Time-Locked Expansion Server FAQ (June 16)

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  1. Kander Developer

    Greetings Fellow Norrathians!

    We wanted to make a post this week and give you a glimpse of what we are planning for our Time-Locked Expansion Servers and what you can expect to see here in the very near future.

    Our current plan is to launch 2 new TLE Servers, a PvE and a PvP version. Both of these servers will have back up servers in case we need them. I am going to go over the current iteration of how they will be launching and what our plans are with them, and also list what we are considering, which we will give you, our player base, a chance to vote on with in-game polls. More on that later.

    What can we expect to be in place with the launch of the Time-Locked Expansion servers?

    The plan is to shoot for maximum nostalgia that is still within our power to make happen. So there will be many features that will not be available to players when we launch these servers and many that will never be available, especially for PvP.
    • PvP server: no battlegrounds EVER!
    • PvP server: no prestige housing!
    • PvP server: no flying, leaping or gliding EVER!
    • PvP server: No more pvp stats on gear. Procs return to items that have them.
    • PvP server: Travel bells will be restricted, more information to be determined.
    • There will only be ground mounts and they will have reduced ground speed. Most likely 45%/50% run speed.
    • Only All Access Members will be able to create characters and log into the TLE-Servers.
    • A new queue system for logging into the servers
    • Content will be locked to classic EverQuest 2, starting areas will be Frostfang Sea and Darklight Wood. More on this later.
    • Expansions will be voted to be unlocked at certain times by the population of the server. Majority vote 2/3 of the population.
    • No Veteran Rewards or Veteran experience bonus.
    • No Recruit a Friend
    • No /claims. Anything you could claim on your normal accounts will not be available on the new TLE-Servers
    • Loyalty System and daily quests will be locked to Chains of Eternity expansion.
    • Legendary, Fabled and Mythical crits will be locked to Altar of Malice Expansion.
    • No dungeon finder
    • Level agnostic dungeons will be locked to an undetermined expansion feature.
    • No races or classes will be restricted from character create if you own them. They will all be playable at launch.
    • Re-forging, Mercenaries, and Tradeskill apprentices will be locked to Age of Discovery.
    • Mercenaries may or may not return to PvP, this will most likely become a poll in the future.
    • Guidhalls and their amenities will be locked to a undetermined expansion. We are still considering this.
    • No prestige home portal or home UI will be available.
    • Marketplace will be highly restricted and polls will be done to determine what will be available.
    • Experience penalty will be returned to launch levels of experience gain
    • Coin will also be returned to launch levels of coin gain.
    • Adventure packs will be linked to specific expansions, still being determined.
    What will be the AA and level caps, levels and restrictions for the PvE and PvP Servers?

    • Exp01: Desert of Flames, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 60, Guild Level Cap Increased to 60
    • Exp02: Kingdom of Sky, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 70, Alternate Advancement Subclass Window unlocked with a 50 AA cap, Guild Level Cap Increased to 70
    • Exp03: Echoes of Faydwer, AA Class Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 100, Tinkering, Transmuting, and Adorning Unlocked
    • Exp04: Rise of Kunark, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 80, AA Cap is Raised to 140, Guild Level Cap Increased to 80, Guild Halls
    • Exp05: The Shadow Odyssey, AA Shadows Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 200
    • Exp06: Sentinel's Fate, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 90, AA Cap is Raised to 250, Guild Level Cap Increased to 90
    • Exp07: Destiny of Velious, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 92, AA Heroic Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 300, Flying, Leaping and Gliding Mounts
    • Exp08: Age of Discovery, AA Cap is Raised to 320, Mercenaries, Apprentices, Reforging
    • Exp09: Chains of Eternity, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 95, Prestige Window Unlocked, Guild Level Cap Increased to 95
    • Exp10: Tears of Veeshan, AA Dragon Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 350
    • Exp11: Altar of Malice, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild Level raised to 100, Prestige Class Tree is Unlocked, Guild Level Cap Increased to 100, Legendary, Fabled and Mythical crits
    There are going to be a few things we are going to allow you guys to vote on with in-game polls. We also can add additional poll questions as they come up and we deem them important for the player base to determine. Okay, so what will the polls involve and when can we vote?

    *Note – In order to vote in the PvE and PvP polls you must be an all access member or have an account that is more than 30 days old*

    Polls will be coming in-game today, and the first poll will run until Tuesday, June 23. These will be touching on a lot of subjects. For instance, we have guild halls slated to go in with Kunark. We may do a poll that asks, do you want guild halls with Kunark? Do you want guildhalls at all?

    After this post, we will do our best to answer questions we see and also perhaps find additional items to add to future polls.

    We look forward to getting these servers up and running and are really excited to see what comes next! Approximate beta for TLE Servers is Jul 7th. Thanks everyone!
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  2. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

  3. Dequi Active Member

    Kander - Top Man, 7th July is not too far away :)
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  4. Dequi Active Member

    Will the BETA require an All Access Subscription?

    Edit - Already answered by Roshen, BETA will be Public. Thanks.
  5. MaxSilver Member

    Sweet! Although I would hope in-game polls means on the new servers, not elsewhere.
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  6. Ozryc Active Member

    Hell yea! Pvp reborn
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  7. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Any news on the low level contested heroics/epics being restored to their former glory, or is that still in the "we will see" stage?

    Also, is it even possible to disable or bypass certain mechanics like crit, potency, etc., until the expac they came in, or is that way too much/distruptive work? I'm thinking maybe just a debuff or something that nullifies those mechanics.
  8. Roshen Well-Known Member

    The new servers aren't open yet. The polls that are starting today will be on ALL live servers.

    In the future after these servers are open, polls regarding the future of these servers will be on the servers themselves.
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  9. Milambers Active Member

    Looks good, mostly.

    Are you dead set on keeping all classes in at launch? Having spent a lot of time PvPing on Beastlord, I think it will be a balancing headache that isn't worth your time, and doesn't fit in with the overall nostalgia feel. New and unbalanced classes that older returning players might not have dealt with before may be a turn off.
  10. MaxSilver Member

    in the future that is...
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  11. Hreimdal New Member

    What about the fame system? Currently it is awful. It needs to be reverted desperately! No fame decay and no experience bar to show you how close / far from the next title.

    This is the deal breaker for a lot of people I believe.
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  12. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Completely agree on leaving beastlords and channelers out until their appropriate implementation time. It will save time to work on bigger issues because those 2 classes will with out a doubt have balancing issues that will need to be addressed if they are available when they shouldn't be.
    Also there should be no questions, if's, ands or buts that merc's do not belong in pvp whatsoever.
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  13. Jazhara Member

    Hey Kander!

    Thank you devs for posting this. I know myself and others are very much looking forward to the new server types! However, you do mention that this is just a "glimpse" into the new servers. Are the devs currently looking into anyway to help balance out the mass amount of power characters will possess due to the current itemization thus trivializing content? Such as debuff everyone by x% or increase mobs by x% at the start and then slowly close the gap as expansions get closer to current live content for example? Any response would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  14. cyanbane New Member

    This is so refreshing, people over on trainto.zone pumped! I am going to have to re DL client just to vote in the polls. Ah well, worth the prep if the PvP servers are going to look like this list.
  15. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    no beastlords or channelers please please
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  16. Kander Developer

    We are working on a list of heroics and epics that we will be restoring on the new servers. yes.
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  17. MaxSilver Member

    A suggestion might be to have a scale from 1-10 on agree--->disagree importance for a survey question. I think many of us strongly agree there is no place for merc's or guild housing for pvp, and it might be beneficial guidance for the dev team on how important we think things are. just a thought.
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  18. Fetish Well-Known Member

    Is it just mine, or is the TL PvP in game poll borked on question 4? The text is gigantic and overlaps the choice circles.
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  19. Kander Developer

    I believe we will include the no mercs thing for PvP in the next poll.

    We can discuss not having channelers or beastlords until their expansion unlocks. I will say, I am not super excited about not letting people use classes they've paid for.
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  20. Kander Developer

    It is currently having an issue, we are looking at it now.