Time-Locked Expansion Beta Servers are NOW Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Lungz Member

    total cash grab what a shame. pretty much the quality of work (or lack of) i expected them to produce. glad i didnt resub. i feel bad for all the people who bought into the hype and are now paying them to help them test a beta thinking they actually plan to fix anything at all. beta will run till maybe the end of the month if you guys are lucky with zero meaningful changes or balance rounds then launch broken unbalanced and unfixed. enjoy paying them for the same product that you stopped playing for free.
  2. G.Black Active Member

    Went for 2 hours while my timer was 1.40. When I came back. it was saying 2.10. I canceled, pressed the login again and loaded right away.
  3. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    How can you rubbish them if you haven't resubbed and therefore are not part of the BETA test? Comments from posters in this thread show very clearly that they didn't do their research or read about what these Time-Locked Expansion Servers were going to be - not Project2004, not vanilla EQ2, not the game at launch. The devs have been very upfront with us about what they will be doing, so anyone complaining that it wasn't as they remembered at login has only themselves to blame for not reading the info about it to start with.
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  4. Chemdawg New Member

    A lot of dum-dums obviously didn't read the past dozen or so updates from DBG specifying that this would not be a classic version of the game.

    That being said....

    if this really was a progression or time-locked server, then we shouldn't be allowed to play Faes, Arsais, Sarnaks or Aerakyn. For the love of god, remove them and make them available during their respectable expansion release
  5. Charlice Well-Known Member

    It's a test of patience. Did you pass? ;)

    I'm sorry but this is the most ridiculous post I've read so far. If DBG are not meant to rely on their customers for cash, where do you think they might get it from?
    Apart from that a great number of players hitting the Beta servers were already subbed, therefore it is not costing us one single cent more.
    Call me skeptical, but I doubt you even had a sub.

    DBG have already started to make changes to these new TLE servers in BETA. You're carrying on before they've even gone live. If my kids carried on like that, I'd disown them.
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  6. Mahho New Member

    People who are whining about --> BETA <-- are the ones who fcked up the game firstplace by whining about everything! READ what devs are posting. 95% of issues written here by people were already written down by devs before servers went live.
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  7. Jaden Well-Known Member

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  8. Gilhooley New Member

    A few questions. Why would DBG require the all access monthly fee or add a "queue" for a game that's 11 years old, and then call it a beta that's still subject to wipes? I, like most was excited at the idea, but now it just seems to be a experiment on "how much your customers are willing to take"? I'm not attempting to seem harsh or "Troll" but does any of this really make any sense... There are a lot of games that are following the newer trend to ask consumers to pre-pay or pay for early access. This is just passing the financial risk of "development" to the consumer. However, this Time Lock Server Beta deal is not a "deal" at all.
  9. Lovidicus Active Member

    It's $14.
  10. Gilhooley New Member

    As I've been fond of EQ2 since launch I did just re-subscribe two days ago. I also paid for founders pack of Landmark a few months back... Just seems like a poorly constructed cash grab... The "wipes" just make no sense. The content not being reset back to 2004 just adds to lack of frustration. Has anyone seen any post that mentions why this is a "Beta" or when it's going live?
  11. Moldylocks Member

    I was going to write something interesting as a reply, but judging by this and your other post, you seem to already have your mind made up. One thing I will say, is that if you find yourself in the position to make a rambling, negative post, sometimes it's just better to walk away and not add anything.
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  12. Lovidicus Active Member

    Sounds like you want to play the Time-Locked Progression server. That's not out yet. This is a beta. Beta's have wipes. Beta's go on until the developer feels ready. So log off, and keep checking back for a forum post that tells you when the thing you're actually looking for is going to start. Then go a head and play at that time instead of coming here to complain about paying $14 too soon because you didn't read what you were doing before you did it.
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  13. Dixa Active Member

    why shouldn't you have to pay?

    did the success of the eq1 tlp servers escape your notice?
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  14. Blum New Member

    No posts in 5 days i guess that means you can login no problem? Lol
  15. Dixa Active Member

    they have posted elsewhere, including a line-by-line response to a poster that pretty much summed up 'get off the isle of refuge whine train it just ain't happening'
  16. Ctoac New Member

    Oops, should have asked this in the FAQ thread. Never mind I don't have the privileges to do so.

    Hi All,

    I was HYPED for EQ TLP and that's been a fun ride to 50.

    But now I'm super hyped to get the chance to relive EQ2 again.

    Will these TLE servers mimic the game as it was in 2004?

    Mob difficulty (how it was literally all group content 1-50).

    If not, can someone list what will be different from the original game / release in 2004?
  17. Nybbos New Member

    The biggest and most important thing they need to fix is making it so no one can use any sort of hacking or 3rd party programs to get an unfair advantage. All should be able to agree on that.

    To all you money and just all around cry baby's get over it, it's BETA!
  18. SeaJae Member

    So do we have a timetable for when this goes live? I'm sure it's been asked a million times but I don't use the forums too often.
  19. Jaxarale01 New Member

    I can answer this.
    TLP servers were a huge windfall for a struggling company... Ragefire had the most unique logins of any server in the history of EQ by far. Over 10k accounts the first couple days... so they had to spin off another server.

    Saying this... of course they are going to go All-Access they are in business to make money and if even half of what came to TLP comes here they are going to do well.

    As for the login queue... they are trying to be proactive as the TLPs didnt have one and needed it day one due to the huge response.

    You should be happy... they are taking the mistakes made on the TLPs and being proactive for your TLEs..
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  20. Spindle Well-Known Member

    "You should be happy... they are taking the mistakes made on the TLPs and being proactive for your TLEs.."

    For some people "be happy" is to be miserable all the time and to make other people miserable all the time. It's human nature.

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