Time-Locked Expansion Beta Servers are NOW Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Стихиец New Member

    wtf, 1 h.30 m...(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((999
  2. Rekcuftseb New Member

    Yeah, have 1h20m too
  3. Huja Member

    The wait is certainly lame. Considering the servers aren't THAT busy.. Yesterday at launch the que wasn't even this bad.
  4. Punchie Member

    Trolling is NOT feedback...this is the time for us to provide DB with constructive feedback so they can fix it quit before actual launch. I too see issues and I too am disappointed, but I slept on it and came back to provide constructive feedback, let's get this thing right and have a good launch!
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  5. Blaaahblahblah New Member

    An hour+ que should mean 400+ people. I really hope it is that and not just a few hundred and this ridiculous que time for so few people.
  6. Huja Member

    I totally agree about people not just rage posting and flaming the company all day. No point, and I think we can all agree that we all knew that launch issues would happen. When don't they?
  7. Ijeran New Member

    I was exited to participate in the Beta test of the new TLC severs.......untill I got to character select and saw that the option to make a heroic 90 is there. Why? I never got into game becuase the average wait time was in excess of 54 mins. But even just in the Character Select screen I was turned off. I dont see the point of offering these servers at all. The old starting areas are still closed, DC Races are available, the old neighborhoods are not open. The only difference I see so far is no Beastlord or Channeler. With the lack of old content, I see the TLC severs as a fail before its started. I could have the same experience by locking my Exp/AA's at 50 on a normal live server. I was intially REALLY exited, now, not so much.

    There are 3 pages of posts on this topic, and I admit I did not read them all, so my gripes have most likely already been stated. I hope/think I speak for all the old schoolers out there (started playing at SInking Sands exp) when we thing of a reboot of sorts, we were expecting original races only, starting on Refugee Island, living in the old townships (freeport, qeynos, and their associated burbs) and what not. I am glad to forgo Class Quests, but those could be an interesting path for those who never had the experience. Are Mercs available? I hope not, grouping was one of the joys of the old way. Yes they can be a pain, I had my time in fail PuGs. But I do have fond memories of Fallen Gate, Stormhold, Runnyeye and so on. Being able to solo every zone is just not fun to me. But I may be in the minority.

    Anyway this was my rant on the subject, thank you for your time.
  8. Huja Member

    As an old timer, I am loving the new servers. Its going to make not ALL of the old content relevent again, but at least a good chunk. Its still beta and you can expect more changes.
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  9. Tehgrimza New Member

    Just an FYI if you click the create 90 option you will not be able to join the TLE servers. there are no lvl 90's in the TLE. So before you go jumping the gun and giving false information check it yourself.

    As far as the que times. ya it's horrid. i see low pop and 1hour and 28 minutes on my que. It started at 1 hour 25 minutes. So lets hope that gets me in before 6pm. It's 8am now.
  10. Nagoo New Member

    that's odd... I just started the "Moving to Freeport" quest in Neriak, but....
    Ambassador Brutus is simply not in Freeport. The npc is gone. Even the guards can't tell me, so that definitely
    proves that he's simply "not there".

    Someone having the same issue ?!
  11. Swigar Member

    I played last night...yeah, I was kind of disappointed that it seems like the same starting gear as current, but I still had fun. The starter area mobs were tough enough to provide a little more challenge, but not too tough to cause anyone to /ragequit. I am hopeful that this will improve before it goes live. Also pleased to see broker goods not so ridiculously high like on Live servers. I know not everyone will be happy.. there is not a more fickle group of humans than gamers... but I like it so far.
  12. Lord_Delita Member

    They must have put like 100 slots on the beta server. Makes it look like it's REALLY poppin' and will generate some interest. Siiike.
  13. Lord_Delita Member

    I also wanted to say as someone who has been watching the thread since it popped up, and having resubbed to take part in preparation for the launch yesterday...I feel robbed. DBG -- I hope you guys have a *LOT* planned in terms of making this a more old school experience prior to launching the server.

    If the current beta server is indication of what the actual TLE experience is going to be like, shame on you guys. The subs definitely won't last long.
  14. Swigar Member

    I thought the purpose of a queue was to move forward in line......
  15. Psiic New Member

    Is this queue a joke? Mine keeps going up.. was 42 mins now its 1 hour 2 minutes
  16. Propofol New Member

    1 hour and 3 minutes here.... 20 people in freeport side right now.
  17. Lord_Delita Member

    Obviously there is just something wrong with the queue on the server. Best to open a support ticket or petition maybe the devs will actually see it. They obviously don't look at these threads much.
  18. Propofol New Member

    1 hour 15 minutes. I'm winning!
  19. Season Active Member

    1 hour and 16 minutes, leggo
  20. G.Black Active Member

    And player finder always shows irrelevant numbers as I remember. All zones search always show 100 chars max.

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