Time-Locked Expansion Beta Servers are NOW Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Darkale New Member

    I can't even get to the Character Selection screen. The windows is black. I can get in the the Live servers OK. But both Public Test and Beta remain black (at charater selection).
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  2. Gabaron Member

    I guess servers arent prepared for 20+ people in one zone.
  3. Стихиец New Member

    DB,listen to the players make the old starting zones,bring back the old animation skills,ideally to bring back the old kind of combat.
  4. Plazmius New Member

  5. Plazmius New Member

  6. Lamatu Active Member

    If you get the DEVL warning it probably means you clicked the standard server instead of the time locked on the screen that pops up after you create a level one toon. You also get DEVL if you choose create a 90 heroic.
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  7. Plazmius New Member

    Ty bro :)
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  8. m4v3r Member

    Hi there,
    I just want to ask how greeting us with a background from the latest expansion is supposed to bring back nostalgic feelings?
    I think it would be nicer if you used some classic scenery for the login and creation screens.
  9. Starcloud Member

    Very disappointing, start zone in Halas, broker and mail options from all around. This is not like the game as in the early years. Zones like baubleshire, nettleville etc are closed still. Looks very simulair to the game as it is right now. I was hoping for the old school game. Old fashion run back to the bank or broker. Mission Timer window in journal shows only high lvl zones and should scale with the lvl of your toon imho. I will give it another chance, but not sure if it is worth running it.
  10. uthair New Member

    As expected. So far this is massively underwhelming and disappointed....keep up the great work DBG!! Anybody that is pining for a return to the game being incredibly fun just stop burning your money now....it isn't going to happen DBG doesn't have the vision, or talent to make it happen.
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  11. Nicodemius New Member

    This is a bit premature - I think DBG is doing a great job (though I still have an issue with their tolerance botters) and I have faith they will get this figured out.
  12. Dixa Active Member

    so many posters just did not read the faq
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  13. Elidor New Member

    I been in the queue for a long time and the average wait time indicator is increasing. I noticed on server selection both servers stated server population was low. Is something wrong?

    As an after thought, if I'm in a group and go LD i will have to wait another 30 mins to get back into the game?
  14. Elidor New Member

    Cant wait anymore, timer is going the wrong way :(
  15. Riftzen New Member

    Queue started at 34 minutes now it is up to 40 minutes on a 'light' load server at 7:30a EST?
  16. Nagoo New Member

    I started at 32 minutes queue and I'm now at 52 minutes ... that can't be right.
  17. Rekcuftseb New Member

    have 56 mins now)
  18. Lord_Delita Member

    Yeah. Garbage. DBG got me for 1 month sub, no big deal. Maybe I'll play on live for a month instead. I know it's just beta so maybe I can keep up the wishful thinking that the devs will post a list of things they intend to do or at least give us some polls on some "classic" features they might add in within the next month while this thing is in beta, but as it stands it's complete garbage and a waste of my time.
  19. Perijn New Member

    They can post all the polls they wantbut it wont work if you CANT PLAY
    I have been staring at the queued play request for 25 minutes now
    Average time is now 40 minutes instead of the 29 it was 19 minutes ago
  20. Antarious New Member

    When you see servers listed as "light" and get put into a que of 40+ minutes... it seems like something is broken.

    *edited* changed from low to light.. so the wording was correct.
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