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    I reached 30K faction for Thurgadin Forgemasters at midnight and bought the recipe of gem refining. I then tried to find out there use and I though I would share.

    The 30K recipe is "Introduction to Coldain Gem Refining". You take 1 rough gem, 1 corundum (bought from faction merchant too) and turn them in a scintillating gem.
    The rough gems are drops on kromzek and mammoth in Kael Drakkel and nameds on Iceshard Keep, Throne of Storms, Temple of Rallos Zekaccording to ZAM.
    Scintillating gems are used by adventurer to by shard armors from the Ry'Gorr merchant in eastern wastes. Break down for gems vs slot (for necro, haven't checked with other classes yet) is:
    • Citrine + 70 primal velium shard and 10K Ry'Gorr faction = forearms
    • Jaundice + 70 primal velium shard and 20K Ry'Gorr faction = feet
    • Emerald + 70 primal velium shard and 20K Ry'Gorr faction = hands
    • Black Marble + 70 primal velium shard and 30K Ry'Gorr faction =head
    • Lava Ruby + 70 primal velium shard and 40K Ry'Gorr faction = legs
    • Diamond + 70 primal velium shard and 40K Ry'Gorr faction = spaulders

    The 40K faction recipes change from one class to the next. You'll find a nice break down on EQ2 Traders.
    3 items dropped in instances are used and, so far, I never saw them and ZAM don't list the drops so I have no clue if they are really in game or not.
    Dropped items links are :
    • \aITEM 945214312 -207877817:Globe of Coalescing Shadows\/a
    • \aITEM -1207519809 618055990:Bloodied Remnant of Rage\/a
    • \aITEM -334914476 -190707278:Frozen Shard of Magic\/a
    Each class can craft one type of item:
    • Alchemist : Rings
    • Jeweller : Bangles
    • Sage : Necklaces
    • Carpenter : Symbols, house items
    • Woodworker : Range weapons, bucklers
    • Provisionner : Charms, food
    • Armorer : Girdles
    • Weaponsmith : Weapons
    • Tailor : Cloaks
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    I haven't seen any links to the 40k items from ZAM or lootDB yet. It would be nice to know what I'm working for!
    Also, just out of curiousity, are the scintillating gems Heirloom? I think I would be a little miffed if I can make them for my guildies, but not for myself (my main isn't my tradeskiller).
  3. ARCHIVED-Liandra Guest

    Ahhh. cool. i got the server disco for the gem recipes on sunday night and was wondering what they were for.
    Stubb, you wont see the 40k items anywhere for at least another week. People are only just now hitting the 30k mark and with only a single 1.5k daily faction quest it will be sunday/monday before people get those recipes.
  4. ARCHIVED-Tsubereru Guest

    Wubbah@Butcherblock wrote:
    I just discoed the black marble one, the original stone is No-Trade, but the refined one is Legendary No-Value
  5. ARCHIVED-Stubbswick Guest

    Angloria@Oasis wrote:
    Hmm, yeah, I have some of the no-trade black marble ones too. It would be really nice if these were heirloom. I'm not sure if any of my guildies are working Thurgadin faction right now. I'll be able to comission the scintillating gems for all of them, but they'll just sit in my main's bags (my two crafters working Thurgadin faction are alts).
  6. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    Using the items used in the 40K recipes you'll see what those items are (and they're quite über) :
    • \aITEM 945214312 -207877817:Globe of Coalescing Shadows\/a
    • \aITEM -1207519809 618055990:Bloodied Remnant of Rage\/a
    • \aITEM -334914476 -190707278:Frozen Shard of Magic\/a
    Only question is where do those drop...
  7. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    All of the items are up at ZAM now. Should I be surprised that the jewelry made by a jeweler pales in comparison to the necklaces made by a sage or the charms made by provisioners? Jewelers craft the least desirable jewelry in DoV. I've got a 90 sage, but no provisioner. Guess I'll start crafting alt #5 on his way to 90?
  8. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest
    I can't figure out where those three components drop either, though. =\ Maybe in one of the raid instances?
    edit: Hmm thinking about it more, maybe their names are hints of where they drop..
    • \aITEM 945214312 -207877817:Globe of Coalescing Shadows\/a - Tower of Frozen Shadows? (but then, which version of the tower?)
    • \aITEM -1207519809 618055990:Bloodied Remnant of Rage\/a - the Ry'Gorr mention rage, and since they were working with the Kromrif for a while it could be Kael
    • \aITEM -334914476 -190707278:Frozen Shard of Magic\/a - would default to one (or more?) or the Rime instances, I think. Kinda makes sense, they're strong in magic and all about ice. ;)
  9. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    The 40k faction ones should be relatively uncommon drops from the x4 raids IIRC. The one might be from the x2, can't remember.
    There were 4 in Beta, but the one was from the Drunder x4, which isn't in game yet (probably the next GU along with some other stuff that got cut and never made it to Beta, like the sleeper's tomb PQ).

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