woudl buff healers primary twice so making it a single stat buff made the most sense to me.
    im sure there is something else we coudl come up with to replace the loss of the second stat. maybe like 5-10% recovery speed or some such would work.. im not sure what i woudl really put on there to round out the buff.
  19. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Nulgara@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    It should just increase all stats except STA reguardless of class.
  20. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    It would be nice if they made Meditative Healing a buff that took a concentration slot per casting and can be cast on 1 group/raid friend per concentration slot.

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