Time-Locked Expansion Beta Servers are NOW Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. alyshnya New Member

    Logged in at 7:30 am and says still queing..almost noon....guess time get my toenails and fingernails painted since my house is done..dishes done..shower out of way and ate breakfast..
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  2. Swigar Member

    Dear DBG,
    I know some people do not understand what a "Queue" is, so let me elaborate. "Queue" is a fancy term for a line. Generally, lines progress forward. What this means is that when the first person gets to destination, the next moves forward, and so on. So in theory, if I was say, 10th person in line or "Queue", as the people move forward, I would as well and my time in line or "queue" if you will.. would be shorter. in real life, I only know of two reasons why your wait in line would get progressively longer. 1. People keep jumping line and making you wait longer... or 2. The Doorman/Bouncer/ticket person is not allowing anyone in. If you guys are working on something and cannot let us in the server... be upfront and just tell us instead of keeping us all in the dark. Thank you for your time.
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  3. Xiao Member

    looks like nobody is at work which is kind of scary
  4. Lord_Delita Member

    I like how the only thing "classic" I've seen from this server thus far is how poorly the launch has gone. Truly a classic experience for anyone who has ever played a game on launch day. I do wonder though, if it's this hard to get the beta right, perhaps I should wait at least a month before attempting the live version, if I decide to at all that is.
  5. Gabaron Member

    Game is nothing like it was back in 2004.Lvling is too fast.Wrong starting zones.The only thing which was same all the time with SOE,DBG are the freakin lags=)
  6. Cykonecro New Member

    im at work Xiao... getting paid to play is awesome, well when I can play....1 hour 33 minutes......
  7. Lord_Delita Member

    Just got kicked from the queue, not that it mattered. Came back to the same time anyway.
  8. Swigar Member

    well, at least I can create characters that I cannot play with for another 2h 5 min
  9. Jomei New Member

    I don't think you understand the difference between a Progression Server and a Vanilla Server...
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  10. Alenna Well-Known Member

    any word on when the testing of the que will be done there are those of us who have been trying to get in all morning.
  11. Lord_Delita Member

    I think many of us inferred that because we were PROGRESSING through the game, some of the things would be more akin to what they were during that previous time period. Most of understand that some things are outside the realm of possibility but a live server copy with locked expansions and a few locked features is the laziest, half-witted idea one could possibly come up with and we all know it won't last or please more than a handful of people (IMO).
  12. Windelk New Member

    I give up. It won't let me in no matter how long I wait.
  13. Milambers Active Member

    Well, nothing screams 'come back and play our game' like making sure the majority of people can't actually get online. Bravo!
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  14. Mowse Active Member

    My guess (es)
    They are working on it
    It is Beta which means getting all the bugs out
    DBG has put a lot of work into getting this to us so .. again.. they are still working at it
    Funny those who say it sucks and it is less than 24 hours old.
  15. Pvpmedic New Member

    So all I did was log close the game and tried re logging back in 4 times and I was able to get into game even though the previous 3 times said 1.5 hours. Just FYI if anyone wants to give it a shot.
  16. Milambers Active Member

    I think it's funny to announce a short beta then release something that needs a hell of a lot of work. When people say that before a beta you expect some of the things repeated endlessly on the forums before beta launch to already be in place.
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  17. Siren Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, PvPmedic! I had shut down after a couple hours of waiting fruitlessly and ran off to play guitar; just checked the forums for a sec now, tried logging back in, and got on!

    Apparently someone finally punched in for the day at Daybreak. :)
  18. Zeladaar New Member

    the queue time didnt pop up for me just now. got in easy
  19. Swigar Member

    Queue is down... Bunji posted this a few minutes ago.......The queue is disabled now. If you are in it atm, hit cancel and then play again.
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  20. Moldylocks Member

    The people that are complaining are the people who always complain about anything and everything. In particular, launch pains and the fact that it is beta seems to go over some people's heads. I try to ignore them.
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