Time-Locked Expansion Beta Servers are NOW Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Psiic New Member

    It is kind of a social experiment see how long gamers will sit here for a game that could be brought down and wiped 1 second after we get back in.
  2. Propofol New Member

    Looks like AB is down as well. When I logged back in it says trying login server #1 over and over. Lets hope that since AB is down, someone is working on this.
  3. Swigar Member

    went from 55 to 1-24
  4. meowza New Member

    45 mins in and im not really liking this, this is the kind of **** that makes me not want to even bother playing or even mentioning it in real life. my timer went from 55 to about 1 hour 25 mins and still counting...... i am kinda wondering if that even when i get past the 1 hour 25 min mark if it will even let me play, with that said if i do get to play i will never play again if i have to wait an hour and a half just to get in, as many others probably feel as well. i could download AN ENTIRE different game in the time it takes for me to launch into the world of norrath.
  5. Akella New Member

    Meowza! It is a beta test! Give them a chance to fix it. I am sure that this wait time is not something they wanted to see, either ;)
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  6. Archaegeo New Member

    Got offered to create a level 90 hero, is that intentional?
  7. Season Active Member

    its just that over the past hour and a half ive gone from a 50 minute wait time to a 1 hour 40 minute wait time. definitely frustrating and at the point of saying f*** it
  8. Madness! New Member

    If the test was to see how fast people who just re-subscribed after years away from the game, could then unsubscribe...then I'd say the test was extremely successful.
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  9. Siren Well-Known Member

    I've been waiting almost half an hour now, and my queue time has gone from 1 hour 24 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes is all that's happened.

    I understand they're creating this new queue system to try and prevent server crashes come launch, but I wish they would have implemented it at a time when they'd be around to monitor its performance. It's 11:06 AM EST, but that's only 8AM PST (their time), and from the looks of the /feedback thread in the Testing section, this thing has been running unabated like this all night.
  10. Archaegeo New Member

    They are testing the queue system, hence the long queues and low number allowed in, this is intentional for now to see if it even works, read the damn launch notice.
  11. Season Active Member

    We know what it is, that does not mean it is not a problem. Read the posts.
  12. Criscilie New Member

    I was expecting a short queue based on the op, however I started at 45 minutes and am now up to 1 hour and 2 minutes. I thought it was supposed to count down, not up. It looks like this is happening for a few people as well. I wonder how long this is supposed to be like this? Has anyone been in today. I really wanted to try it out to see what it is like. I hear it is not close to what launch was, which is very disappointing. I would really love to have to start at the beginning and work my way back up to 100 the hard way. Do we have experience debt at least?
  13. Nagoo New Member

    I'm pretty sure it's just a display-bug, because when I joined queue it was at 32 minutes, then went up to over an hour and then, all of a sudden... I was logged in.
    Only tried it once, though.
  14. Xiao Member

    but how do i shot web
  15. Archaegeo New Member

    Fae starting in New Halas on a progression server is broken
  16. rainy1 New Member

    That's my problem. I was wondering about the so called "count down" to log in. Mine keeps going up???
  17. Cykonecro New Member

    all happy to log in.. then the "play request queued" message popped at "average wait: 51 minutes".... 1/2 hour later im at 1 hour and 9 minutes... if I get to average wait: 2 hours, do I get a prize? cookie? or.....

  18. Xiao Member

    Unsubscribed. Looking at everything with EQ Next (dead fetus) and the lack of response to feedback provided by DBG, it looks as if this server is going to be an audacious attempt to grab as much money it can before sinking and taking the loot to the bottom of the ocean; Relying on the community to fetch your cash is messed up.
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  19. meowza New Member

    1 hr and 44 mins, why even launch this stupid server if it takes 2 hrs to log in. i would rather deal with the server lag then have to wait 2 hours.
  20. Lord_Delita Member

    It just keeps going up anyway. I started at 45 minutes an hour ago, now my queue says 1 hour 40 minutes.

    Obviously the devs are still asleep. o_O

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