Time-Locked Expansion Server FAQ (June 16)

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kander, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. semisus Does not play this game

    can you please open up broker anywhere command? or give people a chance to vote on it:)
  2. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the answer Kander ! :)
  3. Delphos New Member

    If someone can shed some light in a couple of questions stuck in my mind i will be very pleased. The thing is i started on everquest about 2005-2006,and back in the day EQ2 was alot more complex and difilcult game, and things got changed during the years, resulting in a much more easy and simple game today, how this TLE servers works in this regards? For example, back in the day mobs were thougher, respawn times were higher, old times you needed to learn many languages so you can speak with mobs to get quests, and all this and more has been softened(especially since F2P conversion it seems). How this new servers work? Challenging like before or easy like all others?
  4. Tohopka Active Member

    I remember the poll. I so wanted beastlord and channeler since those were the only ones I play. Guess I'm with another fellow beastlord and pretend this server doesn't exist. I don't agree kander but oh well.
  5. Ozryc Active Member

    Those classes do not fit. They were built from ground up with AA's in mind. The classes are already impossible to balance without 2 classes that were never intended to exist without AA's
  6. Ozryc Active Member

    I hope never. Strongly doubt it would win a vote. We in fact need the black market broker in place as it makes for another pvp hot spot.
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  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    Hehe the real question is, are there any plans to allow us to use the old commands to access your bank and house vaults from anywhere that were in game 2004-2005 ;). Now THAT was convinient.

    (mostly kidding, I'm pretty sure that was an unintended feature at the time)
  8. semisus Does not play this game

    guess your right , didnt think of black market broker since i play pve , perhaps open it up for the good/dark side ? that would mean people would still have to go to black market broker to see other side stuff
    i think all it would do is increase the items for sale and buying
  9. Gilasil Active Member

    About beastlords and channelers not fitting because of AAs. They were designed to be leveled from level 1/0 AA like all the other classes. I've leveled both classes from level 1 grouping all the way. They're viable at all levels. You don't NEED AAs for either. Sure you get less. But that's the case for all classes. In any event, they'd be EASIER to balance without AAs as there's less skill combinations to worry about.

    I went ahead and rolled a throwaway toon just to see what was going on. On the newbie island I ran into an Arrakin (sp?) and a Sarnak. I'm sure there are some freebloods running around. None of those races has any more right to be available at the start of a progression server then the beastlord or channeler classes. Yet there they are.

    These "progression" servers are not real progression servers. There's huge differences between what goes on on those servers and what went on right after EQ2 was released. They can give a sort of feel for the game as it was back then but that's all. What they really offer is a slow advancing game where players can go back to the basics. Where 10 sp actually makes a difference. That's not a bad thing. But by no means is it the way the game was on release day.

    To ban two classes just because they were introduced later -- when races introduced later are allowed -- it very inconsistent.
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  10. Dixa Active Member

    These are not "progression" servers. That is your first mistake.

    These are not "classic" servers. That would be your second mistake.

    Ragefire is a "progression" server, where the vote to unlock the next expansion is not even considered until all current raid tiers are cleared, "progressed" through.

    This is just straight time locked. First vote is in 4 weeks regardless of where anyone is with raiding.

    Ragefire is not a classic server. You can be a Halfling paladin. Coin has no weight. Zone redesigns like Freeport are in. Quest items for quests that don't exist for a few expansions continue to drop and fill your bags.

    There must be another reason why they decided to not let beastlords and channelers in right now. You will survive without them.
  11. Aquaskaientos Member

    There will be no pvp spot as everyone will use low lvl character to use it.
  12. Banjax New Member

    I can survive without the beast lord and everything, though it is one of my preferred classes. I think the major issue here is that people want to play what they paid for. I understand that they are heavily based off AA but if they are willing to take the hit on it then they should be allowed. You can play races that have nothing to do with the original EQ2, but since they were PAID for you can play them.

    If the main argument here is that they "can't" survive without their precious AA's then there is absolutely no reason they shouldn't be released WHEN AA IS IMPLEMENTED, not having to wait even longer for their own expansions. No one wants to have to wait for however long it is before they are released, and that's if the server allows things to progress that far.

    Let the people play what they want, especially if you're going to charge them for the class, and charge them for the server. There is no reason they should have to wait.

    It's obvious nostalgia isn't the issue, though Kander's little skeleton guy on the Isle won't stop screaming about nostalgia. If it were a nostalgia issue the other races would not be there.
  13. bluegod New Member

    I'm excited and looking forward to playing on the tle server. This is a great idea and wanted to take this moment to say thanks devs!
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  14. Scum Member

    Just want to say Deathtoll server is Amazing!!!!!!
    TLP pvp server has brought back the enjoyment to the game.
    The only thing I would ask for is very minor but it adds a whole new level to my pvp game! Audio emotes!!!!! Right now we can emote but no sound :( I want people to hear me cheer, laugh, and listen to me tell them what I think of them! I'm sure it adds much more rivalry when people here my frogloks horrendous laugh after killing them. Or the wood elf snicker.

    Great server !!
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  15. stephen925 New Member

    ok how can you make us start at the place that we all love then just put us right back to the place we all hate to go. I love the island and the fact that it is back is epic it needs to stay forever. But to make us just go right back to the new starting areas right after like really what was even the point of all of it, I mean just no, really did you think about how many people really didn't like those areas. I Loved starting in QN and having to work around everywhere and learn a little something about all the people in my home town and the same can be said about Freeport but really do hate the Darkwoods. That had little to no story just alot of BS running around. Please change it back plus you cant call it a time lock sever if we don't get to start in the original city's after the boat then you just skipped 5 exp packs.
  16. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    You can go directly to Freeport or Qeynos from the Isle if you want to. You don't have to go to DLW or FFS. My SK went directly to Freeport and has been having a great time in Sunken City.

    It's your choice - they aren't "making" you go to DLW if you don't want to.

    Although if you're talking about the city suburbs, I suggest you do some reading in this and other threads as to why they can't bring them back.
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  17. MiloToadfoot New Member

    Are they using old Qeynos or the new version?
  18. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    New version
  19. GirthWagon New Member

    I'm salty that there are no beastlords. ;/ Bought it from the market because the FAQ said I could play it when the TLE launched.. Can we fix the FAQ to say, 'Save your money, dont buy beastlord or chenneler'?
  20. Chrisworld Active Member

    So how are the expansions going to be handled when they come out? The goal of this server is to be different than live, but when expansions are unlocked, that might make the server more and more like live. Apart from the population, re-intro of boat + isles, and the slow progression through the game as each expansion is released, this worries me a bit.

    Does DBG have the resources to handle balancing of expansions for the TLE servers? Will they use old code? I remember hearing they have some old code of most expansions but not all of them.

    I apologize of this has been covered but there are is so much content on here already and I can't find anything using the search feature related to my question.