Time-Locked Expansion Server FAQ

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    I know the question was asked on the twitch feed, and wasn't answered, but have you decided whether the vote is to be limited to adventure level, or will it include crafting levels ?
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  2. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Skyshrine and Withered Lands would immediately invalidate most of DoV crafting, too, by adding the new tier of materials.

    The Level 92 content might be better tied to the Age of Discovery expansion. Cobalt Scar should likely be tied to Chains of Eternity since it is Level 95 content.
  3. Lysanthria New Member

    So, if I create a new character on the TLE server, at log in I can choose that server or go back to my old server? I can switch back and forth?
  4. Pumarah Member

    Hey Schmetterling, I can answer that last part, Butcherblock as well as the rest of the Faedwer areas such as Kelathin and Kaladim are part of the EoF expansion, and as such, those areas have not yet been 're-discovered' We'll have to advance the world to the point that unlocking it comes up for a vote, and it gets the required 2/3 majority vote to see that happen.
  5. Pumarah Member

    Sure can Lysanthria, both the TL and normal live servers will show at the character select part of log in, and you can easily jump back and forth as you see fit, just choose camp out to character select rather than a full log out to save some time, if already in the EQ world.
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  6. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Yes, but if you're playing in the EU region, you'll need to change Launchpad to US region to see the TLE Servers.
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  7. Tehrror123 Member

    Keep Guild Halls, Mercs, Flying, Leaping, Flying mounts OFF THE TL-PVP SERVER!!!!
    Ground speed should never EVER exceed 50% run speed on anything.
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  8. Tehrror123 Member

    PLEASE for the love of god don't start making the same dumbazz mistakes you made the first go around..
  9. em2010 New Member

    I get why they took channeler and BL out, but I've got to admit, I'm a little disappointed by it. Channeler is my favorite class and i was really looking forward to running low level groups with one, when the content is relevant. By the time the servers get to ToV, it'll be like most other servers, no one's going to be running low level zones anymore. It just kinda turned me against the TLE servers :"(
  10. Poisonhawk Active Member

    Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    Classic server is the first sign the game is going down in a hurry. Just look at the past MMO's that have done it. There is a reason the game evolved past the classic in the first place......Enjoy your Atari2600 server! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    Now that you have the new servers can you please fix the bugs on the other servers!!
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  11. Ancientwalker New Member

    There's a difference between repeating history and going back in time and re-writing it. Most of the MMOs I've played (pretty much every popular western MMO) have teething problems at the beginning varying from server instability to bugs to content not being ready for launch.

    After all those things get sorted out and the "original" game is finally done, it's usually time for an expansion or two. Going back and having the original version with many updates to mechanics, balance, bugs, server stability gives a similar experience to MMO launch but with much higher production value and satisfaction.
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  12. Poisonhawk Active Member

    I agree Ancientwalker on your point but wondering why you are here and not on all those MMO's you've played; is it not because they died, which was my point in the first place????
    These guys have already showed they can't do what you are saying is going to happen on this new Atari2600 server. If they could, there would be no need for the new server in the first place.....Just my 2coppers worth. Good Hunting and enjoy! See you in the next MMO.
  13. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I am completely in LOVE with these servers, and I am SOOO very grateful to the Daybreak team, but I feel mercenaries and experience potions will ruin the experience :(. COULD WE PLEASE VOTE on these two things before you bring them to the servers? I don't recall if we voted before the servers were up, but people may have changed their mind after playing on them!
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  14. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Nothing has been said about MOONLIGHT ENCHANTMENTS and CITY FAIRS. Will these things be available? I am actually hoping to NOT HAVE THEM! The idea of having to rely on crafted and quested items to decorate is every bit as exciting as the adventuring! I want to ROUGH IT ALL THE WAY!!! :D
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  15. LittleOgre New Member

    I have a question about the expansion unlock system. Does the 2/3 majority come from the number of players on the server, number of active players on the server or the number of players within 20 levels of the current level cap? Along with that question, will the expansion be unlocked immediately or will we be waiting a set amount of time for the code to be completed and tested?

    I'm just moderately concerned that the pace of the server will be entirely set by the few and not the many. I personally don't want to spend too long on any expansion but I would like some time to raid and enjoy end game content as we go. As many people know several of the raids have 5-7 day lockout timers that keep you from completing them over and over again. I just want ample time to complete the various available raid gear sets. I also want to kill Vox a couple dozen times when it actually means something.
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  16. Adevil Well-Known Member

    I may have interpreted that wrong, but I took it to mean 2/3 of the votes that are cast.
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  17. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Good information to know! I wouldn't have even looked for them.
  18. LittleOgre New Member

    Great point... well that's a little concerning if the first vote is in the first month.
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  19. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    But then, the first vote was about Marketplace things they hinted at including later. It wasn't about the next x-pack.
  20. trixster Active Member

    It seems like CE /claim content should be available as the expantions tied to it are unlocked.

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